Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Minecraft : Java based indie game

Minecraft is an indie game genre a sandbox. This game is Java based, and created by Mark "Notch" Peterson. Now this game is taken care of along with his company, fathers. This game requires us to have creativity, because this game focuses on creativity and building.

When starting the game, Minecraft going to generate a vast world, there may be no end, and we do not have anything, and we alone, except in multiplayer mode.

Gameplay from Minecraft itself quite simple, we are required to survive against zombies and skeletons that only comes at night. For that we must create the house, weapons, armor, and all kinds of the needs of us. The unique thing of this game is that we exempt for creating to building our own making, and also how to make buildings, houses, and equipment for our Survival. To make a house or building, we have arranged one-on-one with a beam textured in 3D World.

Materials to be used should be sought or made their own, together with equipment-equipment. If you want to use a tool, we must first create one, do not expect items that have been so dropped by monsters, mob, or of digging. To make it we provided a crafting table, which should also be made in person, by crafting in our inventory, which only consists of Grid 2x2, different from crafting table that has a 3x3 box.

To make the equipment, we have to get those items first base ingredients. For example to make a torch, we need a stick of wood and coal, then we must look for it first. Later on we have to sort the table crafting wooden sticks and coal to form a torch. Crafting tutorials can be found on websites Wikia, which has a very complete reference how to make a tool.

Minecraft game itself does not have a graphic that makes any "Wow". Graphic still a "Box-Box" 16 bits, a typical time of the game Age of the past, Pixel boxes in plain sight, like the Retro games. But the difference Minecraft 3D instead of 2D shape of the World. Nevertheless, the gameplay of minecraft themselves who become the main attraction. We are free to do anything, and anything we want. Do not see the Graphic side only. Players can spend hours just for her creations.
Minecraft may look simple, lightweight, and requires only modest hardware, it did not. Below 2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM under that is considered less. And make sure Java is installed on your computer to play Minecraft.

Minecraft Game itself is paid. But not as expensive as high end games today. It costs around 14 Euros.
Minecraft website provides Classic Mode to be played for free. Classic mode is the difference with other versions of the paid, we can only build it and we supplied Materials are Unlimited. But no system Zombie, Health, etc.. Only basic functions are provided. And there are no interactions anything in the game. If we fall into the lava, then it does not happen, then hit the TNT TNT will not explode, and would be destroyed like the other boxes. The game is more monotonous.

Minecraft is one game that should not be missed. And arguably this is a really Sandbox Sandbox. Actually in the sandbox, we are freed to do anything, and create anything. Do not forget to try taking the time to try or see this game.

Official Website Minecraft: http://www.minecraft.net/

How to Remove conficker / downup in your computer

It has been more than three years since the early emergence Conficker, a virus that exploits the DCOM port security network for the purpose of spreading itself via the network media and the Internet. Conficker or collectively, the virus is classified as a virus Downadup the most popular and most victims. In a short time had spread and infect every network connected PC. The virus is very troublesome, because when already infected PC then the network will be slow and eventually end up.

Symptoms of Conficker / Downadup:

  1. There is an error message "Generic Host Process (GHP) Error"
  2. Conficker do pacthing against the RPC DCOM windows security gaps, and open a random port between 1024-10000 to spread itself over a network
  3. Network running slow
  4. Disconnected from the network, sharing folders disconnected
  5. Services dead tissue (network conection, servers, workstations)
  6. Services Sound off (windows audio), or the sound driver Cres
  7. Conficker duplicate files into a Removable Disk Drive: \ recycled \ jwgkvsq.vmx
  8. Can not access Website Security / Antivirus (www.symantec.com, www.avg.com, Kapersky, etc.)
  9. Turning off system restore
  10. On the menu of Windows Firewall - Exceptions, there is a setting conficker with name% Random%

If the symptoms above occur on our computer, has been ascertained by computer is infected with Virus Conficker.
Here's Step by Step Method Solution how to remove Conficker:

  • If your computer is connected to a network, first disconnect by unplugging the network cable or disable the LAN.
  • Use the removal tools from Symantec.com conficker, can be downloaded here!
  • Perform scanning the computer using safe mode Removal Tools on Windows
  • After scanning is complete, restart Windows
  • Do your windows security patches MS08-067 patch can be downloaded on the Microsoft.com site. Its function is to patch security loopholes that successfully hacked by Conficker
  • Antivirus installations that have been known and worked with both Conficker Antivirus and update the database regularly so that the virus does not re-invade our computers
  • Do a scan on the Removable Disk is suspicious, as there is a hidden Recycle folder, if so then certainly the Removable Disk is already infected by Conficker

May we all be free from computer virus.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The benefit of Playing Airsoft

Airsoft gun lately becomes more and more popular in society and airsoft gun communities that appear to play an increasingly flourishing place. Although categorized as toys, airsoft gun also capable of spewing out a round plastic bullets size 6mm (commonly called BB) either one by one (single action), semi-automatic or full automatic.

