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Free Invoice Generator

Free Invoice Generator will be very easy for those of you who want to create an Invoice, there are many services online that allow you to generate an invoice online for free, but some desktop tools with an easy to use interface will help you to generate invoices sheets quickly and easily. You can create invoices with pre-made templates invoices, but it would be a fun job, here is a free desktop tool to create an invoice or the invoice Free Invoice Generator By Ez Invoice Creator.

Ez Invoice Creator is a free desktop invoice generation software that allows you to generate invoices with a few clicks of desktopaAnda. You do not have to pay a premium service for online invoicing, with this tool desktop Free Invoice Generator you can create invoices at any time.
EZInvoice Free Invoice Generator Dengan Ez Invoice Creator

EZInvoice Free Invoice Generator By Ez Invoice Generator CreatorDengan Ez Invoice Free Invoice Creator, simply determine the point and click to create and / or print product or service invoices for your clients. Quick and easy.

Features Free Invoice Generator By Ez Invoice Creator:

  • Final Report of the Month
  • Company Logo on Invoice / Reports
  • Date Related Income Statements
  • invoices paid
  • invoice Canceled
  • Revenue Per Customer / Client
  • History invoice per Customer / Client
  • Point and Click Invoice with VAT added manufacturing.

So this is very mebantu you in managing your business to create invoices / invoice and you do not need mebayar for the software you have to do is download and install on your computer.

Download Free Invoice Generator from the link below:

Free Mind Mapping Software

Free Mind Mapping Software is a diagram used to represent ideas in words, circles, squares mapping around the main keyword or idea. Very useful to visualize your ideas and other components around your idea. According to Wiki "By presenting ideas in, radially graphics, non-linear, mind maps encourage brainstorming approach to the tasks of planning and organization. "How to create a mind map? you can do it easily with Mind Mapping Software Free.

blumind 1 3 b Mind Mapping Software Gratis

blumind 1 3 b free BluMind Mind Mapping Software Mind Mapping is the best Free Software for Windows that allows you to create a mind map, edit, delete and view the mind map. Easy to brainstorming your ideas and bring your ideas with the visual approach, it is easy to take the idea to the next level. Once you create a mind map with Blumind, you can export the mindmap to image files like jpeg, png file formats.

With the customization options available in Blumind, you can give color to the task, change the font and total customization to your mind map. It is simple and easy from the user interface, editing multiple documents, supporting multiple languages ​​such as Chinese, etc.

You can also include a tree diagram, organization chart in your mind map. Support for color themes, notes, icons, progress bars and other widgets, providing a rich view to create and funtion.

Free Mind Mapping Software is available in two versions of the installer and portable versions

Mind Mapping Software Free Download

Google Translator Client for Windows

Generally, each time finding the words of the sentence instead of the language, you open up Google or another translator and then try to turn it into your language. Transmiti is a new freeware tool for Windows which is a client of Google Translate. Transmiti makes it easy to translate every word into your language by clicking a button. You can just select the text in the application or window and press the Windows key on your keyboard to pop up a small dialog with the translation.

English Guide Google Translator Klien untuk Windows

Google Translator Classic Guide to WindowsAnda Clients can select the language that needs to be translated using the settings.

Google Translator Client for Windows:

  • No installation is necessary. No administrator privileges or power-user needs.
  • All languages ​​are supported, where Google Translator can afford.
  • Optionally, the selected text will be replaced directly with the translation.
  • Automatic two-way translation and target-language sources.
  • Single words or phrases can be searched in the "Google translate".

Download Google Translator Client for Windows

Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Convert MOV to AVI on Mac

AVI is an acronym for Audio Video Interleave, sometimes called the Audio Video Interleaved, a digital multimedia container format that was launched by Microsoft in 1992. AVI supported by Windows Media Player 7, Windows Media Player for Windows XP, and Windows Media Player 9-11. AVI is a special case of the RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format) and in 2008 became the audio and video formats are most often used in computers. Because a container, must have the ability to move the audio or video content that has been compressed using a codec. An AVI converter is a tool that is used to convert from an AVI file into another format, or to convert an AVI file from a different format, or both.

The name "Audio Video Interleave" comes from the relationship between audio and video in this format. In fact, waveform audio and digital video frames are a blank sheet. The result is the 8-bit audio samples at 11.025 Hz and video at 15 fps (frames per second) at 160x120x8 resolution.

