Friday, December 30, 2011

QA testing in software development

Current developments in the field of computer technology and software developed so quickly that demands a variety of corporate software developers to compete closely with each other. The development of software is increasing and very varied. Many applications are very useful for the community in facilitating a variety of daily activities and make life easier.

To face the challenges of software development technology, the quality of the software is necessary before it will be marketed. QA testing service is necessary to test the feasibility and quality of software. It has very important role in testing software that was created by software developer before the software is marketed.

Alliance Global Services, which is a software development firm, has an important role in this case, the firm grows rapidly by building software applications, platforms and innovative products that are useful to society. In addition to determining whether the software is marketable or not, the previously held a variety of tests to avoid the errors that occur in the software before use.

There are many kinds of software that developed by this firm. The software has many benefits for human life in making their lives easier such as any software or applications on the Android phones which are the current trends.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

BlackBerry 10, The new OS from BlackBerry

BlackBerry smartphone users? Be prepared for the presence of a revolutionary new OS from BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10. This new Operating System should be able to change the view of the outside of the BlackBerry (by some people) is considered as a smartphone for email and fuel alone.

New Base

After a long struggle with the old OS (yes, even for OS7), RIM decided to switch to OS with a new basis, namely the QNX OS. Operating System is already long enough to use on the BlackBerry Playbook. Finally, RIM chose the OS for smartphones in the future development.
Performance: Fast

Yes, the resulting device performance became one of the emphasis has to offer. By developing an OS that makes an application to access the full hardware capabilities and a powerful combination with hardware, this can be obtained. Seeing that the base used is QNX OS, it is very likely to be reached.

Demo capability to do with the BlackBerry Playbook BB10 which uses dual-core processor with a PowerVR GPU do seem very convincing. From the demo that we saw during the BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011 in Singapore, performing a combination of hardware and the OS does not need to doubt

BlackBerry 10 Flexibility: Easy

From the developers of applications, flexibility must exist, if a platform to gain widespread support. That's why RIM is preparing a variety of ways for application developers to create applications that can be paired with BB10. Starting from the support C, C + +, to the ease of developing web based applications and HTML5 for BB10. Adobe AIR also supported by BlackBerry 10, making developers more easily choose the base application. Uniquely, RIM promises that even the developers who use a web base application that can create beautiful and should be accelerated a native application.

To simplify the developer, RIM also provides a cascade. Simply put, it presents a variety of cascade effects package that can be immediately used by developers when designing applications. Thus, a notepad application could have been made to the effect that waving paper with ease because the developer does not need to design these effects again. This means the display and effects on applications built with the cascade will be beautiful, without burdening the programmer in designing these effects.

Runtime Environment: Abundant Applications

Well, this is one interesting thing. Playbook users may have never known that there is an Android application that can run on the Playbook. This extra benefit will be passed on BB10. So, BB10 will have the Android runtime environment that can run Android applications!

Example screenshot of a small Android application that works seamlessly on BlackBerry Playbook

Of course, there is a requirement for Android application can be run on the device BB10. Developers should do their repackaging in GER. This process of "wrapping back" is also facilitated by RIM by providing special tools. In the best conditions, a GER can be converted to run on BB10 within 10-15 minutes. RIM has even said that about 65% -70% of existing Android applications should now be converted easily and quickly.

Yes, GL acceleration in Android game can be run on the BlackBerry Playbook

Despite working in a runtime environment, applications that Android can still access the hardware fully. GL hardware acceleration as can be done easily. This is shown by Gameloft in his presentation to the participants BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011.

Applications that are not available natively (such as the RSS reader of this gorgeous) for BlackBerry 10, can be obtained by repackaging Android Applications
BlackBerry 10: Revolution of the Brave

With a strong base of UNIX and open source libraries, RIM BlackBerry will soon be presenting a 10. This will be strengthened BlackBerry OS 10 BB 10, BB 10 services, and application platform environments BB 10. This means RIM is doing a very brave revolution. Of course, this is a breath of fresh air. Apparently, we will soon see the BlackBerry device that has the ability and support applications such as those encountered on the Android or even Apple's IOS.

Pilot Use iPad for Flight

iPad replace paper flight data charts in order to save millions dollar of  American Airlines flight. Data charts are usually available in printed paper form. But the pilots no longer need to store lots of data of paper weighing up to 16 pounds, because they will soon use the iPad.

American Airlines was running a test program that contains the application iPad aviation charts. Without paper, this airline will be able to save the cost of millions of dollars.
The first iPads testing will be conducted on a flight between Los Angeles and Tokyo and Shanghai. This method has previously been applied to Alaska Air in May.
U.S. aviation administration institutions previously called the iPad as a single class of electronic devices that can be used in aviation pilots. They also have approved the use iPad tablet.
This is contrary to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which said the existence of any portable electronic device can endanger the flight.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Performance Test: AMD FX-4100 with Intel Core i3 2100

AMD has launched a new processor for AM3 socket. For the mainstream classroom, AMD FX-4100 provides. With 4 cores and the speed of 3.6 GHz frequency, whether newcomers can compete with the Intel Core i3 2100 which is long enough to master this class?

