Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recovering Bad Sector on the hard disk

Bad Sector has long been a scourge that is troubling for a number of computer users. Quite a lot of factors that could cause Bad Sector, but not least also a way that can be done to restore the affected hard disk. Some time ago I read an article on one computer tabloid homeland, and the following tips can I rangkumkan specifically for you.

First you need a little know whether Bad Sector Bad Sector and how it could happen. Hard Disk Bad Sector can be affected through two possibilities, the first in Logic, and the second in Physic. For the last possibility, it will not be discussed too deep because of Bad Sector in Physic occur due to physical damage to the hard disk.

While Bad Sector in Logic can occur because of disruption of the operation read - write in a sector. This can be caused by several possibilities, such as viruses, corrupt boot record, the voltage disturbance, or other similar possibilities.
When Bad Sector Logic's happening on your hard disk, it is advisable to first try hard disk repair software is included when buying a hard disk.

The software does not actually fix bad sectors, but hide it. In other words the damage still exists but the operating system will ignore it. About a picture of how it works is like this. The software will restore your hard disk's magnetic orientation to make each byte read and write can do so that enables the hard disk recovery. Bad Sector can be spread on the hard disk, especially on the hard disk track 0. Such an event can also cause you not to install and copy the data on your hard disk.

Use of hard disk repair software

Previously there may be a simple way that can be done as first aid when threatened experiencing hard disk Bad Sector. In Windows XP open them MS-DOS Prompt. Then type "chkdsk / R" and press Enter. This command will immediately find the position of Bad Sector and then do the rescue on that data can still be legible. For the series of Windows 95, 98, or Millennium, Scandisk application which is inherited from the Windows application that can be tried. However, if still not convinced and problems on the hard disk is not resolved, there are other ways that are below maximum.

Basically your hard disk has been equipped with software improvements which occurs when the Bad Sector on the hard disk. This software can handle Bad Sector Logic. Here are some examples of software built from a number of hard disks. Maxtor and Quantum includes MaxBlast, Samsung with ClearHDD, armed with a Seagate Seagate format, while Western Digital Old DLG Diagnostic got, and equipped Fujitsu FJ-IDE Drive Initializer Utility.

But no rule you can also maximize the healing process of the hard disk Bad Sector using other software that is also quite powerful. And this time the software will try is SpinRite, hard disk repair software made by Gibson Research, the latest version of version 6.0. SpinRite supports FAT, NTFS, Linux, Novell, drives with multiple operating systems, and an unformatted hard disk though. Here's a bit of how to use them.

1. Create a boot CD or floppy disk. The manufacturing process can be performed directly in the SpinRite. Select the "Crete Boot Diskette", then "Create an ISO or Image File", or it could be through the option "Install SpinRite on Drive". To be more easy to apply for it using a bootable CD. As information, the next stage of the process will be more time consuming in DOS mode.

2. After the image file of SpinRite made had been so, then burn to a blank CD using Nero or similar CD burning device. Restart the computer and boot with the CD you just created.

3. After successfully booting from the CD before, we will be brought in the SpinRite interface that presents five options, or can be called also the level of improvement. Please select the option which you need to repair your hard disk according to the level of damage. Usually in most cases, option number two and four of the most frequently needed. second option will restore the data, and option number four is the maintenance and analysis on the hard disk.

4. After selecting the option which is required, you are welcome to specify the drive or partition which will be inspected or repaired. Follow the next step is the determination of the examination and SpinRite option will immediately work to do his job on your hard disk.

Processing time is relatively based on the speed and capacity of your hard disk. SpinRite is able to repair your hard disks with 120GB per hour maximum speed of it. Although the speed of SpinRite is still strongly influenced by many factors, such as system configuration, damage your hard disk, or the support of the Ultra DMA. But do not worry if you do not want to wait a long time and did not want to leave the repair process, SpinRite offers ease of termination of the repair process to proceed at a later time. Living simply keep track of position when stopping the process.

SpinRite will be automatically entered into option number four, when after checking need for repairs and maintenance on your hard disk. And this process also takes some time, get to a matter of days even, depending on the level of damage to the hard disk itself. But surely this is better than you have to lose data or have to buy a new hard drive thanks to the hard disk Bad Sector persecute you.

SpinRite also comes with a screensaver is active when the process is running. It could also show the process that is underway. If your hard disk supports temperature readings, SpinRite will also feature a hard disk temperature information. There are also other interesting feature is "DynaStat Data Recovery" which can display more closely the course of an ongoing improvement process.