Mov to AVI for Mac is designed especially for Mac users that allows you to convert Mov to avi on mac without interruption. Convert Mov to other formats like avi on mac, 3gp, Mov, m2ts, flv, vob, mov, mpeg, wmv, dat, etc., are supported as well. MOV to AVI Converter for Mac allows you to convert Mov to video and audio formats for playback on iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Zune.

If you wish to edit your video, mac mov to avi Converter provides powerful editing functions without third-party tools. You can trim video, crop video and the video preview at will. Apply special effects output formats are supported as well. You can also modify the basic parameters and professional variables like frame rate, aspect ratio, bitrate, etc., and save it as a new profile for future use. In addition, you also can clip file into several segments. No matter you are a professional or a beginner, you can find what you want here with mov to avi mac Converter. MOV to AVI Converter features superb video and audio quality on the market. You can convert mov files to AVI, VOB, MOV, MPG, MPEG and other formats.

To choose the best converter AVI, you need to know one thing and decide some things. The first thing you should know is that the converter software has been specified by the operating system. There may be several versions of the operating system that is grouped together.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Six innovations of Google - Motorola

Not a lot of rumors regarding the acquisition of previously conducted by Google - Motorola Mobility. A Fund of up to USD12,5 billion, also inevitably the surprise of many parties.

Google CEO Larry Page says that this acquisition because his company want to develop an operating system that is more broadly. Although in fact, the Page notes that the capture of Google - Motorola isn't just limited to target a smartphone.

As known Motorola has a long history in terms of innovation, even these companies not only focuses on handheld devices, but also excelled at product home devices and business video solutions. And Google do not carelessly take over Motorola, because Google's long term vision of the mission.

Of course, in addition to Android, there is a center of technology and innovation developed by Google. When melting occurs, then there are some innovations that will be presented by the pascaakuisisi. And according to PC World, quoted Tuesday (4/8/2011), there are 6 innovation which would appear.

Google TV

This is a very clear from the deal the non cell phone. As known Google developing Google TV to compete with Apple TV. While Motorola was producing a settop box best in class, let alone all this time Motorola has good relationships with the cable company, an increasingly smooth step Google TV.

Google Broadband Solution all-in-one

As known, Kansas City, United States, became the first pilot project for Google ultra high speed broadband. Of course Google needs the support of companies manufacturing Cable and DSL modem so that projects can be run successfully. Motorola poised to become a good partner.

Google Phone

Google including late in developing service-based Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP). Through Google Voice, it was of course look forward to developing similar products which can be used as a home phone.

Google GPS

Motonav navigation technology is owned by Motorola which is used in some GPS. Intergarasi with location based Google products will certainly strengthen their business unit. Moreover, Google is quite well known in digital map products, such as Earth and Street View.

Google Bluetooth

Very interesting awaits if Google developing Bluetooth innovation in all things. Motorola Bluetooth products company is one of a fairly well established. Imaginable when Bluetooth is integrated with Google Voice, Maps, Music and Gmail. Although this appears to be no innovation priorities.

Google's remote access Software

Motorola has a remote access software called Timbuktu. When combined with Google's products, can be almost all devices in the home can be controlled with just one remote.

Sony Ericsson Will Release Xperia Nozomi

According to information of Sony Ericsson will release Android phone Xperia family named Nozomi. Supported processor Single Core and screen resolution qHD would slide in November 2011.

Although these are still limited to rumours, the information obtained is quite a lot. Xperia Nozomi is rumored to use display 4.3 Inches with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixel HD. In addition, Sony will use Processor single core 2.4 GHz Snapdragon S2 chipset (MSM8655T) by Adreno 205 GPU

More new stuff on Sony Ericsson mobile phones are going to use the micro-SIM or just like the iPhone. The new Xperia Xperia Nozomi, family from Sony Ericsson is rumored to be released in Japan in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Android-based smart phones will be marketed by NTT-DoCoMo exclusive. Rumornya this is not necessarily the phone could be released outside of Japan, much like the Xperia specific Acro was launched in Japan.

Tim Cook: The new Apple's CEO

Along with the resignation of Steve Jobs as Apple CEO, Board of Directors has agreed to designate Timothy ' Tim ' d. Cook instead of Jobs in the future. Then Cook in a personal figure?

