Thursday, November 24, 2011

Free eBook: Windows 7 Power Users Guide

Windows 7 which is the latest operating system from Microsoft offers many advantages when compared to Windows Vista or Windows XP. You who previously used an older version of Windows may need additional references to understand more about Windows 7. One source of reference that you can choose is a free ebook Windows 7 Power Users Guide written by Mike Halsey.

This ebook consists of 174 pages and 16 chapters, in which clear about the ins and outs of Windows 7. The discussion from how to install Windows 7 (both new install or upgrade from Windows XP or Windows Vista, how to network configuration, maintenance, tweaking down to how to fix the errors that commonly arise.

You do not need to be confused to learn this because this ebook ebook explains in detail step by step which is equipped with a screen shoot and a variety of quick tips.

If you are interested in reading and studying the ebook you can download here

Details book:

  • Copyright: Mike Halsey, (Standard Copyright License Edition: First Edition
  • Publisher: Mike Halsey,
  • Publication Date: May 6, 2011
  • Language: Bahasa
  • Number of Pages: 174
  • File Format: PDF
  • File Size: 24.2 MB

Backup And Synchronize Data with DropBox

When you work using a computer, you have to deal with so many files that are the result of your work. Set up multiple files is not easy. For example when you have to edit some files there, then you want to update your database with a few files that you just edit them. Doing this kind of update manually must be very confusing. To be able to synchronize these with ease, you should use a special program.

Dropbox is a program to synchronize files are very simple and elegant. But, this program is not the solution to synchronize files or folders from several different computers. Dropbox synchronizes only on files that exist in one folder. To be able to use Dropbox, you must first register on his official website Then, you must download and install the client program provided. This program will create a folder called "My Dropbox" in your Documents folder. To be able to open the folder, you can click the system icon tray is available.

Dropbox does not synchronize files on your computer. This application synchronizes on the cloud servers. So, you should always connect to the internet while using Dropbox. This is very advantageous. You can access all the files in your Dropbox from several different computers, provided that the program Dropbox is installed there. You can also access your files using the web interface provided by Dropbox. Dropbox web interface is very simple and easy to use. If you frequently use Facebook, you will have no difficulty in using it because the Dropbox web interface very similar to Facebook.

When you register to be able to use the program Dropbox, you can choose several types of Dropbox. If you choose Dropbox Basic, you'll get 2GB of storage capacity. If you are willing to pay as little as $ 9.95 per month, you can use Dropbox Pro, which provides a storage capacity of 50GB. You do not have to bother to update the program Dropbox, since this program will update itself automatically.

The importance of auto insurance quotes

There are dozens of insurance companies in the world which provide a range of protection and care of your vehicle, so you are as the owner of the car should be more familiar with the insurance company which is suitable for your vehicles.

Before choosing one of various auto insurance products, we should determine the type of insurance desired. Protection as a whole (All Risk) is the right choice for the best protection of your vehicles, but you need to take into account the economic side.

Beside that we must see the company's credibility, particularly in terms of services, financial capacity and claims process. There are also many insurance companies which are credible and bona fide, even without the support of re-insurance company. But at least we must find out the track record of insurance company.The insurance company that we choose should provide additional benefits, such as 24-hour claims service and warranty claim process.

We can use auto insurance quotes as reference in choosing the types of product which is owned by an insurance company, the more diverse types of products offered can be used as an additional value because we can determine the product that suits your needs we want. But we do not get easily influenced by advertising language used by insurance companies because whatever that language is the language of an enticing marketing and this condition will not be the same as the conditions when we will do the claim.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wi-Fi often disconnected suddenly

Network connection using Wi-F often disconnected suddenly for no apparent reason. This occasionally happens in Centrino notebooks are already equipped with Wi-Fi connection. Usually this is because the power saving mode. Centrino notebooks by default to make this function enabled in order to save battery consumption. The easiest way is to use the Intel PROSet application (if available).