From the specification, it appears that the AMD FX-4100 offers a better potential. Larger cache memory, higher speed and more cores makes the FX-4100 perform better. At least on paper. Meanwhile, Intel Core i3 2100 comes with a lower rate (even without the turbo) and fewer number of cores. However, hyperthread Intel (which makes it capable of running 4 threads) generally can not compete with the real core. In addition, the efficiency of Sandy Bridge architecture should also be taken into account.

The second price is relatively the same processor. Both are in Kisara 1 million dollars. If we look from the side of the platform support, both already have a fairly cheap motherboard support. At a later date, choose the AMD FX-4100 processor can lead to more investment lightly. As usual, board manufacturers will provide AMD solutions at prices cheaper than the Intel solution. Unfortunately, to date it has not happened.

Testing platform

Intel Core i3 2100
AMD FX-4100

ASUS Crosshair Formula V

Kingston KHX1600C9D381K2/4GX

Graphic Card

Power Supply
Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 800 Watt

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo: Cheap Android Smartphone

Competition of smartphone with Android operating system from different brands lately so rife. Moreover, today there are many buyers who are no longer pursuing a smartphone with low specifications. The reason is the number of HD games popping up in the Android Market are available free of charge. This makes all people can have a handheld game with full facilities.

To meet the needs in this market, Sony Ericsson also issued various types of Android smartphones. However, there is one which is quite cheap to own. The device is Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo. Cheap? Yes, for its class, this smartphone is quite cheap. 8-megapixel camera, the screen with Bravia Engine, HDMI, and a variety of Xperia Arc's distinctive feature, available on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo . You can have it only at a price below the 3 million dollars.

This smartphone uses the System on Chip Qualcomm MSM8255 processor with 1 GHz speed and GPU Adreno 205. RAM memory is installed in this smartphone with a capacity of 512 MB. For its internal memory, Sony Ericsson has paired the NAND Flash memory that can be used by the user is 320 MB. For the size of screen, attached screen of 3.7 inches with a resolution of 480 x 854. Used smartphone operating system is Gingerbread with version 2.3.2. Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo also can be upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich in due course.

Raspberry Pi, The cheap computer for kids only $25

Raspberry Pi, the cheap computer for kids  that have long awaited is finally soon enter the production stage and marketed immediately. This computer has a mission to inspire children to be technology literate.

Computer named Raspberry Pi uses a similar Arm processor found in the phone. Additionally, this computer will operate using the operating system (OS) Linux.

Video game veteran David Braben claimed to have an idea to make Raspberry Pi is currently thinking about how to inspire young people to begin his career in the tech world.

Computer Raspberry Pi test version is already selsesai and was checking stage. For mass production will be conducted in January 2012. "If a satisfactory test version, we will make this computer a large scale in more than one factory," he said.

The computer Raspberry Pi itself will be made ​​two versions, namely model A for U.S. $ 25  with no network connector and Model B for U.S. $ 35  which have an Ethernet socket as quoted by the BBC.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Targus iPad 2 Case can rotate 360 °

Together with the launch of iPad 2 in my country, Targus brings more products and accessories of choice for the iPad 2.One of the highlights of the range of products presented are iPad 2 case which can rotate / stand 360 °. With patent-pending mechanism, products with this innovative model allows iPad2 to rotate within the sheath (case), both horizontally and vertically. iPad 2 case with Apple logo was framed with an elegant and exclusive look. Three different points of view as well as easy to access ports and ensures the comfort of hands-free display is optimal. Strong frame design and a soft micro fiber interior provide maximum protection iPad 2.

Previously, Targus has been marketed quite a lot of accessories iPad, including the stylus best we've ever tried. 360 ° Rotating Stand / Case for iPad 2-THZ045US

Sophisticated models case for iPad 2 from Targus that can rotate / stand 360 ° has a unique mechanism that allows the iPad 2 case can rotate with the Apple logo framed properly. When iPad 2 is placed in the holster, the user can enjoy the view vertically and horizontally (portrait or landscape orientation). Users can also choose from three different angles for optimal comfort and function at iPad 2 case. Strong exterior frame and soft micro fiber interior ensure the best protection. 360 ° Rotating Stand / Case Targus, measuring 25cm (P) x 19.5cm (L) x1.8cm (T) and is available now.

Hackers Steal Apple, Microsoft and U.S. Government Data in stratfor website

Anonymous Hacker group again make a trouble. This time the group claims to have successfully hacked the Stratfor website, the company that has clients such as Apple, Microsoft and a number of important institutions of  the United States government.

Stratfor itself is one company that offers consulting services about the tactical and strategic intelligence, security analyst at a company, and demographic politics in some countries.

It is said that companies from the United States that have very few clients are kept confidential as the U.S. Defense Department, U.S. Army, Air Force, law enforcement agencies, security contractors, and leading technology companies like Apple and Microsoft.

Quoted from AFP on Monday (12.26.2011), Anonymous hacker group claimed to have managed to get thousands of critical data owned by companies that use the services of Stratfor, including Apple and Microsoft.