Tim Cook began his career in the company of Apple in March 1998. Starting as a regular until the end of his career employees sped up since 2004. Even in 2005. He managed to occupy the position as executive vice Apple, which then-paid USD800 thousand a year. The last position he served as prior to becoming CEO, is as right hand Jobs in Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Before being appointed as CEO of Apple, actually Tim Cook some time served while the highest position in the company Apple. Cook was recorded in January 2009. Then Cook replacing Jobs which must undergo a temporary leave of absence due to surgery for cancer.

Then, the optimism comes from all of Apple's top brass. So, the team has a good reputation for working with Jobs, they sure though that there is no Apple founder, Tim Cook was able to run companies that are developing increasingly advanced.

"The team is the best Executive and extraordinary. I think the team will work fine even though the Jobs are not on his side, "said Mike Janes, a nearby colleague Tim Cook.

Cook himself replacing Jobs for approximately 5 months, until finally Jobs back to the public. February 2011, Timothy d. Cook finally returned, replacing the position of CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, as the number one at Apple was to be a temporary leave of absence for reasons of health.

Cook last month took over the responsibility for the company's Apple daily, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs ' leave of absence for medical purposes.

Apple does not have to worry about losing Jobs because of the Apple Executive Jobs, noting that for many years surrounded by talented management teams and exceptional, just call it such as Chief Design Jonathan Ive, mobile software, Scott Forstall, and product marketing, Phil Schiller (from)

Benefits of humor

Joke is something unique art; funny comedian is the main capital to receive a reply from the audience in the form of laughter. Blonde Joke is an attempt to make others laugh, or simply make others happy. The tricks vary, depending on the comedian. It is usually adjusted to the conditions of people who would be laughing. The most common way is with a joke, with the subject of jokes of others, or oneself. Another way is to conduct a made-up stage can be cute and ridiculed in front of others. Lately, comedy became one of the major programs in several television stations. Whatever can be done by a comedian in order to provoke laughter, ranging from humorous storytelling, acting silly, imitating something or someone, and others. Entertainment seemed inseparable from the profession on this one. You may call it as a comedian. A multi-talented comedian is more versatile than a comedian.

Indeed, the humor was necessary. In fact, research by some experts as a reference I have ever read, such as stock car humor which has a positive impact on mental and physical health. Among these individuals to reduce anxiety levels, improve mental health, and reduce stress.

Humor is also effective to encourage positive thinking because humor makes the heart glad. If the heart is happy, people will usually behave better towards others, it is easier to think and find new alternatives that have never imagined. That humor can make people work more diligently and creatively.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

HTC Incredible Super S review

HTC Incredible Super S using the LCD screen 4 "with Android OS 2.2 Froyo. HTC Incredible S also features 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash.


HTC Incredible Super S using the LCD screen 4 "with a level of resolution WVGA (480x800) pixels. Super Screen LCD capable of producing sharp images with vivid color and look bright. The display also has a good perspective, even the screen can be seen well in direct sunlight. above the screen there is a 1.3 megapixel camera that can be used for video chat.

Below the screen there are 4 typical Android touchscreen navigation buttons with LED backlight consisting of the home, menu, back, and search. On the left, there is a volume adjustment rocker button and the microUSB port for charging and data. In this part there is a 3.5mm headset jack on and the power button. At the rear there is an auto-focus camera 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and a speaker grill located on the top left edge of
HTC Incredible Super S.

Sony NGP released this year

Sony is committed to launch the PlayStation Portable gaming device this year. The device has a quality equivalent to the console game system and a bigger screen.

This commitment also shows the Japanese electronics manufacturers attempt to avert a serious threat from competitors. Not only of the Nintendo DS but also from Apple's smartphone vendor sorts.

According to Sony, the popularity of the iPhone and other smartphone manufacturers of gaming devices potentially threatening. Because smartphones today can not only be used for calling, watch videos, view email, or chat, but also to play games. Even with the availability of applications, and iPods tend to be iPad device for playing games.

Sony also introduced a new device, called the Next Generations Portable. The device is equipped with motion sensors, GPS-based location technology, touch-panel on the front and touch-pad in the back to allow the player presses the machine when I want to move the image. There was also a regular button and switch to complete the process in order to facilitate game play.

Sony is also providing third-generation wireless connection and the wifi to be able to access social networking while playing games or doing a direct download. The screen size of five inches with OLED technology that can deliver quality images and good color. Even four times better than the previous PSP.