Skype Runs In Background on the iPhone

Multitasking capabilities possessed by iOS4 operating system for applications that impact was laid. Call it Skype that utilize this feature.

Skype application running on iOS4 has been upgraded to support full featured multitasking. So today, iPhone users running Skype, can receive calls and messages on the background while running other applications.

As quoted from Mashable, in addition to the development of multitasking support, graphics, latest Skype for the iPhone also developed to support the Retina Display in iPhone4. Previous development of Skype on the iPhone that is located on the support of the call through the 3G network or Wi-Fi. Thus, through 3G networks, there are no additional fees required to use the phone via Skype.

Skype continues to be developed to follow the latest features of the operating system and hardware used.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Virtual tape library implementation, and development

Virtual Tape Library as the rise in recent years, many backup disk (Backup to Disk) solutions, most importantly, it is changing the traditional pattern of market data backup and protection of user mode.

Virtual tape libraries to achieve three main ways

Currently on the market in accordance with different architecture virtual tape libraries, can be divided into three types: software-based backup (D2D), application server type (VTL Appliance), a special type of smart (Intelligent High preformance VTL) *

• backup software-based virtual tape library (s Ⅰ on behalf of the D2D)

Tape libraries direct simulation software is installed on the server backup, server backup several file system partition that emulates tape libraries, so the backup software to use a tape library system disk file.

Within the program, a backup disk exposed to the host operating system, basically, is still "online." At the user, the data line must remain secure. For example, if the backup server is unfortunately infected, the virus can be completely destroyed on-line data on the disk, whereas damage to the backup data on disk arrays.

In addition, the program takes the host resources, limited performance.

This program is more than by the backup management software as a functional module to offer relatively inexpensive. However, subject to the file system, then the application, I / O performance and data security has certain limitations.

Therefore, the program specifically for cache back up - which is the first backup to disk, then back to the server if not busy moving to a physical tape library.

• Application Server class virtual tape library program (Ⅱ generation)

This program is really another library virtual tape software program: through a virtual tape library management software is installed on a separate dedicated server (usually a PC server) where the server and disk storage devices connected to a simulation of a tape library.

In this way, a backup server or other applications via FC or SCSI host with a dedicated server connection, then a dedicated server and disk storage systems associated with the expression for virtual tape library (VTL).

And backup software-based virtual tape library program different is that the backup server, or application server to a dedicated server and disk array as a tape library, to achieve a virtual tape library device host and the separation of physical and logical devices. Under such a program hosted on a virtual tape library to read and write mode is the data block (Block-Level) to read and write, read and write than other types of backup software, fast, and will not be back-up data from the host side generated from the host and virus removal operation does not affect the backup data.

Within the program, the virtual tape media? Logical disk volumes, the sector is no longer format of the operating system, but together with naked and tape media ("raw disk"), last backup data is stored in sequence for Byte Byte, the physical layer to reach the disk read and write linear, and to prevent fragment file system problems, fully utilizing high-speed disk device I / O performance.

Lack of such programs need to use a PC with a certain ability to expand the server as a virtual tape library manager, optimize system is lower, while the control structure using a PC server, inefficient, PC other servers and disk arrays that are connected with the management is not uniform, not a single structure, but also prone to back-end PC servers and storage that are not compatible. It seem like the new technology has turn
The straight library knocks the analogue.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Completing your College Tasks with Essay Online Service

The students are often preoccupied with the various routines that sometimes make them do not have time to complete the task on campus. Job tasks assigned by the lecturers to be completed on time sometimes makes them run out of ideas and time to make it. Some of the tasks that must be completed are college essay and research paper. Some students who still had a lot of activities outside the campus often complain about it. Sometime they also face many difficulties in choosing essay topics. To make a high quality essay is needed basic skills to write and continuous training. Such capabilities are not owned by most students today. This is always a constraint to write an essay.They still try to be able to complete their tasks properly and on time to get good grades.

In order to complete a degree program, students must take and pass the comprehensive exam as a prerequisite to be able to take exams thesis. Students are also required to make a final project (thesis) as a result of research that has been done, both field research as well as research paper.Thesis is the research papers produced by the Student at an institution of Higher Education as a requirement to obtain undergraduate degree. These difficulties are often experienced by students including the difficulty in finding a title for the thesis, the difficulty to find literature or reading materials, limited funding or fear of encounter supervisor. The difficulty is that eventually led to student distress, loss of motivation in other words can not complete the thesis on time.

