Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Google employee plowing Gmail Account Users

Because violation of company policy, Google finally fired an employee who works as an engineer at Google's offices in Seattle, the United States.

"We fired David Barksdale for violating the privacy of Google's internal policy," said Biil Coughran, as senior vice president of Engineering Google.

Coughran did not describe in detail the violation of what his men had done it. But the site Gawker.com reported that Barksdale repeatedly took advantage of his position as a technical team members to arbitrarily access the accounts of users.

In short, Barksdale known to use their office to access your Gmail account from four teenagers without permission.

As quoted by AFP on Thursday (09/15/2010), Barksdale said intercepting a voice call logs from Google's online phone service and even to work on one victim's boyfriend. While Barksdale is not sexual harassment, but his actions clearly violate privacy.

"We will be careful in controlling the number of employees who have access to sensitive systems and we will continue to regularly update security controls," lid Coughran.

Sex Criminals sued and claimed, Google Losing in Court

Google loses in trial against former sex offenders who had just come out of prison. As a result, the internet giant must pay some money as compensation.

As quoted from the Telegraph, Tuesday (09/28/2010), the high court verdict is handed down in France. Google deemed to have been found guilty of defaming a private individual through public access.

About this incident began when a man from France who is not named, did not receive his name continues plastered every time Internet users to write keywords such as 'rapists', 'devil', 'rape' and 'prison' in the Google search engine.

The man who has been sentenced to three years in prison that claims that Google has done defamation. He also dragged the company based in California, United States, that the local court.

Once found guilty, the company lead by CEO Eric Schmidt was also ordered to pay some money to pay for losses incurred. Not only that, Google was also ordered to delete the list of search suggestions on behalf of the man.

"This search algorithm is determined based on a number of objective factors, including popularity search term or name," Hue Google spokesman defended the company.

"Google does not ever suggest his name. All search results are displayed in autocomplete as it has been typed previously by other Google users," he explained further.

Google's own plans to immediately appeal the decision of the French court.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

17 Steps to Make or rip iPhone Ringtone free

DRM-free songs can be downloaded from iTunes at a price more expensive, but it is usually the result of extraction (ripping) from the CD will be free of DRM as well. Make sure ripping made from legally owned CDs.

Not all people want to buy a ringtone for the iPhone. Many also want to make iTunes songs in his personal collection as a ringtone.

Before proceeding, please note that these tips are intended for beginners.
These tips will utilize a collection of songs that have been owned and is in the iTunes Library. Songs that can be used in this tip is just a free Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Okay, here is a simple way to get free ringtones on the iPhone by exploiting a collection of songs in iTunes:

Open iTunes
2. Find songs in iTunes collection who want to be a Ringtone
3. Listen to the song, and find the part you want to use.
4. Record the start time and end of pieces of the song, for example 1:00 to 1:40. (Maximum length 40 seconds)
5. Right click the song title and choose 'Get Info'
6. Click the tab 'Options'
7. Enter the beginning part time who want to take on the Text Box 'Start Time'. For example, 1:00
8. Enter the end time on the Text Box 'Stop Time'. For example, 1:40
9. Click OK
10. Right-click again the title song and select 'Convert to AAC'
11. If successful, it will show duplicate songs in iTunes with a shorter duration
12. Right-click on the results of earlier pieces and select 'Delete'
13. On the menu that appears select 'Keep Files' for iTunes does not remove the song from the hard drive
14. Open the file location before, usually in the folder 'Music> iTunes> iTunes Music' (or like) in a folder with the name of the singer / music group
15. Right-click the last file and rename it with the suffix. M4r (original file will have the suffix. M4a)
16. Double-click the file that has changed akhirannya. iTunes will add the file into its Library.
17. Connect the iPhone and do Sync Ringtone

Watch out, GPS can cause the fire in the car

Be careful you are GPS users on a car. Because this device can cause the fire in the car.

At least in the U.S., 2 car manufacturers namely Suzuki and Nissan should take back the cars that use GPS device with Garmin brand from market .

Suzuki should take back more than 20,000 car among other SX4 car output 2008-2010, Grand Vitara 2010 and the Equator are equipped with navigation units Garmin Nuvi 750, 760 and 765.

Meanwhile, Nissan took the Altima model back 7, Frontier, Pathfinder, Rogue, Sentra, Versa and Xterra.

Garmin GPS has the potential overheating and could cause a fire in the cabin. Until this has not been no reports forfeiting the car due to fire from a GPS navigation system.

However, to anticipate, instruct the U.S. Nissan Nissan car owners who intended to contact the nearest Nissan dealership to get a replacement.