Or through the properties in WI-Fi ethernet device, the Network Connections, then select "Configure". On the tab "Adcanced", there are settings to optimize power consumption. Ad Hoc Transmit Power, influence the range. Meanwhile, Power Management, will adjust to the condition of the battery and notebook idle time. And will automatically lower the power consumption of the battery.

It is, as a possible cause Wi-Fi connection is lost. So there are two alternatives that can be done.

  • Setting the maximum position for both of these functions. Especially if you're not worried about the remaining battery capacity. Because the available shortcut keys to instantly turn off the Wi-Fi in most Centrino notebooks.
  • Customize the style of your notebook usage. Learn the idle time the use of notebooks. And tried in accordance with the habits of everyday use. Surely you do not want your Wi-Fi connection suddenly disconnected due to idle time five minutes had elapsed.

Tips for buying BlackBerry phone

Buying Tips BlackBerry phone is necessary for consumers, because the phone blackberry is a phone that is not a little value to the users mobile phone. Here are tips for those of you who want to buy a BlackBerry:

  • Try BlackBerry phone switch before you buy. See the PIN and IMEI by going to the menu, press options, then status. Or it could stand by the page and press Alt + Shift + H. Match with the PIN and IMEI in the box. If appropriate, turn the HP and see the PIN and IMEI in the battery compartment. Everything must be the same.
  • If there is an internet connection, go to the address of the BlackBerry service ( where xxx can we replace the services that we use Telkomsel, Indosat, or xl). Click the register new account. Trying to register on your BlackBerry IMEI and PIN. Will appear several notifications.
  • Your device has not yet been registered with the network. So cheer up, meaning that the IMEI and PIN can be used to enjoy the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)
  • The BlackBerry is registered with another provider. Possible IMEI and PIN already registered on the service abroad. Ask a new HP warranty exchange, for fear can not be used anymore.
  • Your account is already registered. Most likely the phone you get is junk or refurbish (JB), avoid stuff like this.
  • Your Account is Suspended. Do not ever purchased. Because the PIN and IMEI have been reported as PIN and IMEI illegal, is lost, the results of Klone, or stolen.
To see whether you buy the BlackBerry is a new item or not, could do with this trick:
  1. Open the BlackBerry menu, select option, then the status.
  2. On this page, type B U Y R on the keyboard. Some additional data will appear.
  3. If the data usage and voice usage is still 0, then certainly it is new stuff. If not 0, make sure the data usage is not up exceeded.
  4. If it is still limited to 2 to 3 kb only, it is still reasonable, the possibility for data unlocker

Friday, November 11, 2011

how to use Partition Magic 8.0

Many people think if we want to partition the Hard Disk (HD), can use the default Windows XP CD. I did not know it could or not. But rather than be bothered to enter the Windows XP CD-set and set all kinds, better use partition manager applications. Lots partition manager applications, such as Parted Magic (Live CD but it's, yes the same thing ...) or Partition Magic. Here I will explain how to use Partition Magic.

If we do not have that application, or it can be downloaded here.

For those who want to know how to use Partition Magic, the following guide to install it:
  1. Open the folder Partition Magic Pro 8.0 that you downloaded, please locate the file Setup.exe, and then run
  2. Wait until installation is complete preparation process
  3. After the preparatory process is finished, it will show PartitionMagic 8.0 Setup window. Click on Next.
  4. Fill in the User Name, Company Name and Serial Number you have (for user name and company name are free), then select Next
  5. Then select Yes to give approval to the License Agreement is displayed.
  6. Then select Next (3 times) until the installation process starts automatically
  7. After the installation is complete, it will be asked whether you want to create a Rescue Disk? For this example we ignore the offer by selecting No.
  8. Dispose 2 check the box that was / is checked on the window that appears, select Finish

Now that your computer has been installed PartitionMagic 8.0. For the next step, let's make the partition a hard drive with the help of the software.
How to create a disk partition with Partition Magic 8.0:

