Monday, May 31, 2010

Download youtube videos with download helper

Download Helper is a free Firefox extension for downloading and converting videos from many sites with minimum effort. Install the extension!

To download vide0-interesting video on youtube, usually wearing services, but it is less practical. In addition I also need the tools download youtube videos at once to convert ( asked him many really) if I could  online so no need to convert youtube videos on your PC again, here and there googling finally get youtube video download tool converter at once, New helper name.

Firefox addons download helper is a function to download and convert videos from various sites without any restrictions, how to install the download helper, see the steps below:

1. Go to the website with the Firefox browser.

2. Select Add to Firefox to install it.video_downloader
3. Finished installing, you will be asked to restart firefox, follow these steps.

4. Now download helper in firefox already installed, to start downloading youtube videos with download helper, easy way, select the video that would be downloaded and then click the download icon helper.download_helper2
5. To convert youtube videos with download helper, how to choose the menu Download & Convert. Hopefully these little tips helpful

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saving a corrupted Office Documents with Damageddocx2txt

Generally there are a number of hard drives in a Microsoft document that is damaged, this may occur because there are a few things such as problems with the generic host process win32 error I or also in system32, damage to the hard drive, crashing on Windows OS, I do not know for sure, but the reality now file -office files are files that are vulnerable.

Idly while Googling to find out the effects and solutions, I found a utility called Damageddocx2txt that can fix Microsoft word document and other files. Damageddocx2txt going to extract text from a damaged Microsoft Word documents that, although the results are not the same as Mic.Word for failing to save the picture, but his important text was saved.

If you want to download Damageddocx2txt to save and improve your office document files are corrupted, here isi the link:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Connecting Your Freedom with Proxifier

Proxifier is a program that allows
network applications that do not
support working through proxy
servers operate through a HTTP or
SOCKS proxy server or a chain of
proxy servers. With Proxifier you
can easily tunnel all connections on
the system or separate applications.
There are many network
applications that do not support
working through proxy servers and
thus cannot be used behind a LAN
or firewall(s). These can
compromise corporate privacy and
lead you to many other restrictions.
Proxifier solves all of these problems
and gives you the opportunity to
work with your favorite software
without any restrictions.
Additionally, it lets you gain extra
control over network security,
create a proxy tunnel and add more
power to network functionality.
Proxifier allows you to:
Run any network applications
through proxy server; no special
configuration is required for the
Access the Internet from
restricted local area network
through a proxy server gateway.
Bypass firewall restrictions
(connect to restricted ports).
Use three types of proxy servers:
SOCKS v4, SOCKS v5, and
“Tunnel” the entire system (force
all network connections in the
system work through a proxy
Resolve DNS names through a
proxy server.
Use flexible Proxification Rules.
Secure privacy by hiding your IP
Work through a chain of proxy
servers using different protocols.
Use NTLM authentication on
HTTP proxy
View information on current
connections (addresses, rate,
data transfer, connection time,
etc.) in real-time.
View information on bandwidth
usage as a colored diagram in
Maintain log files.
Log incoming and outgoing
Get detailed reports on network
… and much more.
Set up
Install everything, then fact is MORE
secutity LESS speed, so open YF and
we going to set security at
minimum level
Check all OPTIONS except
Reconnect after server shutdown
Redirect SOCKS4/5 DNS to
Freedom server
And click SAVE and Exit
You YF is ready to go click Start
Run Proxifier click in Options, Proxy
Settings … Add with the following
Adress “localhost” Port “1080?
Protocol tick “SOCKS version 4?
Settings tick “Use SOCKS 4A
extension. (remote hostaname
resolving feature)
And OK
Click in Options, Proxification Rules…
leave ticked “Process All Except the
following + manually proxified”
Default, click OK to the warning
Now we going to CHECK Proxifier
running on TOP of YF
Click in Options, Proxy Settings. we
leave in BLUE our proxy settings and
All GREEN means OK and ready
Now you run you application, you
should feel better speed less lag, I
love to receive feedback on this and
tell me if you application / game
gets any better/worse
From : Your Freedom Forum


A Trojan is a program that
enables an attacker to get nearly
complete control over an infected
PC. Frequently used tool by
malicious hackers. When this
program executes, the program
performs a specific set of actions.
This usually works toward the
goal of allowing the trojan to
survive on a system and open
up a backdoor.
W32.trojan.gen Opens different
port and connects to remote

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Accelerate Internet with DNS Jumper

A little review of what it is DNS, DNS is (Domain Name System) is a system that stores information about host name or domain name in the form of scattered databases (Distributed databases) in a computer network, such as the Internet. DNS provides the IP address for each host name and record each letter transmitting server (the mail exchange server) receive electronic mail (email) for each domain.