It was also proved by trying to expose some evidence like a screenshot of the data, as well as special links Stratfor refer to the actual client is strictly confidential.

Ironically, a group of hackers who stuck out his name in the scandal sites 'whistleblower' WikiLeaks says that Stratfor does not encrypt data on its users, allowing you to easily read.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Download Microsoft OneNote for iPad

Microsoft has released one popular note-taking, OneNote for iPad. This application was previously available for the iPhone and has now been released for the iPad. The best feature of OneNote is an application that you can make search records with text, images, and bullets. You can create and manage to-do list with checkboxes. Then save your notes in sync using Microsoft's SkyDrive online storage for free to access, edit and manage them from anywhere, from any PC or almost any web browser.

For Oneote iPad Download Microsoft OneNote for iPad you can access, create and edit up to 500 records. Once you reach this limit you can still view, delete, and synchronize your notes. To add another note, you need to upgrade your account.

For Oneote iPad UI Download Microsoft OneNote to iPad. You can upgrade your account using the application in the purchase are available in the settings. You can create notes and lists, share via email, attach photos to notes, and sync all with Skydrive account.

For Oneote iPad UI Download Microsoft OneNote for iPad iPadOneNote for one form of record which is of course better to take the tools and features synchronization with your online account and make it very useful for editing a record even of desktop or browser.
Download OneNote for iPad:

Adding Password on Shared Folder Document

For those of us who frequently interact with computer networks, may be often heard and used the names sharing folders in Windows. If using Windows XP to share folders or files, by default operating system (OS) will not provide a password when you access it via another computer. This becomes a little dangerous when you want to share important documents that actually only be known by some person of interest only.
To overcome these problems, Windows has provided operating system (OS) itself which gives flexibility to the administrator to manage the network, including providing security on any folder in windows server that is shared. However, it is also not the best solution if only for the purposes of a temporary or immediate need.

To provide a password in Windows XP folder sharing, follow these steps:

  1.     Login as Administrator Windows XP
  2.     Click Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts
  3.     Click the Guest account and make sure the Guest user becomes active (On)
  4.     Close the User Accounts window
  5.     Open Command Prompt by clicking Start -> Run, type CMD and then press the Enter key
  6.     At the Command Prompt, type net user guest password and press the Enter key
  7.     Go back and give the user account password on the user guest
  8.     Enter the password that you want and then restart the computer
  9.     Once finished restart the computer, try sharing a folder on the computer before
  10.     Open the folder that was shared by another computer. If no errors, then when we access it from another computer, the system will prompt to enter a password to access the folder

It's finished, we are sharing a folder that is protected with a password. Users who do not know the password we set earlier will not be able to read files or folders that you have previously sharing.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blank Screen at Computer Monitor

Hygiene in the way the inside of the casing is quite important because it deals with the air temperature inside the cpu space on the processor, causing the temperature to rise. So very good if often do cleaning on the inside of the cpu.
But often after the cleansing can cause some events that are not expected such a computer could not live at all or even a computer no response at all after power on and turned on the monitor does not show anything just a blank black screen alias.

I wonder what causes it so that instead of being more fresh after cleaning the inside of the cpu but instead create new problems.

There are several causes of problems after cleaning.

  1.     Because it's too long not been cleaned so that when there was still some clean up dust that causes a short circuit causing damage to certain electronic components.
  2.     The existence of a touch on a RAM (Random Access Memory) when cleaning so that the connection is lost between the memory with the mainboard.
  3.     Data cabling is not correct (reversed), this occurs when the release of all data cables and power supply when cleaning the inside of the cpu.

Prevention measures.

  •     Perform scheduled cleaning after the purchase of computers so that no occurrence of the excess dust in the cpu space.
  •     At the time of cleaning the inside of the cpu, do not remove the memory from his bank to avoid entry of dust into the interior of the memory bank.
  •     After making sure that the mainboard is in a state of memory bukakah clean and clean brass parts are connected or direct contact with the mainboard.
  •     Clean cards also tepasang on the mainboard.
  •     Ensure that the data cable is not reversed pemasangn.
  •     Make sure all power supply cables have been installed on the hard disk, cd rom as well as other components that require power supply.

Similarly, a few tips to overcome the problem of blank screen.

Intel stop producing Celeron and Centrino

Intel is now producing a new product to replace the old Celeron and Centrino products. The arrival of a new family of Intel, i3, i5 and i7 chip manufacturers are making ready to stop the production of chip cards and Celeron Centrino platform.

"The arrival of the chip family 'i' is indeed to replace the previous product, Celeron and Centrino. But gradually, because there is transition. We do not want to disappoint an already purchased the old chip," said Country Manager Intel Indonesia Budi Wahyu Jati, the launch of the latest Intel at Blowfish, Jakarta, Tuesday (19/1/2010).

Although gradual, Budi sure if the chip with the code 'i' will soon be replaced until the end of 2010. In fact he was sure, the previous-generation platform will be discontinued soon.

"We will stop the production of Celeron and Centrino in mid year, so until the end of the year everything will be using this new chip," he said.