In the portable gaming market, Sony's deal with Japan's Nintendo, which will introduce a new DS with 3-D features independent front tabulan kacama. NGP unfortunately will not include the 3-D. Microsoft is also a major player with the Xbox 360 while not providing a portable gaming device.

PlayStation Portable sales decreased by 37 percent last year to approximately 2.7 million for April to September. Though the same period last year its sales reached 4.3 million units. Instead Apple sold 16.2 million iPhones during the quarter October to December only.

More than 64 million PlayStation Portable machines have cumulatively sold worldwide since it went on sale in December 2004.

How to protect your eyes from UV ray

To prevent your eyes from some damages caused by ultraviolet rays, Sunglasses are not only as a means of preservation but also add a dash of your style. They are also very effective to hide the fact that your pupil diameter may be different from those around you, if you happen to be under the influence of controlled substances.

Most consumers are now aware about the dangers of sun exposure on the eyes. Ultra Violet rays (UV) radiation from the sun can not only damage the skin of your eyelids, but also the outside of the eye such as cornea and conjunctiva. UV exposure of the eye also contributes to the development of certain types of cataracts. Many people who use glasses to protect the sense of sight and ignore the dangers of UV rays.

However, not all sunglasses can block UV rays. According to research colored sunglasses without UV protection can be more risky than not wearing glasses at all. So it's important to wear sun shades with a clear protector that blocks harmful ultraviolet rays.

Although the glasses only be used as a style accessory, but the quality still must be considered. Do not be fooled by color or price. Features such as broad-spectrum protection, lens color, frame shape and fit are all important to properly benefit from sunglasses. So, keep these tips handy when you are choosing the right sunglasses for you. The ability to block UV light is not dependent on the darkness of the lens or the price. Choose sunglasses that are able to block 99-100 percent of ultraviolet rays. Some manufacturers label UV absorption up to 400nm. This shows 100 per cent UV absorption.

We should choose Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses which are wrapped around sunglasses and offer extra protection. Several studies have shown that UV rays are coming in around the standards eyewear frame could reduce the benefits of protective lenses. Always buy a pair of sunglasses from famous vendor such as Oakley Juliet sunglasses and not counter sunglasses roadside vendors. But keep in mind, at the same time, check the price. Although the price is high, matching the quality.

Beside that we must find a lens of uniform color, not darker in one area than another. To examine the imperfections of the lens, hold the glass at arm’s length and then look through a single straight line in the distance, like the edge of the door. Slowly, move the lens across the line. If the straight edge distorts, swaying, curves or moves, means the lens defects. UV-absorbing contact lenses should not be used as a substitute for sunglasses.

Friday, August 19, 2011

JVC docking station for iPad iPhone iPod

JVC has just announced the launch of two new JVC docking station-UX and UX-VJ3 VJ5 that can accommodate two devices at once iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch.

This device is a docking station the first in the industry with two dock from JVC. Dock Station is equipped with speakers 15W x 2channel, also features an FM tuner / AM.

While JVC Micro System UX-VJ5 comes in six colors - pink, green, white, black, brown and purple, model UX-VJ3 available in white only. Both JVC docking station will be available in Japan from mid-July for about 30,000 yen ($ 370) for type-UX VJ5 and 26,000 ($ 320) for the UX-VJ3. JVC UX-VJ5-UX is equipped with CD player and USB input. This device can play MP3/WMA files from USB port but can also merip MP3 files from CDs.

Other common features include: a PC input, stereo mini audio input, headphone output and composite video output. Both are equipped with a built in AM / FM tuner and a full bass reflex speaker consumes 30W (0.5W standby) for power and size of 290 × 155 × 186.5mm while weighing about 1.5kg (UX-VJ5) and 1.4kg (UX-VJ3).

Fruitshop : amplifier for iPhone

Accessories maker named Fruitshop recently launched an amplifier for iPhone, which increases the speaker volume without drawing additional power.

Taiwan-based company said that the speakers are silicone, which resembles an old-style horn speakers found on gramophones, relies on the principles of acoustics to amplify sound, instead of taking power from the battery.

These accessories are plugged at the bottom of the iPhone so that it covers the speaker grille and then distribute the iPhone voice through a trumpet-shaped tube, so it can add 12 decibels of sound pressure to the volume generated. In addition to the sound amplifier, this amplifier can also serve as a stand for the iPhone, which can sustain the iphone horizontally or vertically.

Fruitshop, this amplifier to market online. Available colors are black, green or brown for $ 25.