Changing DNS on a computer is one of the tricks to speed up internet connection to change their way to manually click the Programs menu and then click the Show All Connections Click pal connections with select properties then select the Networking tab click on the option of Internet Protocol (TCP / IP), see picture.

then click properties again select Use the Following DNS addresses: then input your DNS

If confused, please look for an appropriate DNS slides into the links below for more details of the use of DNS features.

The easiest way just use DNS jumper.

You can download DNS jumper here

How To Block Sites

How to block sites using a number of ways, this trick happened to be someone who asks how to block certain sites on the previous post in comments here. Well no need to elaborate because this article may be long considering I will give you a way how to block sites.

The first way is by using the system on the windows steps go into the following directory:

C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc

then click open the hosts file with notepad, you will find the IP localhost " localhost", create a new IP under it by adding a single digit on the last digit to be localhost IP address of the site and then add the block so you want to be like this example "" without http://, then save.

If you want to add sites that you want to block enough to do such as the above step by adding an IP number at the end of localhost in the site name that will follow your blocks.

Step into the 2 way block the site by using the Add-ons mozilla firefox, please you download the Add-ons on the following link: https: / / for mozilla firefox browser user, do you still have your IE Unistall, how to uninstall IE you can read here or here.

Kan pake other browsers can still rich Opera hehe .. ok yes it hindered both to disable a program or membataasi your program can use this method to run the program Run (Windows + R) on the keyboard type gpedit.msc will mauk to the Local Group Policy Editor Users select configuration and then to the Administrative Templates.

Select System on the right side column look for Do not run specified Windows Application click 2 times your window will pop up select enable and click the button will show the new window appears, at this window you are typing the application you want to be locked so as not to run the example Opera.exe , see figure

if it is just click OK and OK. There are more questions like this if it turns out he knows because Opera locked in this way, well if kek gini aja pake software from a more complete product simpliciti aja visit his site, but the pay-mo hehe if a full search in google search software download must be met.

Oh yes also a long way from the articles so used to block sites that are still confused yes yes I am also confused writing this article. Good luck!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tips To handle the memory usage of Firefox

When we work with Firefox problem occurs from the Firefox memory resources that have been known if Firefox has a large enough memory load when compared with some other browser.

Like the addition of Add-Ons also affect the memory on the computer if so ascertained Firefox will slow to run even crashes sometimes arise from eating too much memory.

How do you overcome it can follow the following tips:

1. Reducing the Memory when Firefox on the situation in minimized

You need to know if Firefox in a state when you minimize it, Firefox will continue to use the memory on the computer how to order when you minimize Firefox's memory Windows will take it.

how to type about: config in the address bar then right click and create a bolean.

on your dialog box named config.trim_on_minimize click Ok and give value to true, restart Firefox.

2. Fixed cache capacity
Each new page is opened, Firefox will cache the page so no need to load the page again redisplayed. By default, this setting is set to -1 which mean, Firefox uses a memory cache depending on the size of your RAM. Here's how to fix the Firefox cache space usage.

Type about: config again click right-click anywhere and create a string giving the name and give the value 0 browser.cache.memory.capacity

make sure the value is true browser.cache.memory.enable

3. Limit pages stored in memory

Every page you see will be stored in memory. Although it looks like the same as the cache, but different. Firefox will save the pages visited in memory to allow increased performance when you click the Back and Forward buttons. String that handles this setting is browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers

still in about pages: config in the filter bar keystrokes browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers default value is -1 which means that Firefox decides the maximum pages that are stored in memory. changing value to 0 which means that Firefox will stop for each store pages in memory.

4. Reduce the use of Add-Ons

As I alluded to above, if you use a lot of add-ons Firefox will automatically use more RAM a computer, we recommend using the Add-ons that are only useful for you, sometimes from an Add-Ons Firefox can cause memory leaks or create your Firefox crashes.

Notes: if you want to know the memory usage of Firefox simply typing in the Address bar
about: cache? device = memory
then click Enter will show a list of memory usage.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Advertise on this website

If you are interested to advertise on this website, You can contact us on the

We will review your products, services or all of kind that you wants to commerce. And of course porn,drugs,and all of the negative things is not allowed to.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Now I would like to share the secret how to browse and download for free with Airtel

For Mobile

First Change your gprs setting:
Proxy :
port :80
use this APN :
Homepage :
now open your homepage via mobile browser. it opens a proxy site where you insert any address to browse and download free.

connect your phone or modem to PC. dial your connection. when connection done go to your opera browser in pc .

Now go to-tools--preferences--advanced--network--proxy server:
port :80
open via Opera browser
it openS a proxy site there input any address to browse and download.

for more trick just visit :

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Invest Your money into Gold at

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