Intel Core i3 is the Intel line of processors aimed at the low end segment. In addition to friendly price, the chip technology is also not less good.

Intel Core i3 present in Indonesia in two variants namely, 540 and Core i3 i3 530 which both have been using the LGA 1156 socket with a price range of USD113 to USD133.

Meanwhile, After wara-wiri at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010, Indonesia finally accomplished also enjoy the treats of Intel's latest family of Core 2010. No half-hearted again, threw Intel 3 series processors, starting from the Core i3, i5, and i7.
"These three new family of Intel Core processor 2010 is a response to computer users in Indonesia, ranging from the casual user, to the mainstream," said Country Manager Intel Indonesia Budi Revelation Teak, on the sidelines of the launch, the Blowfish, Jakarta.

Although tailored to its needs, it does not mean ignoring Intel embedded technology. Because this hardware manufacturers still provide a benefit that is different from previous generations. One of i3, which began to be produced using the process of mass manufacturing of 32 nanometer (nm) which is the first time, and a new breakthrough.

"With high-K metal transistor second generation of Intel, the computer allows higher speeds, but still energy efficient," said Budi.

As for the Core i5 and i7, Intel has also pinned a new technology called Turbo Bost and Intel Hyper Threading Technology. Through this technology the computer does not become hot. Budi explained, Turbo Boost works when the computer has loaded, so the frequency goes up and each core was also up in turn.

"The combination of the latest chips from Intel's Core is making Windows 7 to be more efficient and more multitasking. This is of course to maximize the use of computer users, especially users of Windows 7" said Chief Officer of Microsoft Indonesia Faycal Operartion Bouchlaghem.

Interestingly, Intel seemed to understand the changing trends, especially in the areas of graphics, which is currently so adored sharp images High Defintion class. Because it is in this Core Intel processor chip called the Intel HD graphics. Thus, the 3D image display quality and HD can run maximum.

The Sound problem in Computer

The computer is indeed a need for a fairly complete. The facilities can be found on a computer other than as a means to assist the work, communication, entertainment and even a very incomplete.

From the computer we can play both games online games and offline games, but it also we can watch movies or just listening to music while doing a job.

But what happens when our favorite movies, your favorite music and your favorite games are played on a computer can not make a sound, aka dumb, certainly very annoying as watching a movie without sound is impossible, play music without sound too impossible although the game could be played without sound but it would be much better if the games are played can make a sound so games played by the player feels real game.

Then the next how to resolve the issue so that those games, music and films of our choice can be played on a computer or laptop then you should consider the following steps to find out his mistake.

The first thing to check is to plug in audio cables installed between the speaker and the Central Processing Unit (CPU) installed on the sound card (audio card).
In the audio standard card there are three hole connector as the Blue and Green Line In as Speaker Out and Purple or Red as Microfon.
Pair of speaker cable in accordance with the existing color on the audio card.

The next step is to make sure that the speakers are active you are in the ON state, and could it not also solve your problem then the next step into the device manager, by right click on my computer and select properties then click on hardware-device manager or it could be a how to click Start-Control Panel, System, Hardware and then select Device Manager.

Note on the Sound, Video and Game Controllers, whether you are an exclamation point (!) Or question mark (?) If there is one sign that it has been ascertained that the sound card does not conform with the drivers installed on your operating system, perform the driver installation re- accordance with your sound card.

Keep in mind that if the sound card in your computer's sound card is on board then the driver used is the mainboard while the sound card drivers installed on your computer is a stand-alone sound card at time of purchase will usually sound cards gained a disc compact disc ( CD) in which stored the sound card drivers, use the original driver cd for installation of the driver until an exclamation mark or question mark does not appear again in device manager.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to use Android phone for VOIP calls

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is capable of passing traffic voice, video and data in the form of packets over an IP network. Its own IP network is a data communications network based packet switch, so we can call by using an IP network or Internet. Calling by VoIP brings a lot of advantages, among them are clearly cheaper than traditional phone rates, because IP networks are global. So International calls cost can be reduced by 70%. In addition, maintenance costs can be pressed for separate voice and data network, so the IP Phone can be added, moved and changed. This is because VoIP can be installed in any Ethernet and IP address, unlike traditional phone that must have its own port in the Central or PBX.

The benefits of VOIPS are strongly felt at both locations which are connected by a considerable distance (inter-city, inter-island or abroad), the two sides just enough to pay for Internet access only, which usually must be cheaper than the cost of long-distance or the international calls using traditional phone. Since the media used is the Internet network so long as we connect to the internet then we can easily communicate without having to worry about the cost of communication that we do.

To use VoIP you can not directly use it without any assistance program or SIP Client software and registering to sites which provides a place for registration to get a VoIP number as identifier. for the use of software, has a lot of software that can be used to run VoIP.

The development of communication using VoIP technology has undergone a change, especially from the supporting device being used. Form of equipment used has evolved and not only in the form of interconnected computers only. For the moment the equipment that support VoIP, IP Phone and android phone which is equipped with android dialer so we call via VOIP from our android phone. IP Phone is a phone device that can be connected to the internet and without using a PC for the connection again.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Adavantages of Using Linux Hosting

To create a website we should have a hosting server. Perhaps it is still confusing for you to choose between Linux host and Windows Hosting. In website hosting, there are two of the most famous server, ie Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. It is very important for those who choose best website hosting services, whether it is using the Linux or Windows.