  1. Run PartitionMagic 8.0 software
  2. After PartitionMagic 8.0 window appears, click the name of your disk (Disk 1) on the right side of the window PartitionMagic 8.0
  3. On the pick a task ... (see top left window PartitionMagic 8.0) select Create new partition's
  4. Continue to select Next to continue
  5. Select the hard disk to be our paritisi, then Next
  6. Then please select the location of the partition, for this example please select After C: (Recommended), then select the HD who wants to be partitioned
  7. Now determine the magnitude of the desired partition size based on the information to the right of the box (Maximum Size & Minimum Size), then select Next
  8. Once we determine the magnitude of the partition, it will display the approximate partition hard drive as per the data you entered earlier. If you are sure to partition your disk size please select Finish
  9. Now please click the Apply button at the bottom left window PartitionMagic 8.0
  10. If a confirmation window appears, please select Yes or OK to begin the process of partitioning

After 10 steps above you do, Windows will restart to begin the process of partitioning your hard drive, please wait until that process is complete.
Caution: When entering the partitioning process, do not press any button after you restart your computer, to avoid the failure of the partition process.

How to protect your computer from the virus in Internet

The computer is still a mainstay device for accessing the internet. Secure computer is one of the capital for cruising the Internet activity takes place smoothly. This is because computers are secure better able to ward off an attack or malicious programs that try to get through the internet. If you often become victims of virus attacks, it could be your computer is not powerful enough to ward off incoming attacks.

Here are four important capital to protect your computer:

  • Make sure the firewall is always in a position "on". A firewall is a software that can counteract the illegal access to computers, whether they intend to remove the information, computer damage, or steal personal data. If you use more than one computer connected together, make sure the firewall on each computer is active. This is to prevent the virus spreading to all computers if one computer is infected.
  • Use software and operating system up-to-date. The latest update, let alone the nature of the high priority it is important to computer security. Update software usually contains the latest protection, as well as improvements to the bugs and security loopholes that exist in previous versions.
  • Always update antivirus software. Antivirus technologies are better able to ward off viruses and spyware that attack your computer, rather than the antivirus with the old technology.
  • Brainware factor (human) also plays an important role. Always be alert and careful, as not just open an attachment in an e-mail or link that is not known exactly what it says. Attachments or links it may contain viruses or other malicious programs. Do not download any, except from a trusted site, and read all security warnings, license agreements and related privacy of any software you download.

The benefit of Gold investment

Gold Investment is an item that has always in the interest of many people. In antiquity of Gold which is a means of exchange of human needs, which now was replaced by money. Gold is rust resistant, not easily broken down and is a class of noble metals such as silver and platinum yet so still, Gold is a special and privileged. Gold is almost never subject to inflation, so the one thing that is very suitable as a protective medium asset value.

In ancient, gold is a means of exchange goods that is why when the central bank stands and paper money first appeared in public a lot of doubt over the value of paper money. To overcome this, the government announced that the paper money in circulation is guaranteed by the reserve.

  • Gold Value Not Affected By Economic Crisis
  • Gold Value Not Affected By Inflation
  • Gold Value Not Affected By Government Decision
  • Being Outside Influence Banking System
  • Increasingly High Inflation, The Gold Price Increase
  • Very Easy Sale And cashed into Money
  • Accepted By All People around the World
  • Gold Prices Always Rise From Year To Year

With the passage of time so people no longer use gold as a medium of exchange but was accustomed to using paper money and gold is now in use as jewelry and other purposes. Even at this time Gold traded in foreign exchange along with other commodities such as petroleum, cotton, wheat, milk and others.

Now gold is not only jewelry, but gold has become a long term investment. Gold ira investment is very profitable but not for short to long term. Because the price of gold will continue to rise and the price of gold ira is not affected by fluctuations or inflation of world currency. Therefore you start to invest in gold for long-term benefits that we can bequeath to our children and grandchildren.

Monday, November 7, 2011

USB flash Xbox 360 : Special for Game Console

SanDisk has made a flashdisk Xbox 360 for game console Xbox 360, allows users to save games, download content such as access to multimedia files without the need for disk media. This flash provides convenience and comfort for users who want to play your favorite games directly from the flash is like playing a console game on Xbox 360.