While Garmin in the explanation on the official website tells potential fire could arise due to the use of batteries supplied by a third party battery manufacturers on some models by Garmin nüvi PCB (Printed Circiut board) specific.

Microsoft held Funeral of iPhone and BlackBerry

Microsoft is so confident the operating system Windows 7 Phone able to talk a lot, even beating the OS rival . Just look at their activities recently by holding a unique procession to 'bury' the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry.

Yes, to celebrate the birth version RTM (release to manufacuring) WP 7, Microsoft employees held a show at their headquarters in Redmond, USA. They carry the iPhone and the BlackBerry-sized replica of a giant on crutches like to be buried.

While running the funeral procession, tens of employees who demonstrate the dance a la Michael Jackson in his famous song, Thriller. Apparently, this event was pretty well prepared.

With this event, Microsoft seems to send a message that Windows 7 Phone is ready to bury the existence of the iPhone and BlackBerry. But the question arises why not look 'funeral' for Android based phones. Does Microsoft have admitted defeat on the Google OS?
certainly this performance aims to promote the publication of Windows Phone.

Bureau research firm Gartner estimates the market share of Windows OS will fall from 4.7 percent this year to 3.9 percent in 2014. The presence of Windows 7 Phone is not expected to have much effect. Awaited interesting how Microsoft's future performance on the market.

Android beats BlackBerry and iPhone Power

The growth of Android-based phone market share continues to rise. On the other hand, performance is increasingly eroding the power of Android the iPhone and BlackBerry.

Android market share jumped 42% in the United States within the period of three months. Now, the Google OS that has mastered 17% of smartphone market share in the land of Uncle Sam, from the previous 'only' earned 15.1%.

While the weight of two competitors - BlackBerry and the iPhone - despite still being on top of the league is slowly but steadily declining market share. According to ComScore, the BlackBerry market share is now 39.3%, having previously had reached the figure of 41.1%.

Larger decline in the Apple device which gained 2.7% shrink. Even so, they remain in second position with 23.8% market share.

As for Windows Mobile had to settle for fourth position with 11.8% of the power. Meanwhile, HP's new webOS - Palm - still survive on 4.9 percent rate.

The researcher ComScore did not elaborate further on the figures but estimated the count was related to the launch of Motorola and Samsung Galaxy Droid X S are based on Android.

It is estimated, the launch of the iPhone 4 has not been able to stem the onslaught of HTC, Motorola and Samsung who are both carrying Amdroid.

In the general category of mobile phones, RIM had to settle for fourth with the percentage of 9%. Meanwhile, South Korean vendors, Samsung, became pemuncak with 23.1%. Underneath there is LG and Motorola followed. While Nokia getting dimmer by the percentage of 7.8%.

U.S. smartphone market share for the period April 2010 and July 2010:

1. RIM (41.1% to 39.3%)
2. Apple (25.1% to 23.8%)
3. Google (12.0% to 17.0%)
4. Microsoft (14.0% to 11.8%)
5. Palm (fixed 4.9%)

General mobile phone market share in the U.S. for the period April 2010 and July 2010:

1. Samsung (22.1% to 23.1%)
2. LG (21.8% to 21.2%)
3. Motorola (21.6% to 19.8%)
4. RIM (8.4% to 9.0%)
5. Nokia (8.1% to 7.85%)

Monday, September 13, 2010

KaraoBird SLP, Easy way for Karaoke on YouTube

Widely available on YouTube video clips of music tracks from various artists. In fact, the Google owned video sharing site that has made a special page on YouTube.com music / music.

But, not all the clips showing the lyrics of the song is displayed. Yet sometimes when watching music clips, there is a desire to participate singing.

Now, the desire for a karaoke that can be realized easily via an extension for Firefox.

Extension was called Scrolling Lyrics Player (SLP). But may also be referred to as KaraoBird accordance with the engine used on the back.

SLP installation steps KaraoBird:

1. Visit SLP Add-On at Mozilla.org
2. Click Add To Firefox
3. In the window that appears select Install
4. Restart Firefox will ask to enable SLP

How to use the SLP:

1. Visit YouTube.com / Music
2. Find a music video that wants to sing
3. Automatically on the video page will appear a box containing the lyrics
4. Adjust the offset (plus or minus) at the beginning of the song by scrolling the mouse over the box lyrics
5. Sing as we pleased.


1. Song Lyrics taken from the site YouTubeLiric.com
2. Synchronize songs with lyrics not going as smoothly as a professional karaoke video
3. Adjusted synchronization with the video being played, if video is not finished buffering lyrics will go stagnant
4. For popular songs SLP KaraoBird not much trouble, is somewhat different to the tune of 'rare'
5. SLP is based on KaraoBird, an add-on for Songbird (Open Source software to play music).

maximizing Social Networking to find the beloved girl

Social media era has arrived. Everyone connected with each other via their respective handsets. As a result of Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare could be creatively used to apply for the girl's idol.