However at the present time, many people know that Linux hosting is far more secure than Windows. Windows also has a sophisticated security actually and always updated, it depends on the company providing the website hosting services whether the company can provide good security for their hosting services or not.

Most all linux OS is open source and free of cost. Perhaps this is one of the advantages why many companies are using Linux as a hosting server because it does not need payment for a license fee. Linux hosting in general is more stable and able to provide qualified performance when compared with windows operating system which is needed to handle many processes at the same time.

If you want to use SSH or Telnet access, just like you want to access files directly from the server without transferring it to local storage, certainly it will gives an advantage over linux. Windows hosting server often waste precious time from its users because the downtime is longer than linux. Beside that window needs more resources (hardware) which are more likely to initiate a process, this means that when doing a window reboot it generally will take a longer time.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Motherboard maintenance tips

he computer today is no longer a need for people dispossessed but rather the basic needs that must exist in particular for all types of business. Sure there are many also who have not used the computer alias computer manuals (engine type) as a tool for typing.

Imagine in the past that have not been so familiar computer, in case of power failure, then the office staff could still work using the makeshift lighting candles because at that time kompunter still rare, compared to today, when the power goes out then all the employees that complete rest because the average in every field of endeavor has been to use computer facilities as a basic working tool, while the computer power required to form an electric current flow in case of power failure so we certainly can not do anything but waited until the electrical re-energized.

This electrical problem could affect the safety of our computer machine tools one of which is the motherboard or mainboard.

The motherboard or mainboard is very important for the smooth process of the data for all components ranging from the processor, memory, data storage media (storage), a component of Input-Output (I / O) cards (cards) stuck on this mainboard.

In order for this mainboard can be longer or durable in usage it is necessary to consider the following quick tips:

  1.     Use the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and power supply voltage stavolt as a safety so that no influence on the performance of the mainboard when the voltage changes abruptly. 
  2.     Note the cleanliness of the inside of the particular CPU mainboard, mainboard do the cleaning when soiled using an air compressor or can be by using brush approximately 3 months or as needed. 
  3.     Existing air vents in the casing should not be closed so as to accelerate the exchange of free air into the room Central Processing Unit (CPU) in order to maintain the temperature in the CPU space. 
  4.     Clean slots or konetor that connects the mainboard with the other components of the dust once a month. 
  5.     When cleaning in order to always pay attention to whether or not the bolts that remains in the mainboard, if there is immediate lift from place to avoid a short circuit (shorting). 
  6.     Do not let the computer is not used / not turned on for a long period of time. Try at least 3 times used / turned in a week. 

So little tips on caring for the mainboard as well as answers to the questions asked a visitor of this blog to learn computer science.

How to make printer Cartrige durable

Perhaps you have and often experiencing a like ink often injected and then the longer the shorter the life of the ink, but you do not know what causes it.The longer these events are increasingly making the ink age inside cartrige getting shorter so that makes us more often injecting ink into the cartrige. This is caused by several things, among which are:

  •     Too frequent injecting ink into the cartrige
  •     Moisture on the head cartrige not terjada
  •     Experiencing leaks in cartrige thus making the ink dry faster in cartrige

To make cartrige more durable and longer lasting here I try to give some tips as follows:

  1.     Not too often do the injecting ink into the cartrige, try to not more than 3 times the injection
  2.     Always keep the moisture in the head cartrige, the point is if cartrige release from the printer, cover the head / head cover cartrige with cotton or obtained at the time of purchase so that moisture is maintained so that the head does not experience drought which eventually became clogged ink nozzles during printing
  3.     In the process of injecting ink into the cartrige certainly have to break the seal closing the hole injection, after which it must close the back aperture of injectable tightly so it does not happen in the cartrige drying. In case of drying the existing space in the cartrige as a placeholder where the ink will be smaller, maybe you've had time to do the injection, only a few milli cartrigenya ink alone is full, it's because some of the contents of cartrige is the ink dry.
  4.     If need to do manually on the head cartrige heating with hot water, how to pour water in a container mendidi flat, then point the head cartrige into hot water and try not touch the water surface is colored yellow sircuit.

These tips I learned from my own experience during use deskjet printer, for the loyal blog visitors who want to study computer science tips to add please post via the comments field. Good luck ...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Various methods to improve the performance of the disk

There are various methods used to improve the performance and capability of the disk. The methods are usually used to improve performance, it will involved many disks as one storage unit. Each block of data is separate into some sub block, and is divided into disks (striping). When there are data transfers, the disks will work in parallel, and increase the transfer speed in reading or writing data. Combined with the rotation synchronization on each disc, then the performance of the disk can be increased. This method is known as RAID - Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Beside that RAID performance problems may also increase the reliability of the disk by using additional disks to store the parity block or as a mirror of the data on the disk.