However it can be solved easily by students at this time using an Essay online service that can assist them to complete it. In addition, the online service also provide services for the preparation of research papers and dissertations to support your education on college.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Setting Wordpress Permalink For SEO Friendly

How do I change settings / wordpress blog permalink structure to make it more SEO friendly and free of problems. In WordPress, the default permalink setting is /? P = 123, so the url to display is of course this is not SEO friendly because the post title is not displayed on the url. Such as learning on-page SEO, we know that appearance on permalink post title will help the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Should be changed permalink structure to /% category% /% postname% or even just /% postname% only. so that the url blog post will appear or http: / / /postname only.

In the new WordPress Blog, of course, this does not matter. changes can be done easily and not at risk. But what about the blogs already a lot of content? this remains a problem because the blog will lose backlinks that have been built with great difficulty due to changes in the permalink structure. Now on wordpress tutorial this time I will give simple tips and tricks wordpress to resolve the issue using the redirect trick. Htaccess file ..


First reply you have to do is log into the wordpress admin panel. In your wordpress dashboard, click Settings> Permalinks. Then select Custom and then fill it with /% category% /% postname% or /% postname% only, as shown below ..

after that, your permalink structure will look like this /postname

Now we need to redirect all the backlinks that use the old permalink structure to the new permalink structure. To do this you have to edit. Htaccess file located in the root directory on your wordpress hosting, Be careful when going to edit. Htaccess file, make sure you backup these files first.

Download and open the file. Htaccess file editor with a kind of notepad or WordPad, then add the code lines below:

RedirectMatch 301 / ([0-9 ]+)/([ ]+)/([ 0-9 0-9 ]+)/(.*)$ $ 4

Then save your changes and upload again on the root directory of your wordpress. Done, you just change settings on your wordpress permalink structure without losing backlinks

Monday, October 18, 2010

Save Laptop battery life with software

In the past, I've shared about some tips to save laptop battery without using the software, this time I will share how to save battery life by using software called LocalCooling. How will I share it below is definitely easier and more efficient (time) to do this at the following steps:

1. Download software LocalCooling HERE. Do not worry, it's freeware (3.91 MB)

2. Install

3. Then run LocalCooling. Click Settings at the bottom right.

4. There are 4 tabs. For the former, namely the General tabs. Buddy can choose the power saver is used. Namely, the laptop shutdown automatically after some time, shutdown screens, etc.. (See for yourself is: p)

5. For other settings, you can own person who tinkers yaa .. Instead of nothing .. I try to take a screenshot, but when I shoot, window LocalCoolingnya missing (shame time yes?!!).

After using this software on my laptop, feels very different than before. After the use of a laptop that has more than 1 hour, not to feel hot on my laptop (usually just 45 minutes already starting to feel the heat)

If you don't believe, please try it!

If there is still confused, please enter in the comment section.

How to import MP3 songs and Playlists from ipod, iphone and ipad

if you lose all songs and playlists (available on the iPod) might be due to hard disk crashes or corrupted, you can easily retrieve your list of songs or playlists from your iPod, iphone and ipad by using GizmoRip.

You can easily restore / import songs and playlists of music from your iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, or IPAD to iTunes. You can copy tracks to your hard drive or just import the playlist directly to iTunes. GizmoRip supports the latest version of iTunes. GizmoRip supports all of Apple's music devices, including iPod, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to increase the traffic by mutual exchange of traffic

How to increase the traffic can be done by mutual exchange of traffic or visits to increase traffic. Like the crazy tricks that have been discussed earlier , many of which raised objections if need blogwalking to 1000 blogs / day. Because it was deemed impossible and very time consuming. Well, blogwalking itself is a means to exchange visits among fellow bloggers, but not impossible if we do not everything will come back to visit. That's what it will be difficult to measure the effectiveness of our visit, so the traffic requests can not be ensured.

Well, traffic exchange itself is not only done with blogwalking only. However, traffic to increase traffic exchange visits can be done with the site traffic exchange services (see wikipedia: Traffic exchange) or a service traffic exchange sites. Well some sites traffic exchange service providers, among others:


To be able to enjoy this traffic exchange service, first register for free on these sites. Then how the workings of this traffic exchange system?!?

Simple it is each member will be given a job to do the surf to the address designated. Just click the address, we will immediately redirected to the URL address it and deemed to have made visits and traffic will be obtained. Every time we do click on the visit will get a visit back to 1:1 or 1:2 ratio depending on the policies of each site. So with one click which is actually less than 1 minute to be able to reach 1000 per day your blog or website is not the impossible again. So 1000 visitors per day was not a difficult thing.