Romantic things done by Matt Van Horn, one of the developers on social sites Digg. He gave a surprise heart idol girl he wanted to marry, to maximize the number of social networking sites such as Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and assisted Qik for live streaming video.

For information, Qik is a video streaming service that can be directly recorded through the phone. As a result, people who turn on Qik can directly show what he recorded via mobile phone in real-time, witnessed by many people.

Armed with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Qik, Van Horn was applying for her hero on the hill. The idea is simple, Matt led the girl to the top of the hill, while he hid behind a rock.

Not far from the site, Matt's friends are a valuable record of events in a candid, and broadcast live via Qik. It is intended to allow families of both parties witnessed Matt's romantic action.

Now, before Matt using Twitter and Foursquare as a 'material proposal'.

Tips valuable experience that he told through his personal blog.


The idea is simple. The first time Matt was hiding behind a rock, and recorded with the iPhone live streaming via Qik. The event that lasted 30 minutes that he was sent to all relatives and friends without the knowledge of the girl. So they can see it directly.

Well, shortly before Matt had told the girl hero who do not know his plans to the location. When the girl arrived at the hill, Matt, who was then in hiding immediately send 'marriage proposal' that he would propose on the spot via a direct Foursquare synchronized with Facebook and Twitter.

Status Matt is what makes the girl happy shock. "While applying for my dream girl. @ Lolofishyfoo directly witnessed a live stream: http://j.mp.mvhlolo (@ Bernal Heights Park)," he wrote on the link Foursquare, which is directly on the Re-Tweet by his friends.

Every girl would love to surprise. Especially when he knows that all the people witnessed the happy event without realizing. Herein lies the romantic emotions for the girls. Only armed with a single click on the status of Foursquare, big plans are successful.

Want to try? Or already have other creative ideas with Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare to do the same?

2011, iPad would beat Laptop Market

Analysts predict iPad sales next year could reach 28 million units. It was strengthened with the holiday season, which would boost the popularity of Apple's tablet.

In the first three months since its launch last April, recorded directly iPad skyrocketed with sales reaching three figures, 27 million units.

Analysts from Maynard Um of UBS Investment Research says that consumers are now able to increase sales to 28 million units in 2011 iPad. IPad sales would indirectly affect the sales of laptops. Especially for products 'lower classes'.

"We believe a major impact occurs at the level of sales of low-end PCs, as iPad prices very close to those markets (low-end PC-ed)," the analysts said in a statement.

Sales of the Apple iPad believed sales would exceed the combination of other manufacturers. The competitors will realize that it is not easy to play your opponent iPad.

Different opinions have been expressed previously by JT Wang, chairman of Acer Group. JT Wang believes Google's Android-based tablet will quickly melibas iPad tablet with a market share in the global sphere between 20 percent to 30 percent.

While data from UBS Investment Research reveals that Apple's market share will grow by 25, 77 per cent this year.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

This is the New CEO of Nokia

Some time ago, Nokia was looking for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) recently. That's because the previous CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo is considered less successful in the market. Now the 'heroes' new Nokia has come up with a myriad of expectations.

Kallasvuo replacement is named Stephen Elop. Previously, he has held senior executive positions at several companies. Among them: Juniper Networks, Inc., Adobe Systems and Macromedia.

In terms of educational background, he never earned a degree in computer engineering and management from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.

"Board of directors Nokia believes that Stephen has the right industry experience and leadership skills to realize the full potential of Nokia. His experience in bringing a change in management has been proven and this will be a valuable asset to complete the transformation of the company," said Jorma Ollila, Chairman of the Nokia Board of Directors .

He also believed, Stephen would be able to encourage innovation and efficiency in order to provide increased value to shareholders of Nokia. Stephen himself was proud to join with the company's classmates Nokia.

"Nokia has a unique position in the global market as a big brand. The company has a deep talent that will continue to provide innovative products for the needs of consumers," said Elop.

With the inclusion of Stephen Elop, the Kallasvuo immediately resigned from his position on the board of directors of Motorola. But he will still be sitting in a chair the board of the non-executive capacity.

Nokia Shares Jump Up

While Nokia posted a 40 percent decline in operating profit in the second quarter-2010, it was speculated that there is a new boss is appointed.

CEO turnover is making news Nokia shares rose 4.97 percent to 8.12 euros on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, Finland. Elop who now serves as President of Microsoft Business Division, will take over as CEO of Nokia on 21 September 2010.