Usually some computer motherboards already support with raid10. Raid10 using a set of disks with striping at the block level without redundancy. So just do the striping blocks of data into multiple disks. Excess of this level  has already include access to several blocks and can be done in parallel so it can be faster while sending data. However lack of access per block, just like there is no improvement, less reliability in the absence of data backups with redundancy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Clean shortcut virus in your PC

Again, the virus makes all the work to be hampered, though not all of the data removes viruses but the name is very annoying. Although virus does not destroy the document even though it still remains by inhibiting the work (process) conducted a computer.One virus that recently quite a hassle that is often called a shortcut virus, this virus does not damage our files, but only hides the original file and then create a new shortcut to the file so that when clicked shortcut we made a virus then the file / folder is not opened because it was not the original shortcut.
Once I tried to find a solution how to remove viruses shortcut with the help of google Sanya hosts found some blogs and the web that provide articles how to remove / clean shortcut virus , among other pretty good in my opinion as follows:
1. Turn off system restore our computer beforehand how to right click on the icon in My Computer, Properties, click the System Restore tab and then give a check mark in Turn Off System Restore on All Drives and click OK

2. Turn off the process of Wscript file located in C: \ Windows \ System32, by using tools such as CProcess, HijackThis or can also use the Task Manager of Windows

3. Once off the process of Wscript, we need to delete or to rename the file so not used for awhile by the virus
For the record, if we are to rename the files with automatic Wscript.exe, it will be copied again in the folder. Therefore, we must find where the file Wscript.exe others, usually in C: \ Windows \ $ NtServicePackUninstall $, C: \ Windows \ ServicePackFiles \ i386.
Unlike other VBS viruses, we can change the Open With from the vbs file into Notepad, the virus that means is berextensi MDB Microsoft Access file. So Wscript database.mdb will run the file as if he is a VBS file
4. Delete the parent file in C: \ Documents and Settings \ \ My Documents \ database.mdb, so that every time the computer starts will not load the file. And do not forget we are also open MSCONFIG, disable the run command.
5. Now we will delete the files autorun.inf. Microsoft.inf and Thumb.db. The trick, click the START button, type CMD, moved to the drive to be cleaned, for example, drive C: \, then we have to do is:
Type C: \ del Microsoft.inf / s, this command will delete microsoft.inf all files in all folders on drive C:. Meanwhile if you want to move the drive to stay just renamed drive example: D: \ del Microsoft.inf / s.
For the autorun.inf file, type C: \ autorun.inf del / s / ah / f, the command will delete the file autorun.inf (syntax / ah / f) is used as the file is taking attrib RSHA, as well as to file Thumb . db also do the same thing
6. To delete the files in addition to 4 files earlier, we must find a way search files with the extension. Lnk size 1 kb. In the 'More advanced options' make sure the option 'Search system folders' and 'Search hidden files and folders' are both checked.
"Please be careful, not all shortcut files / LNK file size of 1 kb is a virus, we can distinguish it from the icon, size and type. For the shortcut icon created viruses are always using the icon 'folder', size 1 kb and type 'shortcut '. While the correct folder should not have' size 'and the type is' File Folder'. "
7. Fix the registry has been altered by the virus. To expedite the process of repair registry copy the script below on the program 'notepad' and save it with the name 'repair.inf'. Execute the following ways:
Right-click repair.infClick Install[Version]Signature = "$ Chicago $"Provider = Vaksincom Oyee
[DefaultInstall]AddReg = UnhookRegKeyDelReg = del
[UnhookRegKey]HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ batfile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ comfile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ exefile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ piffile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ regfile \ shell \ open \ command,,, "regedit.exe"% 1 ""HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ scrfile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "HKLM, SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon, Shell, 0, "Explorer.exe"HKLM, SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Control \ safeboot, AlternateShell, 0, "cmd.exe"HKLM, SYSTEM \ ControlSet002 \ Control \ safeboot, AlternateShell, 0, "cmd.exe"
[Del]HKLM, SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run, WinupdateHKCU, SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run, explorer
Tips on how to clean virus shortcut I get from the following:

How to reset printer canon pixma ip 1980,1900

After the opportunity to learn to reset canon pixma iP1980 printer manually, this time we continue our learning how to reset printer canon ip 1900 series including 1980, 1880 and in practice I do a reset using the printer canon pixma ip 1980.
After doing the manual reset the printer is directly usable, but when the printer is turned off and turned back to the disco-style flashing light mode was back like before it is reset manually.

For those who've read how to reset printer canon pixma ip 1980 please continue to read this article, but for those who have not read the articles reset printer canon pixma ip 1980 manual, it is advisable to read it first by clicking the link above.

