Saturday, April 10, 2010

LEARN SEO : How to choose the right keywords

Choosing keywords is work that is focused on what's not about what people search for products, articles or your item.
For example, people will prefer the â € œharga hotelâ room €? than â € œHotel Mutiaraâ €??, so use the name of the company less in terms of what people search, from the point of search enggine certainly no problem because both kewyords will be index by google. So again, focus on what is generally in demand.
To determine the keywords and find out what people search frequently, you might not get the right keywords if you do that by thinking hard or over coffee. So a better and more quickly and accurately if you use the tools that already exist, there is a link under the keywords tool you can use:
With Overture facility you can insert a given number of keywords you will be searching for keywords mentioned in the last months. You will also be given an alternative list of relevant keywords and the number of searches for each of these alternatives.
This tool has advantages because it already has a thesaurus, so you will be given a keyword which is used by people in search of things related to keywords you provide. With this you can choose a more appropriate keywords from the keywords that you input.
A tool from google that actually created for the advertisers on google adwords. But the toll is very useful to get the best keyword choices, you can also peek how competition keywords that used the advertisers. In addition, ajax-based tool that is very easy to use to select your keywords and be able to export directly into the excel file.

Complete List tool to keywords you can see in the tool category.


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