Airsoft gun is a toy gun replicas sized 1:1 with the original weapons. Toy replica of Airsoft gun adopt various types of weapons in the world, both from the type pistols, revolvers, submachine gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun and bazooka.

Along with the rapid advances in technology, this toy-gun were growing again with the start of the application of electronic technology on toy guns by using electronic components, and electric power and also with an increasingly sophisticated part. Toy guns of this type usually called AEG (Automatic Electric Gun). These guns can be automatically and electronically spewing bullets.

Most hobbyist use KWA airsoft gun as a means of playing airsoft wargames or as a collection. As collectibles, airsoft gun is beautifully displayed in the living room as well as your office space.In addition, those who airsoft hobbyist must wear complete military equipment and bring their airsoft gun to play airsoft wargames as combat troops or Special Forces unit. Dress up like a soldier, playing the battle, collect the types of toy guns replica airsoft gun has become part of an airsoft hobbyist. Together with colleagues play together and make an airsoft wargames club.

Airsoft game is basically intended for those who have a hobby and enjoys all military things. They also received a good reception from the military in each country. Beside that the military lend them facility to play airsoft game such as battle field and military arena.

Playing airsoft gun is fun and exciting, but also provide benefits for us such us for our health, exercising discipline, learning strategies, and tactics. This relates to everyday human activities namely discipline. In this case we take the example of the company. The company certainly has rules for its employees. One of them is the discipline of time while coming to work and leaving work. No more learning strategies. It means that in one's life must have a strategy to make life much better for example if you want to be a successful businessman, you must have a mature strategy for your business and it can be a huge success in the future.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A new generation of Intel chips will support Super High Resolution Display

Latest technology news, latest intel Chips will provide support for ultra high resolution display, according to information seen by wired.com in a slide presentation of intel prosesesor development forum last week, intel will present "Ivy Bridge"

Still according to slide presentation, Ivy Bridge Chip will light the display resolution up to 4096 x 4096 pixels on a single monitor, as well as processing for 4 k video QuadHD

Ivy bridge - Chips Intel Generasi Baru akan Mendukung Tampilan Resolusi Super Tinggi

Ivy Bridge feature Intel chips is a unique 3D transistor using thin silicon Ridge at the power strip is usually used in 2D transistor. The changes become more cost-efficient 3D transistor made 30 percent of the planar transistor, and only with an increase in the cost of 2 to 3 percent. This development is one of the major steps to compete with intel's chips from the ARM architecture, and also allows for portable notebook with a screen similar to the Retina Display Apple with a much larger scale.

Intel chips with Ivy Bridge is going to be mass produced at the end of this year.

Trojan Virus is now able to Steal a list of Android Calls and messages

Latest technology news, online criminals have recycle ability Trojan Android cruel became more dangerous and damaging millions of smartphone users on the Android Platform

Trojoan is known as Androidos_Dordrae. N, this is a variant of trojan DroidDreamLight that began in late may, live 24 different android applications are legitimate, and when downloaded to give all the sensitive data between 30,000 – 120,000 victims.
Please note also that DroidDreamLight is itself a variant of DroidDream, who went into hiding in early March found in more than 50 Android applications

While DroidDream and DroidDreamLight were able to steal user data and download android phone into a mobile code berbaya terinfeksei, Androidos_Dordrae have enhanced ability to go further.

security firm Trend Micro says, a new variant of the Code has been modified to steal from Android users entry, text messages, call logs, phone contact list and information related to accounts that are stored on the smartphone.

"Also, based on the code, this malware has the ability to insert a message in the Inbox of infected devices, with delivery and message content is determined by the attacker, as well as the ability to send a message to the number in the user's contact list," Micro tulisTrend.