However, USB flash Xbox 360 requires the setting of the bit before it can be used in PCs. Users can purchase a USB flash Xbox 360 with a capacity of 8GB and 16GB for $ 35 and $ 70

How to Fix common printer problems

If you have a printer, you have to face some technical problems that may have been disturbing all your work. Here are some common printer problems encountered:

- Printer spooler services is not running
- Issues Paper Jam
- Power cable issues
- Cartridge does not work
- Paper roll out of the printer is completely empty
- Printing results are not marked
- Driver failure

About 90 percent of the problems associated with an error printer interface / configuration error and special effects. The possibility of mechanical error is extremely rare.

Interface and configuration problems arise if there are problems in the network and you may get an error like, the printer is not found. There are two possible reasons, probably will not get the identification by your operating system or there may be compatibility issues associated with the hardware. Please follow these steps:

1. verify the USB cable is a cross, which is used to connect the printer to your computer. You should replace it if there is damage caused to it.

2. Make sure that your printer is being identified by your computer. From the main Windows menu, select "Printers and Faxes" option and follow the steps to add your USB printer. Even if your printer is not recognized by your computer, then it means your printer software may be damaged. Therefore, you need to download from the original site or from CD.

3. Check with your printer settings to default status.
Here are some of the problems that can fix your own:

4. Paper Jam: Usually it happens when more than one sheet of paper stuck in the printer. You can gently lift the cover of your printer and pull them out.

5. Ink problems: Check the ink levels in ink cartridges and refill it.

6. Cartridge blocked, This is the most common mistakes, when head cartridge clogged with dried ink. You can fix it with a simple command like: Control Panel> Printers> Right Click> Properties> Maintenance> Clean Cartridges.

7. Driver failure, you can check your device manager, if there is any conflict associated with that driver will be reflex out warning signs. This shows there is some fault in the printer driver and need to be replaced. You can make clean when installing the drivers. Printers> Right Click> Properties> Update Driver "" style = "background-color: rgb (255, 255, 255);"> Or, you can choose to update your printer driver with the command: "Control Panel> Printers> Right Click > Properties> Update Driver "

Now, you have to understand that most problems can be solved easily at the level of ordinary people without the help of any technical support or technician. However, you can also avail the services of technicians related to some providers of technical support to fix your printer such as printer problems Printer Repair Includes driver installation, the printer network setup, test the printer

Recommended Sites to Download Computer Driver

Perhaps you have never experienced anything like the old computer and when you want to reinstall the OS, but do not know the driver CD or floppy disk where it has disappeared? or you buy a used computer that is not its driver or you lose your Driver CD you buy a new computer? Do not you confused, now there is a solution, if you're into cafe or borrow a friend's computer, office, or anyone connected to the internet, you will most likely get its driver. There are several sites that intentionally providing drivers with a new long until such driver VGA, Sound Card, Network Card, CD / DVD-ROM / RW and others. Here are the websites that provide these drivers we surveyed a fairly complete and should be recommended to you:

1.Driver Guide :
The site is arguably a complete site because it offers a variety of drivers for many devices and has received many awards such as PC Magazine and PC World. You must register in advance to be able to download the drivers you are looking for - Number of Drivers, firmware, utilities, and manuals there are about 438.458 - There are facilities for search driver wizard - Members join free - Free Software (toolkit, repair, utility) for the download.

2.Driver Zone :
This site offers drivers a more simple search and efficiently without the need to register first. This site is a kind of search engines like google in the search for drivers who were divided into two ways a search, the first is to find the name of the manufacturer of hardware and a second search for a name or serial number of the product you are looking for its driver. In addition, you can simply click on the icon you are looking for drivers directly to search manually.

3.Driver Files :
The site is almost the same as Driver Zone site by offering free drivers without pay and does not need registration, you simply search directly with the search facility or manually.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

how to secure your Facebook account

Lately we hear piercing rampant around our Facebook account. How could this happen? Though most of us have a strong belief in the social networking service is daily communication. Then, at least the next question is how to secure your Facebook account us from this threat.