To reset printer canon pixma ip 1980 is permanently switched on so as not every time will be back on the problem of light green and yellow blinking in printer then it can use software for permanent reset. software can be downloaded here :

After download and run the General Tool, follow the next steps as follows:
  1.      Click Lock Release on the left corner of carrying General Tool window, then select iP1800 - ASA
  2.      Tick ​​or uncheck the Cleaning and EEPROM Clear
  3.      Replace the paper in the printer and click the Test Pattern 1, proceed with Test Pattern Test Pattern 2 and 3
  4.      Click the Main tab Clear Waste Ink Counter
  5.      Click on the tab Clear Platen Waste Ink Counter
  6.      completed

Next close the software reset printer canon pixma ip 1900 series or 1980 and then turn the printer off and on again, then the printer is back to normal.

good luck.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to reset BIOS password in Laptop

If users can not access the laptop after it has been turned on, meaning the use of laptops should pass the BIOS passwordBIOS passwords are stored in CMOS memory which resources are maintained by a small battery when the PC is turned off, attached to a particular place or attached to the motherboard. If a user opens this battery, all CMOS information (including the BIOS password) will be lost. Users must re-enter the correct CMOS setup information to use laptops.

There are certain times when the laptop battery is soldered onto the motherboard, making it difficult to be removed. If this happens, usually there is another alternative that is at a place on the motherboard there is a jumper that will clear the BIOS passwordIf you have documentation of your laptop motherboard, then the bias easily locate this jumper. If not, the jumper may be labeled on the motherboard. This jumper is usually standing alone near a small battery. If users can not find the jumper, it is still possible to look at the points where the battery is connected to the motherboard.

If you notice the picture above, it turns out there is 3 feet cmos jumper. In the picture above, if the jumper is placed at position 1, then it is a normal state. If the jumper is opened and placed on CLRTC, then it will erase all data on the BIOS settings
How to Reset the BIOS Password via SoftwareIf the above two ways of resetting a password, what a last resort? We will use the software reset the BIOS password. Most laptop users prefer this last way. Each Laptop stores the BIOS password information somewhere. If a user can access the laptop after it has been booted successfully, the user may be able to view the BIOS password. But the user must know the memory address where the BIOS password is stored and the format in which the BIOS password is stored or has a program to know these things.

BIOS is a software that can run on a DOS window to clear the BIOS password. This is usually used in the BIOS: IBM, American Megatrends Inc.., Award, and Phoenix. Unfortunately, many laptop users are afraid of a black screen. Please download this software, free existence.
KeyDisk often used for password reset Toshiba laptop. Please visit the address and read the tutorial.
CmosPwd can recover some BIOS passwords such as:

  •         ACER / IBM BIOS
  •         AMI BIOS
  •         WinBIOS AMI 2.5
  •         Award 4.5x/4.6x/6.0
  •         Compaq (1992)
  •         Compaq (New version)
  •         IBM (PS / 2, Activa, Thinkpad)
  •         Packard Bell
  •         1.00.09.AC0 Phoenix (1994), a486 1:03, 1:04, 1:10 A03, 1.02.943 rev 4:05, rev 4:06 13/1/1107
  •         Phoenix 4 release 6 (User)
  •         Gateway Solo - Phoenix 4.0 release 6
  •         Toshiba
  •         Zenith AMI

How to Speed ​​up Windows 7 Boot

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can speed up Windows boot by using the tools in Group Policy Editor. Facilities on this one I love because there are many options in it including improved start up time. Menghapus start up programs using MSCONFIG is a great way to start reducing the burden, but not all can be deleted because there are certain parts that can not be disabled. So if you are running windows 7 edition of the Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise, use the Group Policy Editor helps start up time.

These are some steps how to Speed ​​up Windows 7 Boot

The first step is you have to get Group Policy Editor in the control panel. Unfortunately this facility is not on the version of Home and Starter Edition. Click the windows, and in the dialog box type: gpedit.msc and click [OK].

Please navigate the pointer to [Computer Configuration]> [Administrative Templates]> [System]> Troubleshooting and Diagnostics]> [Windows Boot Performance Diagnostics].

Next double-click [Configure Scenario Executio level]. Please [Enable] this facility. Furthermore, under the column [Scenario Executio level] Please click the drop-down arrow and select [Detection, Troubleshooting and Resolution].

In order for this facility works, Diagnostic Policy Service in the state must start. After that the facility is running, but to make sure check the Administrative Tools section of the control panel. Look in the Services and make sure the DSP in running position.

  The above steps should be able to speed up Windows boot time. That is one way Accelerate Boot Windows 7

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review of HP Pavilion G4-1050TU

Through Review of HP Pavilion G4-1050TU, a special performance of Sandy Bridge can be obtained at affordable prices.
From the whole range of HP notebook, the G series is intended to target the lower middle segment, reflected in a very affordable price. This can be seen from HP's latest notebook in the series G, ie G4-1050TU Pavilion. With the price of Rp 4, 8 million, this notebook is very affordable, even with no record of the Windows operating system that accompanies it.
Despite its affordable price, do not underestimate their performance. 14-inch notebook uses an Intel Sandy Bridge is the top ranks of the current Intel processors. Processors used-Intel Core i3-2310M-levels are included under the family of Sandy Bridge, but still have good performance. If you look at the test results, you can see how this notebook managed to keep score satisfactorily on our standard testing sessions.
Facilities notebook is also quite comprehensive. Standard amenities such as WiFi, Bluetooth, memory slot, DVD Writer, and webcam are available, coupled with HDMI if you want to connect this notebook to a television in the living room. In addition, HP also instill Altec Lansing speakers are able to present the strains of a loud and clear voice and a capacity of 500 GB hard drive to hold your data collection. Even if there is lacking is the absence of a USB 3.0 connection. But overall, this notebook is very adequate for standard needs.
From the design, placement of the touchpad that blends with unique armrest impressed and add aesthetic value. In addition, you will not find the indicator lights on the front as in other notebooks. On the G4-1050TU Pavilion, power and hard drive indicator light hidden shyly beneath the memory slots are located on the left side of the notebook.
If you view the material used, this notebook feels solid. Separate keyboard design with a distance of approximately 2 mm also allows us to reach the speed of standard type. But we also found shortcomings in terms of use, which is a pretty noisy fan noise at full load. This could be a problem if you often work in a quiet room.