Currently, Androidos_Dordrae spreads through third party mobile applications stores mainly in China. Like a Trojan horse that looks like Androidos_Nickispy, who is hiding in the Google apps +, with a new variant of memungkingkan that DroidDreamLight easily could spread to the Android Market.

But thankfully, antivirus makers have been forced to adapt and create antivirus solutions for hundreds of millions of users who may be affected by the threat of mobile viruses. Some mobile security software companies such as Symantec, AVG and Kaspersky Lab, the Lookout, a smartphone that has been providing antivirus can be downloaded on the market of applications.

Fortunately, a smartphone that is so common now that the anti-virus makers have been forced to adapt and create anti-virus solutions for hundreds of millions of users who may be affected by the threat of mobile. Some mobile security software companies, including AVG,

Simple tips in Caring your eyes

Healthy eyes is the natural yearning of all people because the eye as a major human organ. Eye as a window to the world also needs care to stay healthy. Not just skin that needs special protection during hot weather or under the scorching sun. UV rays can damage the eyes. So, select special Oakley Sunglasses which are also important so that the eyes remain healthy.

Do not choose sunglasses just because the model only. Make sure your glasses can protect eyes from dangerous UV rays. Many opticians said that the benefits of sunglasses are used to protect the skin from UV rays. Therefore it is also necessary protective goggles to prevent eye damage caused by UV beam. The eyes are also susceptible to UV light. Wear the sunglasses Oakley will prevent UV rays enter and damage the eyes. Here are some tips for caring your eyes:

If you plan on doing water sports, be sure to protect your eyes with special sunglasses. For outdoor activities like camping or fires do not forget to wear protective eyewear to small dirt and coals of fire does not pose a problem in the eye.

Eye washing
After swimming, always wash the eyes with fresh water. Not only the skin can become dry in summer, your eyes could also experiencing drought. Eye drops can be used to prevent dry eye. Ask your doctor eye drops that can make the eyes become more comfortable.

Wash your eyes with cold water twice a day, avoid rubbed his eyes with his hands, stay away from dusty areas, and do not forget to use sunglasses or other types of protective eyewear.

When sitting in the room air conditioner, make sure cold air does not directly lead to the eye because it can cause dry eyes and sensitive.

Get enough rest, sleep soundly for six to eight hours to help rejuvenate your eyes the natural way.

Here are some common eye disorders that occur during hot weather.

It is characterized by redness of the eyes and stabbing sensation in the eye. Treat immediately to prevent the spread of infection to others and the worsening condition of the eye. Keep always clean by washing your eyes with clean water. Use antibiotic eye drops and eye ointment under medical supervision.

Eyelid swelling, redness and pain occurs when a bacterial infection of the eyelids occurs. If you experience this problem, keep the eyes clean with warm water compresses and consumption of analgesic and antibiotic tablets.

Red eyes and dry eyes
Dry eye syndrome is common air temperature increases and trigger the occurrence of evaporation of tears. Eye wash as often as possible and use lubricant eye drops.



Friday, September 16, 2011

Backup Email accounts in Android

You can easily backup your email account and email by setting Android press from your android devices. One of the best email backup application Android will let you to backup all your email accounts that are connected on your Android phone and also includes settings that have been customized on your Android phone.

ss 480 0 4 Backup Account Email dan Pengaturan Di Android

This ensures you don't have to lose your Android data. Even if your Android will be stolen or replace a new android phone, you can only restore the android email accounts and settings.

Titanium Backup is a powerful tool to backup all your android applications. You will be surprised to see feedback from android applications.

Titanium backup application can only be installed if you are already using android phones. It can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro version) apps + data + Market links. It is also possible to batch process or scheduled backups. The pro version of Titanium backup application allows you to batch backups, Dropbox sync, conversion between user-application system.

Download Titanium backup

Norton AntiVirus 2012 Released

Symantec just released the latest stable version of security product: 2012 Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security. Norton 2012 comes with several new features and other enhancements that offers a sophisticated and powerful protection against viruses, spyware, infection and prevent attacks by cyber criminals.

 Norton Internet Security 2012 dan Norton AntiVirus 2012 Rilis

on Internet Security 2012 and Norton AntiVirus 2012 introduced several new technologies to combat emerging threats. This guard against Fake Antivirus programs, one of the most widespread threat faced by internet users today. To fight the Fake AV, Norton has included SONAR 4.0 and 2.0 Power Eraser Norton security suite. 2012 brings support for features of identity safe and secure Web browser Google Chrome. Furthermore, the panel of the main window has been simplified, the CPU meter and you can also customize your scan.