So, 5-enhancing site of this automatic traffic can be an alternative to hunting traffic and increase it many times. And much easier to be able to do more professional blogwalking and efficient.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

All in One SEO plugin Optimization Tips for Wordpress

All in One SEO plugin has become mandatory for a jolly romp with SEOin Wordpress . Not many of them include other plugins that could boost the ability of the SEO blogs. At least have a lot of helpful tips that reviews the problem using this plugin, so that the optimization tips that I have provided even in the end has become public consumption of the master SEO.

Well, as usual in the initial setting all in one SEO plugin, the default value given is presented. Common default values are generally not replaced. However, to optimize this plugin, the default values should be replaced. The following explanation of the plugin description All in one SEO,:

1. Home title: The default value is empty, so this column is filled with something that lays on your homepage. Can the same with the blog title is in the general setting, can also more descriptive and contain many keywords that will be on optimization. What distinguishes between home title and blog title is the text that will appear at the top of all pages in your blog and addressed to visitors of your blog, while the home title is the title of a blog that only appear on the blog home page (home) and is intended for search engines. Tips: use more words that contain more specific keywords.

2. Home description: same as the default value that is empty home title, home discription describes the general description of your blog. And later will appear as the meta description on the homepage of your blog. Meta description used for the search engines and will be used if search engines did not find the main content of the relevant site pages. Tips: use the words that can invite visitors to visit your blog.

3. Format settings: by default the value of format is given, an example for the post title format:% post_title% |% blog_title% and other formats, but in general this default value can be changed as desired. Suppose that contains about Download Blog FIlm, can change the format into post Title: Download Free Movies% post_title%, or the like. Tips: Change the default values exist, the use of | will not be optimized plugin All in One SEO. And For the page title format can be added at the end of the word.

4. Indexing settings: the need to consider is the Use Categories for META keywords and Use noindex for. For the first function to insert meta keywords in your category, while the second one on the check when it wants not indexed to certain things, can archive, categories, and the tag archive. Thus, for the second, when the check then it will not be indexed. For Use noindex for archive and when indexed, it is not very useful search machined. Tips: the first is optional, especially for the Use noindex for archive should be in check only.

Maybe for the master SEO, optimization tips all in one SEO plugin is already done, so this just create a new study. So, here's tips for optimization all in one SEO plugin that is used to optimize on your blog page.

5 Tips for Keywords research

Keywords are vital in SEO. Error in determining keywords can result in visitors not abundant, and vice versa right keywords in the SEO will determine a significant impact in generating thousands of visitors every day. Need a specific strategy in determining the keywords in SEO. 5 tips to specify keywords in the SEO into things that must be taken into account in competition in the world of SEO. Here are 5 strategies in determining the precise keyword:

1. Do not focus on no.1 on google for keywords that will be used, but focus on ease of keywords in the interpreted and understood by the people and provoke a more curious titles. So long as still in page 1 of google, top google not a high priority, entered the Top 5 was no problem as long as the keywords used easy to understand, and with a title that more fishing curious.
2. Do not pleased at first with no.1 google with the keywords low level of popularity. So look for keywords that have a high level because the same search with the keyword if it is looking for a bit it will not be useful. Use the tools-tools google search in the search for a high level, can use google adwords.
3. Do not be fixated on single words in optimizing keywords. Even studies based on say 33% is a combination of 2 words, 26% for the 3 combinations of 3 words, 21% for the combination of 4 words and new 1 word. This can happen because with a word results will appear very common, while many search engine users are looking for things that are more specific. And that is a fact of which the average search engine users will change the keyword to search for something more specific.
4. Seeing the competition keywords that exist, so do not just use keywords without seeing the rivalry that exists. Ideally, the fewer competitors are and the higher level of search. But if you can not find the ideal thing, use the average between the level of competition and the level of popularity.
5. Do not be too much in giving the keywords in each page. It would be boring for visitors and will give a negative assessment of the web. Moreover for google and other search engines will assume too much spam if the shoot keyword. So it should be balanced in the shoot keywords in a web page. strategy by providing a keyword for each paragraph, and more importantly is the first paragraph.

5 SEO strategy right in determining these keywords into things that are needed in accounting for SEO purposes. However, the above strategy may be not the right thing if the objective of SEO is not to solicit customers and visitors through search engines. As SEO contest, then the strategy is ranked 1 becomes the main objective, and any keywords not functional because keywords have been determined. So back again to the intended use of SEO on the website my friends.