Motorola Releases MotoActive, iPod Nano Competitor

Motorola plans to bring the portable media player that will be a competitor of Apple iPodNano. MotoActive is the name that has been prepared for this gadget devices.

Media player made ​​by Motorola later rumored to be integrated with sports watches, complete with a GPS application to track sports like running, sports and health content such as the ability to measure heart rate and calories.

The presence of these applications is expected to facilitate users in meeting the need for exercise as well as bring comfort with smart music player. There has been no further confirmation of the Motorola about this news.

FRENDZY RENAULT: A car with BlackBerry Playbook on Dashboard

Renault has just released a new concept cardesign called FRENDZY intended to be acommercial business vehicles that can berfugsidoubles as a comfortable passenger car.

Frendzy an electric car that uses a powertrain Renault Kangoo Van ZE. Lithium-ion berbaterei car is spewing out 226 Nm of torque and power 60 hp. Maximum speed of 130 kph. Frendzy designed as a commercial car berinterior futuristic and with body asymmetry.

Uniquely car without pillar-B is equipped with a widescreen 37 "on the sliding doors. Playbook Tablet BlackBerry from Research In Motion (RIM) goes on the dashboard.

This feature brings the concept of "Office on Wheels" by adding PlayBook into a car dashboard.

Download Mozilla Firefox mobile for Android

Mozilla is increasingly spreading its wings forDownload Mozilla Firefox mobile for Android , after success with Mozilla Firefoxfor PC or computer with very many users evenreportedly a user's browser with the most at the moment, now Mozilla has launched the Mozilla Firefox mobile for mobile phones.

Previously a special browser for HP is dominated by OperaMini. But unfortunately Mozilla Firefox does not support any mobile phone or HP, several new types and type only. Currently a new gadget with Android OS already supports Mozilla Firefox mobile, while various types of cell phones still waiting for release.

If the phone has support Mozilla Firefox mobile, please download at the link below.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The simplest way to strengthen wifi signal

If your wifi connection still slow, you can use this trick to strengthen your wifi signal.

Take a seat and watch these pictures:

Now we just point to which part will get a stronger wifi signal ...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Android Grab 20% iPad Market Share

Tablet with Android OS grab 20 percent market share within the iPad last 12 months, according to a research firm.

As quoted from Softpedia, Friday (08/12/2011), firm ABI Research announced that the tablets with Android OS able to grab 20 percent market share owned by iPad.
detail berita
since launched iPad tablet device continues to be a bestseller, but it does not mean that other vendors are unable to speak. "The tablets such as Motorola Xoom, Asus Eee Pad sufficiently inhibit the growth of the iPad," said Jeff Orr, Group Director at ABI Research.

"Although the tablets Android able to grab marketshare iPad, but no vendor is able to separately emulate Apple, or at least become a serious threat to them," he added.

Orr said that Android is rapidly expanding its growth, but vendors who use it no one has been prominent. Orr also said maybe because they use the same OS.

Terbesit also little doubt ABI Research on the long-term development of Android. "In fact, most vendors Android users are still put up their prices quite expensive tablet. Apple is a company that does not want to wait for competitors, because they continue to launch the latest version of the iPad them," he explained.

Parties ABI Research said that the year 2011 is expected to appear some changes. Orr said a matter of time until the one party that could become a strong competitor iPad.

"Because the tablets with a low cost will be launched by more than 50 vendors this year," added Orr

Dell stops producing dell Streak 5

Through his official website in the United States, Dell announced that it had stopped producing tablets Streak 5.

The news was confirmed by Dell through a photograph of a woman with sunglasses who was staring out the window beside the car and says, "Good-bye Streak 5. It's a fun journey." Similarly, as reported by Digital Trends, Friday (12/08/2011).

Dell's decision to stop production Streak 5 does not seem too surprising. Because the sale of tablets Android 5 inches which was released one year ago it was less than satisfactory. Size is too small for the tablet, but too big to make consumer smartphone assessed hesitate to buy this product.

"Dell Streak 'stuck' between the traditional smartphones and tablets with a larger screen," complained the president of Dell's Communication Solutions Group Ron Garriques. According to Garriques, consumers are not interested in a device that 'all liability' as Streak 5.

Meanwhile, the tablet Streak 7, which was launched simultaneously with the Streak 5, will still be marketed. So is the accessory that was originally presented to Streak 5.