Elop shift the position Kallasvuo has 30 years working at Motorola, and served as CEO since 2006. "The board of directors thank Olli-Pekka joined Nokia has over 30 years and has been deeply involved in developing the company and its operations," said Ollila.

Windows Phone 7 will be released on October 2010

Microsoft finally confirmed the presence of Windows Phone 7 which falls on October 2010 in Europe. While in America these platforms will follow in November.

The above is disclosed by Microsoft COO Kevin Turner. "As said before, for me this is true. In October and November we'll be back playing," he said.

"This game is not over," he added. According to Turner there are now 200 million smartphones sold in the market. "If you think what happened three or five years, there will be 400-450 million smartphones," he continued.

Turner is believed that on this occasion, Microsoft will make major changes to go into competition smart phone competition. Talking about Windows phone 7 that would be present, Turner also gave a note.

"When you see this phone and the user interface in it, it's not like Microsoft's mobile phones ever released before," he said. Related to this, some mobile phone vendors introduce even the middle of some of their phones.

Samsung today introduced new products that will use Windows phone 7 named Samsung Cetus. While HTC is also rumored to be released product named HTC Mystery.

Opera Mini 5.1 Released for Windows Mobile

Two months ago, Opera has released Opera Mini 5.1 for Java platform, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry. Now turn to the Windows Mobile who tasted it. What kind of features?

Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile is bringing accelerometer resolution support and a better than previous versions. In addition, Opera Mini 5.1 also has an option as the default browser.

Similar to other platforms, applications Latest Opera for Windows Mobile is also promising a high speed when performing loading on web pages. This is all due to compression technology from Opera.

Here are some additional features in Opera Mini 5.1:

* Can be used as the default browser
* Supports screen rotation in HTC and Samsung mobile phones
* Supports input natively predictive
* Increase the page lay-out on HD displays
* Additional features kinetic scrolling
* Support input text expanded on all Windows Mobile phones
* Fixing a bug in the browser's stability and accuracy of rendering

Opera Mini 1.5 can be downloaded at the following link for the handset Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5.x and Windows Mobile 6.x.

Currently called the Opera Mini has more than 61 million users in the world. Indonesia also recorded as the largest user of Opera Mini in the world, according to the report "State of the Mobile Web in May 2010 from the Opera.

In Indonesia, the top five sites most accessed via Opera Mini 5.1 is facebook.com, google.com, detik.com, yahoo.com and youtube.com.

Monday, September 6, 2010

New Tricks query XL for Free gprs

In this post I will discuss new XL tricks which I give the title New Tricks query XL for Free gprs. XL Apparently it is still too many bugz. Only by using these new XL query you can free internet and free browse as much as you like but only with certain HP or cellphone. I use hp sony ericsson W910.

The following settings of the new Xl Query using opmin ui 4.2 Handler

Primary server / http server:

Front queries:

Host proxy server:

To others leave it blank.

for other types and brands hp or cellphone please you replace the trailing dot (.) between com and server with the @ sign on the primary server. example:

http://m.21cineplex.com@server4.operamini.com: 80 /

Hopefully New Tricks query XL for Free gprs is useful for you all

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Change hair color with photoshop

This tutorial is to change the color with the selection we want. In this example we try to change the hair color.

For the record, plain black hair color is difficult to be stained with the techniques described below, except with other staining techniques.

Step - step:

1. Open the image file you wish to edit with Photoshop:

2. Selection of hair, can use the polygonal Lasso Tool or other selection techniques

3. Already finished the selection, select Menu SELECT> Feather (Feather Radius content: 5 px) OK

4. Then select Image> Adjustments> Variations

5. The result will look like this:

Or it could be like this:

You just click on one color or more to get the appropriate hair color. Click ORIGINAL to restore the original color images ....

Be careful clicking on shortened URL links

Be careful with the use of tools or websites that can shorten a long URL or link to bit.ly or short like TinyURL and others. Tools like this course very useful if we have a very long URL address that difficult to remember or really want to be kept secret, but sometimes in this way be misused by certain parties.
For those who intend evil (cracker), this shortened link that is used to direct to a website that stores the script virus, which when clicked on those links will become victims of our computer. So, be careful with the shortened link.

The first thing to remember is that you do not carelessly click on a link that has been shortened and it looked suspicious. In addition there are actually more effective way, for your Firefox browser users can install the add-on that can show the original URL address of a URL address that has been shortened. Some of the add-on firefox is suppose Long URLs Please, LongURL Mobile Expander, Interclue, DeTiny Expander URL Long URL Editor, and others.
For users of Internet Explorer browser, you can use the add-on Preview and Launch URL.

By knowing the original address of a URL link, then surely we can be more careful in order not to visit websites that contain malicious code / script viruses that could damage the computers we use.

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