6 Optimization tips to boost position in google

Optimization tips to boost position in google to be excellent for many website owners. No doubt because the current search engines become extraordinary tools to be able to get various kinds of information on the Internet. So the formula if you master the search engines then the control information on the Internet. Especially google, a giant company that still binds so strong dominance billion users on the Internet.

Of course a lot of tips that can be used to boost position in google. Of the many tips available, Backlink become a major force in the push up position on google. Did not rule, the more backlinks you have, search engines will increasingly believe in the web page.

Well, to be able to boost the google top 10, following 6 tips you can do:

1. If the engine wordpress, update service pinging services that are owned, how to see in my article about optimization ping.
2. Join dilayanan to be able to automatically submit to various directories automatically, a popular directory is digg, Mixx, stumbleupon, delicious.
3. If you want to promote something, suitable to be able to send all advertising materials to 200 providers classified ads website even more.
4. Submit to the various service providers such autosubmitter, Scuttle,,, cheap-Scuttle.
5. Install Plugins if booster SEO wordpress blog engine like: all-in-One SEO or SEO ultimate, WP Seo Tags, SEO Smart Link.
6. Blogwalking to a wide range of existing friends, or use tricks to crazy blogwalking .

Um, maybe 6 tips google top 10 levers will not work if you do not have good content. Finally it all back again to the content, content, and content to be able to get the top 10 in google.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Increase the Link Popularity from Article Directory

One powerful way to gain link popularity and increase page ranking in the eyes of search engines is to send (submit) an article to many article directories (Articles Directory) more and more of our articles in approve (accepted) the better the popularity of our website well on search engines so as to increase traffic, but that with the number of articles we are "stuck" on other sites is likely that we get free traffic is also growing.

General article directories have high page ranking (PR 5 and above) in google, so with the link we are usually on the signature article stuck to the sites page rank high likelihood we will be able to "division" PR 1 or 2 levels.
I recommend, and, I also create an article directory for you to test

One good tool to facilitate delivery (submit) an article to many article directories are article submitter. With this tool article submission process becomes simpler and faster because we do not need to repeat - article re-fill the form submit, this form will be filled automatically by the article submitter, so that we do is fill in category and we can directly submit articles to article directories .

By default article submitter includes more than 100 article directory directly address can we send (submit) our article, this article directory list we can add or subtract according to our article directory that we follow, in my article submitter there are about 100 addresses can all I submit articles within 2 hours.

Before you begin to submit an article we first have to register (sign up) to all these article directories and after we registered and we conform to submit articles as much. My advice is when registering to use the same username for all article directories and use the email address when registering as a username.

Secret Code CDMA and GSM Mobile


Samsung Secret Codes

Samsung sph-n240, n400, a460, a500, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: ##Spc
Test Mode: 47*869#1235
Debug Menu: ##33284,ok
Service Menu: Menu+8+0 (#889)
Reset (Life time, Clear Memory, etc): ##786,ok
A-key: ##2539,ok
Label Selection: ##3882,ok
Label(Home, Work, etc) : **523,ok
NGG Setting (Gateway, etc.): ##2769737,ok
Vocoder: ##8626337,ok
CAI Change: ##7738,ok
Enable TTY: ##889,ok

Nokia Cdma Secret Codes

NAM set : 3001#12345# atau #626#7764726#
Software Version : #837# atau #0000#
ESN : #92772689#
Phone Restart : #75681# atau #75682#
Vocoder : #3872#
Debug Screen/EVRC : #8378#
Debug : #8380#
Field Test Menu : #83788#
To activate Net Monitor menu
type *3001#12345#
scroll to Field Test
enable (it says something about switching your phone off)
exit menus
turn off
switch on
Net Monitor
Enter display/group code (eg 3101 for link info or […]
Nokia Nokia 3280, 3285, 3580, 3585, 5185, 6185, 8280
Nam Set: *3001#12345#
Software Version: *#837#
Software Version: *#9999#
Esn Number: *#92772689#
Restart Phone: *#75681#
Restart Phone: *#75682#
Nokia 8887 Nam Programming:
Nam Set: *3001#12345#
Version: *#0000#
Evrc: *#8378#
Esn/Data/Timer: *#92772689#
SID: *#743#

Ericsson Cdma Secret Codes

Programming Shot NAM : 987 + menu
Programming long NAM : 923885 + menu and enter
SPC : “0000”
CDMA mode : 904093 + menu
Analog Mode : 904095 + menu
DM Mode : 904959 + menu
–Sony (sebelum joint-venture dengan Ericsson dan berubah menjadi SE)
Programming : type “111111” and press JOG DIAL
Choose Programming and
Enter SPC : “000000”