NAV2012UI Norton Internet Security 2012 dan Norton AntiVirus 2012 Rilis

For a list of new features and improvements, check out: what's new in Norton Internet Security 2012 and Norton AntiVirus 2012 you can see it here.

Visit here to see a quick comparison between Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton AntiVirus.

NIS 2012 and 2012 NAB now available for purchase in stores Symantec. If you are using Norton 2011 products then you can update to version 2012 by going to the support of the main User Interface and clicking check for New Version.

30 day trial of Norton 2012 Offline Installer [Direct Download Link]

Download Norton Internet Security 2012 :


Download Norton AntiVirus 2012


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The initial step to stop smoking

E-cigarette or electric cigarette is a phenomenal discovery that is necessary for tobacco cigarette addicts around the world to improve the quality of people health. In the middle level of cigarette consumption continues to rise; now E-cigarette has been circulating in the community. Unlike common Cigarette, E-cigarette is a high-tech products produced for smokers to smoke more safely. In many E-cigarette review explain that it does not contain tar, carbon monoxide, ash and other chemicals as contained in cigarette tobacco that can cause cancer.

E-cigarette that uses rechargeable batteries is in the form of a small pipe made of stainless steel and contains a series of electronic components. The circuit is connected to the inhaler and smoking liquid container, which will produce an evaporation which is inhaled by the smoker. Evaporation of liquid smoking will work automatically based on the wind switches so there is a suction pressure of the E-cigarette smokers.

Without reducing the sensation of smoking, electronic cigarette has a smoke and feel like smoking. The smoke comes from the refill, but not dangerous for your health and others without leaving the odor and volatile in the air and you still can smoke in the air conditioned room.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ashampoo Snap 4 Free Download

Ashampoo Snap 4 is an application that allows you to take screenshots, recording motion directly from the screen and edit them anyway you want. This Program comes with a lot of editing tools, which allow you to improve the image and add instructions, arrows, text, graphics, forms, stamps and more. Next, with Ashampoo Snap 4 you can also record video, edit and create professional illustrations for your work.

 Ashampoo Snap 4 Free Download

The main features of Ashampoo Snap 4:

All new video capture techniques with new effects/pilihanBaru cursor and zoom effects to a video captureDukungan codec which more/container for encoding multiple-record videoDukungan monitorJeda videoImproved highlighting tool (more than one region) of the object, for example, arrow, text etc., can form dieditHigh-quality objects (anti-aliasing, etc) support Image formats for import and Ashampoo eksporPerangko and graphics that can be added to screenshotMendukung Windows 7, Vista and XP

Free Download Ashampoo Snap 4

After you download using the register key here to activate your Software


Email Attachment Downloader

If you are a user who frequently download Attachment email webmail, search for e-mail attachments, saving email attachments every time is a tedious task. How about email attachment downloader automatic search email attachments every hour or time to setup your options, search for new e-mail attachments, downloaded to your PC without disturbing the actual email or even do not make your email read. Just by filtering only attachments in email, Email Attachment Downloader will automatically to your computer.

mail attachment downloader Email Attachment DownloaderEmail Attachment Downloader is a software that can save the file e-mail attachments based on your search preferences without downloading mail. Program download only e-mail attachments only. You can setup various filters to specify what you want to download.

You can only set the schedule on a regular basis both in daily, hourly or custom time you specify. You can also set a filter and specify to download attachements, based on the size of the file type of file. You can also specify to download attachments only from specific people with specific subject based on time or date and much more.

Email Attachment Downloader supports Gmail, AOL, Hotmail/Live and Yahoo mail. This is useful when you have been in a situation where you have been waiting for an attachment arrived and have not arrived? Or when iterating the product and if the developer sent a new version of the iteration, can automatically download the latest version of attachments and so on.


Email Attachment Downloader : http://gearmage.com/downloadlicense.html

Monitor Website Uptime from Desktop with tagBeep Net

Nightmare for webmasters is the site down unwittingly happened you can't monitor your Web site. There are several online sites for uptime monitoring site but very few of them are free & utility offers desktop to keep by looking at the warning.

