Monday, January 16, 2012

iPad 3 will be launched on March 2012

Can not wait to see the next generation Apple tablet device, iPad 3? If yes is the answer, be patient a little longer. According to reports circulating in cyberspace, the iPad 3 will be launched on March 2012!

Still from the same source, the iPad 3 will come with a variety of development compared with the second generation iPad. Among these is the increase of screen resolution (iPad 3 will use the HD screen), the processor is much faster than the iPad 3, and using network technology LTE.

The company manufactures components iPad scattered in several parts of Asia also reportedly have ramped up production of these devices. Reportedly, the iPad 3 will be completed later produced in February.

As mentioned above, the iPad 3 will use a faster processor than the iPad 2. Reportedly, the iPad 3 will use a quad-core processors.

iPad debuted in 2010 ago. Since its launch, the iPad has become Apple's second-largest income, after the iPhone. Until now, there have been 40 million iPad sold, either first generation or second generation. In total, Apple is getting USD25.3 billion from the sale of these products.


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