Here are the steps in anticipation that can be taken to secure our Facebook account.

1. Avoid Login via, because this page is not encrypted. Your login information is encrypted, but due to the login form is set in a frame, the user can not see if everything is encrypted or not.

2. Perform the login process you from page = 1. You can be sure that you do secure login to check the bottom right of the browser that displays the 'lock sign'.

3. Do not continue the login process if there is a hazard warning (security alert). You can immediately stop the process of 'unsafe' by the 'Esc'.

4. Do not forget to always LOGOUT accessing your Facebook account. By simply turning off the browser without the Log out, then you've left the 'session' to be accessible to others. Is therefore very important to you always do the Logout.

5. Do not be accustomed to working with the right as a systems administrator. It would be very dangerous if you open the email, images and documents by using the administrator account, as this would open up the possibility for cyber criminals to take over your computer.

6. Beware of Malicious Facebook Widget. Widgets or additional applications can provide an opportunity for the author to insert coding programs to access vital information from the target computer. Until now there are two kinds of malicious Facebook Widget that reportedly attacked Facebook users, the Secret Crush and Error Check System.

7. Be careful in selecting a computer for wear. If you are accustomed to using a public computer or multiple computers, such as the rental or Internet cafes (cafe), then you should be careful in choosing and using. This is due to the absence of guarantees maximum security update from that computer. Though computers have been infected with Koobface Worm, or keylogger can steal user data and password.

8. Be careful in choosing a network of Wi-Fi Internet connection. Only Facebook login process uses an encrypted SSL / TLS (https). Meanwhile Facebook cookies will very easily be taken from the air (via a Wi-Fi signal the Internet). Wi-Fi protected WEP encryption that can easily be broken in 10 minutes. Nowadays everyone can just as easily create hotspots and provide free-access to you. But you should be aware of is the security level access is offered, because with access Facebook on a network connection that is not protected, the same as giving your private data free of charge.

9. Think about security issues before you do click on the 'Wall'. Post on Wall is one way of spreading Koobface or other malware, so you must be careful to access it.

10. The latter is the way how we are raising awareness of the dangers of Facebook's security is on the people around us. Due to the increasing awareness of people around us will also support our security.

I hope this tips about how to secure our Facebook account will be useful for all facebook users around the world.

tips for playing games safe in cyberspace

Playing games online is fun, but you must remember that much of a threat that haunts. Here are five tips for playing games safe in cyberspace who mixed security Eset company

1. Always use regularly updated antivirus and computer security solutions that have anti-spyware and firewall features.

2. Use passwords for different accounts and create passwords that difficult to guess, and do not make too simple.

3. Please type in the URL or website you want online games directly in your browser or use existing bookmarks in the browser. That way you'll avoid the element of chance online game click on a link from a search engine that has been infected.

4. Protect data with a password protector either on computer or in the cloud.

5. Never use the software crack, because it could be a rogue software or malicious software. "High performance and does not affect the quality of games played. Two things are important indicators in choosing antivirus software," said Marcel 'k1llsen' Paul, an e-sports gamer who is currently ranked top in the top ESC gaming leagues in Germany.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Slider Plugin in Wordpress

Usually the slider itself is used to display news highlights featuring headlines and images from the news. Creating a Slider In WordPress might be able to beautify the look of our website. Besides beautify the look, the slider itself can save space on the web because of the slider we can display multiple news in one frame.

You would ever find a site that uses image slider on their main page that displays an image that can change automatically every few seconds. Some WordPress themes offer this slider image features by default. But most WordPress themes do not have this feature. What if you want to have the feature image slider but use your favorite theme that is being used today.

Slider in Wordpress can be made ​​using a plugin provided for wordpress. With this plugin we do not need to bother anymore with jQuery and php. Perhaps because it is familiar with the practicality. I prefer this plugin instead of having to tinkering with jQuery templates and th scripts.

Slider plugin that can be used to make the slider on wordpress can be downloaded at the websites wordpress development. Install a slider plugin on wordpress then we can directly use either slide it in the widget as well as in the post of websites.

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