Now here there is a desktop tool for uptime monitoring sites, tagBeep Net is a free tool from tagbeep.com, monitoring uptime services which offer upto 50 checks with free SMS (20 per day), email and desktop tools for warning the site down.

login Memantau Situs Uptime dari Desktop dengan tagBeep Net

To use the Net user tagBeep have to do to register to start monitoring your website with tagbeep.com and setup check. When you're done you can download and login to the tagBeep Net and started to check the status of the site.

Login Desktop Memantau Situs Uptime dari Desktop dengan tagBeep Net

eep Net is still in its early stages and doesn't offer a lot of features but enough for webmasters to know the status of their website is down or not.

You can also press the refresh button to do a manual check. It also shows the response time of your site. to begin, please visit the site directly below the posting here.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Download Update Symbian Anna

Some time ago, the party says will not sell Nokia phones with Symbian operating system again, and will fully use the operating system that preceded Windows Phone in North America are considered the key to winning the global competition.

But it seems nokia can not immediately eliminate the Symbian just like that, this evidenced by the announcement of the latest updates Symbian Anna. Anna's latest Symbian exists to provide a better experience on mobile phones that have been using symbian nokia Anna as the Nokia N8, Nokia C7, C6-02 and Nokia E7.

Update Symbian Anna terbaru telah tersedia untuk didownload

Latest updates Symbian Anna, among others, display the new interface, virtual QWERTY keypad portrait mode, the screen is a separate message, nikia Maps enhanced, web browsing a better and stronger security than ever before.

Anna's latest Symbian Applications can be downloaded using the latest version of Ovi suite version (3.1.1) through a computer or laptop, or can also via OTA (over the air) directly to mobile users.

"Nokia Symbian smartphones currently used by millions of people around the world every day, addressing specific consumer needs and provides many options in price points," said Ilari Nurmi, Vice President at Nokia.

"Symbian Anna is a significant update to the user experience and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to Symbian, which will see up to 10 more cell phones that will be introduced during the next 12 months, a further update to the user experience and support for the software until at least 2016 . 'he added.

GingerMaster : New Android Malware

Latest technology news, a dangerous new malware found on smartphones android and move freely, even at the operating system android most recent version though not exactly safe.

The new malware is called "GingerMaster", according to a report from Kaspersky Lab via laptopmag, this malware is found to have stolen the android Data on smartphones that have been infected and transmit stolen information such as device ID, a phone number to a remote server.

GingerMaster, Malware baru yang mampu menginfeksi Android 2 3 Gingerbread

Malware GingerMaster very scary because it is able to exploit the Android version 2.3 or Gingerbread. Gingermaster will have root access that allows to build direct line of communication between devices that are infected with a remote server.

Xuxian Jiang, a professor of computer science from North Carolina State University who discovered this GingerMaster said "Due to the fact GingerMaster able to exploit the current root, we think it poses one of the most serious threats for mobile users,"

Gingermaster infecting users, as do most smartphones virus, by hiding in a valid application and automatically download in the background, unnoticed. However, Kaspersky Lab researcher says there is no indication that any formal application in the Android market have a hidden malware.

Malware Gingermaster itself is actually a variant of DroidKungfu, namely a piece of malware that was found in May. The original version was found hiding in an unauthorized application on the application market of China, it has the same ability as GingerMaster but only on the previous version of the android.

However GingerMaster a different malware, malware is not only targeted at the Android 2.3.3 may also be infected at a higher version of the android, GingerMaster also managed to avoid detection from antivirus seleluar termuka all that has been tested,

GingerMaster, New malware that can infect Android 2 3 Gingerbread 2

to avoid various kinds of malware, Jiang gave a few tips below:

when you download smartphone applications, better looking of the leading application stores only, then check the reviews and ranking. If an application looks good, but the feedback from users to the contrary, it is better to leave it.

Jiang also added that in addition, make sure you feel comfortable with the data that will be their (application) access, if you feel the data accessed by the application too much, better not be downloaded.

And lastly, make sure you always update anvirus on your smartphone. Hopefully some of the above tips can safeguard you from malware android smartphone GingerMaster quite scary.