LG Cdma Secret Codes

Programming : menu + 9 and enter SPC:”000000”
A-key : press STO for sometime enter zone
Type 2539** and enter A-key
LGC-510 Programming : menu + 3 + 0 and enter SPC: “000000”
LGC-800W/500 : menu + 0 and enter SPC: “000000”
LGC-330W Programming : menu + 4 + 0 and enter SPC: “000000”
gc-300, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Menu, 9, Spc
A-key: Press “Sto” 3sec, 2539**
lgc-330w, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Menu, 4, 0, Spc
A-key: 2539**
lgc-510, v111, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Menu, 3, 0, Spc
A-key: 2539**
lgc-500, 800w, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Menu, 9 , 0, Spc
Debug Mode: Menu, 7, 0, Fsc
Debug Mode: Menu, 8, 0, Fsc
A-key: 2539**
Lg LX,VX-series, […]

Motorola Cdma Secret Codes

Motorola 7760, 7860, 2260, 8160, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Fcn,0000000000000, Rcl
Nam Set: 74663#, Fcn, Fcn
Test Mode: Fcn, 00**83786633, Sto
Motorola v60c, v120c etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: 74663#, Menu, Menu, Spc
Nam Set: Menu, 073887, * (type quickly)
Test Mode: Menu, 073887*, Spc
Debug Mode: ##33284
Force the phone into DIGITAL ONLY mode:
1) ##33284 (Debug)
2) RIGHT Softkey (Next) Twice
3) Down […]
Star TAC 7760/7860
Programming : FCN + 0 + 000000 + 000000 + RCL
Test Mode : FCN 00*83786633 STO
V 60c Programming
Service Menu : 74663#menu (Programming Code)
Test Mode : Menu 073887*
Security Code : 000000


Qualcomm qcp-800 Nam Pogramming:
Nam Set: Menu+3+0+Spc
Field Test: Menu+7+0+Fsc
Kyocera 1135, 2255, 3035, 5135, 6035, Se47, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: 111111+Jog Dial(Ok), Select “Programming”+Spc
CAI Change: ##7738,ok
Enable TTY: ##889,ok
Life Timer, PRL, etc: ##786,ok
A-key: ##2539,ok
A-key: 2539,ok
On some kyocera handsets the factory service module has not been disabled
and the phone can be programmed without the spc by inputting.
Nam Set: ##333333 […]

Sanyo Secret Codes

Sanyo 4900, 5150, 5300, 8100, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: ##Spc+Ok+Key Down+Ok
Advanced Setup: ##3282+Ok+Key Down+Ok+Msl
A-key: ##2539+Ok+Key Down+Ok
Version: ##**837+Ok+Key Down+Ok
Debug Menu: ##FSC+Ok+Key Down+Ok
Airtime menu: ##8463+Ok+Key Down+Ok
Change CAI: ##7738+Ok+Key Down+Ok
Vocoder: ##8626337+Ok+Key Down+Ok

Reverse Logistic: ##786+Ok+Key Down+Ok
Set IP Address: ##2769737+Ok+Key Down+Ok
TTY On/Off: ##889+Ok+Key Down+Ok
Ready Link: ##4636+Ok+Key Down+Ok
Browser Init On/Off: ##4682+Ok+Key Down+Ok
Picture Token: ##25327+Ok+Key Down+Ok
Unknown Code: ##5282277+Ok+Key Down+Ok
(SPC=000000, FSC=040793)


SAMSUNG Secret Codes

Phone Lock : *2767*2878#
Phone Reset : *2767*3855#
Display IMEI : *#06#
Java Reset : *2767*5282#
WAP Reset : *2767*927#
Reset Media : *2767*63342#
Help Menu : *#9998*4357#
Java Menu : *#9998*5282#
Monitor Mode : *#9999#0#
Software Version : *#9999# or *#9998*9999#
Hardware Version : *#9999# or *#9998*8888#
Sim Info : *#9998*746# or *#0746#
Display Contras : *#9998*523# or *#0523#
Vibra On : *#9998*842# or *#0842#
Buzzer On : *#9998*289# or *#0289#
Baterry and field info : *#9998*288# or *#0288#
Error Log : *#9998*377# or *#0377#
Sim service table : *#9998*778# or *#0778#
Show date and alarm : *#9998*782# or *#0782#
Show network info : *#8999*638#
Change Operator Logo : *#8999*5646#
Production Number : *#9998*76#
View Melody Alarm : *#9998*968#
Non Volatile Memory : *#9998*585#
Digital Audio Interference off: *#3243948#
Digital Audio Interference : *#32436837#
Show Software Version : *#9999#
Intruction Software : *#0837#
Show Serial Parameter : *#0001#