How to get quick loan

Building a business does not always require big capital, but when the wheels started the business going and growing, came the desire and the need to enlarge or expand the business; sometimes we cannot avoid the need for additional capital. Been described in several previous articles the issue of business capital, namely capital can be sourced from the banking and non banking institutions. Both have in common the proposal requires multiple documents and loan capital.

Undeniably, to get rich quickly, is a way, you have the money / capital. Money can be strength for your financial success. With money you can build a business, or open a business. The more money you have, the better you can build and develop the business.

Do not bury your dream to own a business because of no capital or because of not getting no money. Burying the dream of business is tantamount to burying dreams to become rich.

Not a few among the public and employers are sometimes clumsy when dealing with the preparation of documents such as proposal submission for online payday loan. As for the items to be delivered to get quick payday loans are:
  • The name and business address
  • name and address of the owner or
  • managers of business units;
  • proof of identity owner / management;
  • business cultivated;
  • business license or business certificate from the authorities;
  • development of business performance;
  • business plan and cash needs desired.
After a few requirements have been fulfilled and approval and then the payday cash advance you can get quickly.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Fix Wifi connection problem

WiFi is a matter of overcoming the problem of confusing if you are Windows XP and Vista machines, while Windows 7 has a built-in mechanisms tips that address all the issues and report to a specific page and find problem fixes itself when the WiFi connectivity. However, the Windows operating system provides a standard mechanism for problem solving, not as satisfactory as the third-party applications.

Xirrus WiFi Inspector
is a powerful tool for managing and fixing Wi-Fi problems on Windows XP, Vista, or 7 laptop. Built in test allows you to display integrity and performance of your Wi-Fi connection.

Inspector Wi-Fi can be used for a number of practical applications, including:

  • Searching for Wi-Fi networks
  • Wi-Fi troubleshooting connectivity issues
  • Verifying Wi-Fi coverage (site survey)
  • Managing a laptop's Wi-Fi connection
  • Locating Wi-Fi devices
  • Detecting Rogue APs
  • Verifying settings AP
  • Aiming Wi-Fi Antennas
  • Wi-Fi Education

After you install the Xirrus WiFi Inspector, it shows a dynamic radar display name Wi-Fi local network and the relative distance and the software provides a variety of connections such as quality testing, and test speed for troubleshooting Wi-Fi network connection. Other features such as graphics, real-time signal strength from one or more Wi-Fi network with a history 8 minutes.

Download Xirrus WiFi Inspector

PC Benchmark for Performance and Speed

NovaBench is other similar freeware tool for Windows that allows you to benchmark your PC performance and speed. These applications do a series of tests to your PC, RAM, disk storage, etc. and finally menunjukkanya GPU with the score. You can store the results offline or online (by creating an account) and to compare the different levels.

Results of the test will take about 1-2 minutes to complete the results will be displayed in separate tabs.

Tests carried out;

  • Floating Point Test - Test the speed the CPU floating point arithmetic
  • Integer Test - Test CPU speed integer arithmetic
  • MD5 Hashing Speed ​​- general CPU test
  • 3D Graphics Test - Testing GPU with Shader 3D
  • Speed ​​of RAM - RAM read and write speed test
  • Disk Write Speed ​​- Test the speed of a primary or copy storage device selected

You can store the results online by creating an account or save it to your desktop for future reference. You can also compare the results online from here.

ShutdownGuard: Preventing Application from Windows Shutdown or Restart

There are many applications that lead to shutdown your Windows when you do something else and eventually you lose your unsaved work. ShutdownGuard is a freeware application for Windows is trying to prevent the application to shutdown, reboot or log off the computer.

So next time an application attempts to restart the PC, you get a notice that the screen shutdown or restart prevented by ShutdownGuard. For Windows XP users, the notification is from the system tray.

Preventing Apps from Windows Shutdown or Restart the ShutdownGuardPerhatikan that ShutdownGuard will not be able to prevent all the shutdowns, because some programs explicitly tell Windows to force the shutdown. This means that some programs will still be able to shutdown the computer.

Mencegah Apps dari Windows Shutdown atau Restart dengan ShutdownGuard

There are several settings that can be configured in the configuration file. You can add a customized message when shutdown prevented.

ShutdownGuard not require administrator privileges and you can add to the list of start-up until monitoring begins automatically.


will by default check when the latest version available and will inform you if we find the latest version, you can also check for updates manually in the menu tray, regardless of this setting.

Download ShutdownGuard

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