Gateway NV55S05u Laptop reviews

Gateway NV55S05u is an affordable laptop 15 inch laptop, it is sold at $ 579. Powered by the AMD Fusion APU processor quad-core which is more than enough to accomplish everyday tasks and also with graphics for game play. Want to know more about Gateway NV55S05u? Please read the full review below:

Gateway NV55S05 laptop design

Gateway NV55S05u coated with white with Moonlight lid geometric patterns of fine chocolate. While the deep, the keyboard is coated with white plastic, while the holder of hand coated with the same pattern as the lid of the laptop.

This Laptop-size 15 x 9.9 x 0.99-1.3 inches, this size is larger than the similar like G570 Lenovo laptop (14.8 x 9.8 x 0,68-1.3 inches), and the HP Pavilion g6x (14.7 x 9.7 x 1.4 inches), but these laptops can still sign in to your backpack. In the meantime this laptop weight 5.6 pounds, is also heavier than the HP Pavillion G570 and Lenovo g6x that equally weighs just 5.2 pounds

Review Laptop Gateway NV55S05u - Kinerja - Grafis - Daya Tahan baterai - Harga 2

Gateway NV55S05 laptop Keyboard

NV55S05u Gateway comes with a matte white Island-style keyboard that comes with a full numeric key on the right side. The distance between the buttons greatly relieved and a huge shift key on the right side. On the upper side is also available a couple of useful keys to menyesiakan the brightness of the screen, and opens the Gateway controls volumen MyBackup and social networking.

Toucpad Gateway NV55S05 laptop

In contrast to the keyboard, a touchpad on relief NV55S05u Gateway only narrow enough measuring 3.4 x 1.8 p. Movement like pinch-to-zoom, bergurlir two fingers, and twisting can take quick and responsive. But sometimes easy touched a finger if close to the touchpad. Meanwhile the two buttons below the touchpad is also quite good.

Port NV55S05 Gateway laptop

some ports are provided on the right side of the Gateway NV55S05: USB 2.0 ports, a DVD Burner, and the lock Kengsinton Lock. On the left side: a single USB 2.0 port, headphone jack, microphone jack, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, and jack, while it was on the side of the front lip is a 4 in 1 card reader.

Gateway NV55S05 laptop Webcam

Gateway NV55S05 magnitude 1.3 megapixel webcam apply. This Webcam is capable of taking pictures sharp and clear HD under natural lighting with maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 p, however a little dark if under neon lights. When tested using skype, our callers reported image detail and sharp, but our voices heard to fade during the conversation

Review Laptop Gateway NV55S05u - Kinerja - Grafis - Daya Tahan baterai - Harga 3

The level of heat/temperature Gateway NV55S05 laptop

When tested by watching streaming videos for 15 minutes at full screen, touchpad laptop temperature reached 89 degrees Fahrenheit. The space between the H and G a bit warmer with temperatures of 90 degrees fahrenheit, while the Middle bottom of the cooler with a temperature of 82 degrees fahrenheit. The temperature on the laptop is still relatively comfortable

Gateway NV55S05 laptop screen

Gateway NV55S05 15.6-inch ultrabright display using the width with the maximum resolution of 1366 x 768. Overall, the screen on the laptop offers a fairly sharp image ran light, but don't see the point, because the picture looks less nice if viewed sideways.

Audio Gateway NV55S05 laptop

Speakers at the Gateway NV55S05 is located on the top of the keyboard with the hollow shape. The audio Volume is not capable of filling a small rungan.

Gateway NV55S05 laptop performance

Gateway NV55S05 powered by AMD'S Quad-core processor A8-1.5 GHz and 3500M APU 6 GB of RAM, (one of the combine proesor AMD CPU and GPU to one single chip. However, when tested with PCMark Vantage, this laptop has only reached a score of 4,377, this score is well below the average of a laptop (5.631), such as the HP Pavilion g6x (5384; 2.53-GHz Intel Core processor, 13.-380M 4 GB RAM) and Lenovo G570 (6291; 2.3-GHz Core i5-2410M processors, RAM 4 GB).

Yet the Gateway NV55S05 can still be relied upon to do the job on a daily basis, this laptop is still comfortable to play the video full screen, run the scan system and opens 10 tap in google chrome as well as six tap internet explorer.

To boot windows 7 home premium only takes 10 seconds, is above the average of similar notebooks (64 seconds) and superior of the HP Pavilion Gx6 (74 seconds). However under the Lenovo G570 which only takes 35 seconds.