SONY Secret Codes

Display IMEI : *#06#
Unlock Code : *#7465625*12*xxxxxxxx#
Sim Code : *#7465625*XX*xxxxxxxx#
(untuk “XX”) adalah :
-NCK lock : 12
-Provider Lock : 22
-Network Lock : 32
-SIM Code Lock : 42
-Subset Lock : 52
-Corporate Lock : 62
-IMSI Personal : 72
-IMSI Range : 99

WAP Code : *#9275625*11*xxxxxxxx#
Changes Language : *#00xx# (“xx” Country Code)
Reset Language : *#0000000#
Display SIM lock Status : *#7465625#
Display Firmware Version : *#7353273#
Super Factory Reset : *#78737322867973738#
Reset Security Code : *#73287489263373738#
Turns PIN Code On : *09* (PIN Code)#
Turns PIN Code Off : #09* (PIN Code)#

SERICSSON Secret Codes

Display IMEI : *#06#
Lock Menu : <**<>*<<*<* –SHARP Display IMEI : *#06# Mep Lock Menu : *01763*6371# Show Software Version : *01763*8371#

NOKIA Secret Codes

Display IMEI : *#06# - *3001#12345# Software Version : *#0000# Sim Clock Stopping : *#746025625# Display Info : *#92702689# Activates Enhanced Full Rate : *3370# Deactives : #3370# Activates Enhanced HalfRate : *4370# Deactives : #4370# Bluetooth information : *#2820# Enables GPRS pccch : *#7220# Deletes Wallet (6310 test) : *#3925538# Clear Operator Logo : *#67705646# Software Reset : *#7370# –

PHILIPS Secret Codes

Display IMEI : *#06# Status Register : *#2254# Active/Deactive debug call : *#2255# Time and Days : *#2558# Active/Deactive Sleep Mode : *#7693# Security Code : *#7489*# Init, Flags, SIM CLK : *#3377*# Name, Length, SIM Phase : *#7378*# Philips Genie (TCD83 8 ) Active the beep signal and Reconnected to the net : *#2337*# –


Display IMEI : *#06# Net Monitor 1 : hold*4329 Net Monitor 2 : hold*621342 M4 Test Mode : hold*5472 SW Version : hold*5806 HW Version : hold*5807 SW and HW Version : hold*936505 NS lock menu : hold*476989/*574243 CP lock menu : hold*482896 SP lock menu : hold*967678 IMSI lock menu : hold*362628 Lock net level : hold*787090/*787292 Shot down : hold*3926 –

LG Secret Codes

IMEI (all) : *#06# IMEI and SW (LG 510) : *#07# SW Version (LG B1200) : *8375# Recount checksum : *6861# Factory Test : #PWR 668 Unknown (LG500) : 8060#*/9270#*/9278#* Unknown (LG200) :*789# + send Sim lock menu (LG B1200) : 1945#*5101# Sim lock menu (LG 510W/ 5200) : 2945#*5101# Untuk LG 7020/7010 : 2945#*70001# Untuk LG 500/600 : 2947#* –

MOTOROLA Secret Codes

Display IMEI : *#06# SW and HW Version : *#300# + ok Keypad test : *#301# + ok Set English Language : *#303# + ok Set Off engenering mode : *304# + ok Set On : #304*19980722# Location 1 : *#305# + ok Engenering tes mode : *#307# + ok Change phone code default : *#311# + ok ADC call val : *#400# + ok Contrast : *#402# + ok Phone Code Default : 1234 + ok Setting and Restore : *#0000# + ok Master unlock code : 19980722 + ok –

ALCATEL Secret Codes

Display IMEI : *#06# Meni 1 with SIM : 000000* Reset full : ###847# Add Barring Groups : ###765*02# Locking to Network : ###765*05# Unlocking from network : ###765*07# Deactive Barring Groups : ###765*78# –

SAGEM Secret Codes

Display IMEI : *#06# In Menu : *HOT MENU and Type Menu: -5-1-1-# + menu


1. Changing the symbol of the signal from the bar to hold ALT + the number NMLL at home.
2. Viewing Usage Data and Voice Usage: B U Y R type B U T T E R in the [option] – [Status].
3. Seeing Refld and ServiceUserId: ALT + V I E W Hold ALT + VVIIEWW) when opening messages.
4. Viewing Event Logs Hold ALT + L G L G at home.
5. Displaying Help Me: ALT + CAP + H. Hold ALT + R A C E at home.
6. Displays information SIM Card: MEPD (Sure Type: MEPPD) in the [options] – [advanced options] -[SIM Card]. (It is also useful to check whether we unlocked BB or LOCKED. If UNLOCKED, all must be disabled. If there yg ENABLE, means that there are LOCKED).
7. Shortcut to other menu Press ALT + ESC.
8. Soft reset press CAPS + Alt + Del.
9. Application switcher hold ALT + BACK.