In the meantime to speed transfer of data, when tested to duplicate the data mix of 4.97 GB, laptops that use HDD 640 GB 5,400 RPM, it takes 3 minutes 59 seconds with 21.3 MBps speed, speed is below the average notebook type (27,9 MBps).

Gateway NV55S05 laptop graphics performance

Graphics performance on a Gateway NV55S05 quite well with AMD GPU Radeon HD 6620G, when tested immediately with 3DMark06 score 5.686, this score above the average notebook type (3856), also higher than the HP Pavilion g6x (with intel HD GPU, a score of 1826), and the Lenovo G570 (with intel HD 3000 series GPUS with a score of 4.552).

Gateway laptop battery NV55S05

Battery life in laptops is different from the gateway laptop that we discussed previously are able to take up to 7 hours 8 minutes. Gateway NV55S05 was only able to last for 4 hours 26 minutes when tested with surfing the internet via wifi. Gateway NV55S05 10 minutes under the average laptop kind (4 hours 36 minutes)

Choice specs and price laptop Gateway NV55S05

Gateway offer a choice of 17 different prices and specs of the laptop 15 inch, here are 3 of them.

Price $ 579 as reviewed above have Quad-Core AMD processors A8-3500M 1.5 Ghz, 6 GB RAM, 640 GB HDD, 5,400 rpm, and AMD'S Radeon HD graphics kartus 6620G GPU

For secondary level at a price of $ 399 have AMD Phenom II processors Dual Core N660 3.0 Ghz, 4 GB of Ram, 500 GB HDD and ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics.

And the most expensive model sold for $ 699, with Quade Core processor AMD 1.5 GHz and A8, HDD 640 GB, AMD Radeon HD GPU 6620 G.

Warranty Gateway NV55S05

Warranty on the laptop Gateway NV55S05 is available only for a limited one year parts and labor.

Research In Motion (RIM) Launches FUEL Music Service

Latest technology news, Research In Motion (RIM) has continued to perform its services for returning inovation on gaining market share began to Dim. Innovation is not just improved features on the device or devices, but also providing new services.

RIM launches music service, FUEL, FUEL or FUEL Service Music Music Service is a social media service that allows users to share, find, play and add their music collection with friends in Blackberry Messenger.

Users can create music services to FUEL personal music profile with their favorite songs, 50. Users can also change the track up to 25 songs per month. Users can choose music from a catalog of songs from the world's leading music company, which has been working with RIM, such as Sony Music Enthertainment, Universital Music Group, Cafe Music Group and EMI.

FUEL music service also allows users to listen to a song full of pros their friends, the music can also be saved to your smartphone to listen when offline. This is useful when users want to listen to the song when it didn't have the data network.

According to Mobile News, to provide this service in collaboration with Omnifone'S RIM. The music service provider Omnifone is cloud, which is able to provide content management, hosting and music-based reporting functionality that is on the technology of Omnifone.

Research In Motion (RIM) Luncurkan BBM Music Service - Layanan Musik BBM

Mike Lazaridis is President and CO-CEO of RIM said: "more than 45 million customers already love the benefits of social communication through FUEL and we're excited to expand our service to experience unique music social and interactive."

A closed beta test and from the service is done today in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. This service is expected to be available at the end of this year, users can enjoy music service this FUEL at a cost of $ 4.99 per month, but prices may vary depending on the country, and its availability will be announced in each country.

Xperia Arc S will be released in October

Latest technology news, Electronic Products Exhibition in Europe (IFA) in Berlin, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Smartphone announced that Ars's will be released in October of this year. Sony claims that Xperia Arc S is faster than 25 percent of Xperia Arc previous version , because it has been powered by Qualcomm's 1 Ghz processor.

In addition to the improved processor capabilities, Sony Ericsson also raise some other features, Xperia Arc S like the 8.1 megapixel camera, 4.2 inch screen with a resolution of 854 x 480 with mobile Bravia. The Xperia camera Arc is also dilengkapu 3D panorama mode, special 3D images on a mobile phone can also be viewed in 3D TV via the HDMI port.

According to laptopmag, phones that run Android Gingerbread comes with five color options, among others. Gloss Black, Midnight Blue, Misty Silver, Pure White, and Sakura Pink. Xperia users can also access the Arc S entertainment service from network Sony Entertainment, such as Music Unlimited And Unlimited Video.

Unfortunately Sony Ericsson Xperia yet mention what price these powerful Arc S.

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