Submit to the directory to increase pagerank

Directory is a site that contains a "collection" link which is classified into various categories. Registering your site to directories is one way to increase PageRank. On the internet there are thousands of directories that are ready to "accept" our site. To register to multiple directories one by one would need extra patience. Two programs or services below can be easier for us to do submit your site to the directory.

digiXMAS Submitter

digiXMAS Submitter is a desktop-based applications. To be able to use this program we have to register first here then please download the program here. When finished downloading and installing, you can login with the username and password that we get during registration.

The next step fill in the data which we will list the sites which include the URL, Title, Description, Your Name and email.
Unfortunately for the free version we can only register our site to 150 directory, it was PR 0. But it was still tolerable than none at all

We can register our site to the directory through a service created by Directory which is on the list DirZap quite a lot. At the time of the submission process, it will start from the PR 3.

Hopefully useful!

Friday, October 1, 2010

5 Safety tips to protect children from Social networking

Social networking sites like double-edged knife for the children. In addition to training them to socialize, some cyber intimidation of foreigners sometimes be a threat to children. Not to mention the danger of terror pedophile. We prepared to protect children from these threats?

Effendy Ibrahim as Internet Safety Advocate & Lead Symantec's Consumer Business to give some tips about the role of parents to children as they mingle in social networking.

Before the children received new friends or sharing information in social networking, make sure the following items on our children.

1. Not talk, or accept friendship invitations from strangers on social networking, instant messaging, or online forums.

2. Does not give a painful opinion, gossip, or attacks against other people through social networks, blogs, sites, or chat onlline. This creates the potential of people, to harm our children.

3. Not give detailed information about your home address, personal number, photograph because it will make the child become easy targets for perpetrators. Do not want our children to become targets of pedophiles is not it?

4. Make sure children have a strong password for your e-mail, social networks, forums or online games. Make sure children do not tell to anyone, including his best friend, though occasionally.

5. Confirm that the alien video link, really comes from someone who was known before the child to click. Because some foreign link infiltrated the possibility of malware, potentially steal useful information.

In spite of it all, as parents do not be ashamed to learn from children. In fact, some children may be more knowledgeable about technology and the Internet than their parents. So what?

Stay as parents, we more clearly understand the procedures behave toward strangers in this era of social networking. So a variety of information openly between parent and child is quite important.

How to save iPhone Battery power

Cell phone batteries run out while on the go is annoying. So even with the iPhone that many multimedia features. Actually, there are some tricks to save iPhone battery power and can be more durable.

1. Turn off the push notification feature

This feature will be a 'killer' biggest battery in the iPhone. For some reason, application developers usually activate this feature. However, many do not. To disable it, go to settings.

2. Turn off push email

iPhone is not as sophisticated BlackBerry push email for business. Based on experience detikINET, iPhone battery only lasted for two hours only if the feature is enabled. Open the e-mail at certain times only. It's enough to help save the phone battery.

3. Turn off unused features

Turn off Wifi and 3G features when not in use in transit. It's enough to make batteries run out quickly. So any other application that must be set manually. Immediately turn off unused applications.

4. Turn off the backgroud task

The user should not be doing this, but now the iPhone with iOS4 can now be used in multitasking so you can easily find the applications that eat the battery a lot.

5. Adjust the screen brightness automatically

When users are in the room a little darker then the iPhone will be much brighter screen to facilitate vision. Vice versa, when a dark screen will dim. Brightness factor is very influential on battery performance.

6. Note the feedback game

Many games that take advantage of features on the iPhone to simulate vibration feedback, this course will waste the phone battery. Just turn off vibration feature.

7. Prepare a backup battery

Battery is not just any other batteries such as mobile phones. Later, there are some iPhone casing which also offers an external battery features in it. But the price is quite expensive. This is only an option only.

8. Synchronize your iPhone regularly

Although users do not install new applications, would be better to synchronize the iPhone with the latest firmware update. That said, some Apple updates can also increase cell phone battery.

I hope this article about how to save iPhone battery power will be useful for you.

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