The test result of entrylevel AMD graphics card

Competition class graphics card for making us a little bit oblivious to the graphics card entry-level class. In addition to the modest performance, the actual entry-level graphics card still has its own charm, like the three graphics cards from AMD this entrylevel.

If we look, the graphics card competition which currently tend to occur only in mainstream classes lively and high-end only. We are always treated to the facts of how AMD and Nvidia each attacking one another with mainstream graphics card product products and their high-end.
Call it a competition between the Radeon HD 6950 and GeForce GTX 590. Or, the war in mainstream classes between the Radeon HD 6850 and GeForce GTX 560 Ti. Similarly, the manufacturer. Vendors such as Asus, MSI, HIS, Sapphire, WinFast, and the others, launch competing products based on the graphics chip in different variants.
But, there is still one more segment which we feel somewhat "quiet" and "less attention". Yes, the graphics card is an entry-level class. The number of graphics card products in this class tend to be quite a bit with his new-variant minim.Varian innovations were rather rare. Look at Nvidia. For the GeForce 5 series, as of this writing, Nvidia has only one variant in the entry-level class, the GeForce GT 520. In addition to the GeForce GT 520, Nvidia just rely on a variant of the previous series such as the GeForce GT 430.
Actually, the lack of variants in the entrylevel class is understandable. The enthusiast-user who likes to play the latest games would require a graphics card capable of processing the game well. While the graphics card is an entry-level classes generally have limited ability for these affairs. Yet behind keterbatasnya of the performance in the game, the graphics card entry-level class has several advantages own. Prices are affordable clearly the main points. In addition, the graphics card in this class can also be relied upon for multimedia purposes like watching high-definition video. Entrylevel graphics card power consumption is very economical.
If we had a new call entry-level graphics card from Nvidia, AMD also has an entry-level graphics card in the Radeon HD 6000 series. Unmitigated, AMD seems more serious this time to fill this market by launching several series at once. Well, the discussion this time we tried to test the performance of several entrylevel graphics cards from AMD. Our test includes performance for the multimedia business, gaming, as well as compare it with the graphics card in it.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Free eBook: Windows 7 Power Users Guide

Windows 7 which is the latest operating system from Microsoft offers many advantages when compared to Windows Vista or Windows XP. You who previously used an older version of Windows may need additional references to understand more about Windows 7. One source of reference that you can choose is a free ebook Windows 7 Power Users Guide written by Mike Halsey.

This ebook consists of 174 pages and 16 chapters, in which clear about the ins and outs of Windows 7. The discussion from how to install Windows 7 (both new install or upgrade from Windows XP or Windows Vista, how to network configuration, maintenance, tweaking down to how to fix the errors that commonly arise.

You do not need to be confused to learn this because this ebook ebook explains in detail step by step which is equipped with a screen shoot and a variety of quick tips.

If you are interested in reading and studying the ebook you can download here

Details book:

  • Copyright: Mike Halsey, (Standard Copyright License Edition: First Edition
  • Publisher: Mike Halsey,
  • Publication Date: May 6, 2011
  • Language: Bahasa
  • Number of Pages: 174
  • File Format: PDF
  • File Size: 24.2 MB

Backup And Synchronize Data with DropBox

When you work using a computer, you have to deal with so many files that are the result of your work. Set up multiple files is not easy. For example when you have to edit some files there, then you want to update your database with a few files that you just edit them. Doing this kind of update manually must be very confusing. To be able to synchronize these with ease, you should use a special program.

Dropbox is a program to synchronize files are very simple and elegant. But, this program is not the solution to synchronize files or folders from several different computers. Dropbox synchronizes only on files that exist in one folder. To be able to use Dropbox, you must first register on his official website Then, you must download and install the client program provided. This program will create a folder called "My Dropbox" in your Documents folder. To be able to open the folder, you can click the system icon tray is available.

Dropbox does not synchronize files on your computer. This application synchronizes on the cloud servers. So, you should always connect to the internet while using Dropbox. This is very advantageous. You can access all the files in your Dropbox from several different computers, provided that the program Dropbox is installed there. You can also access your files using the web interface provided by Dropbox. Dropbox web interface is very simple and easy to use. If you frequently use Facebook, you will have no difficulty in using it because the Dropbox web interface very similar to Facebook.

When you register to be able to use the program Dropbox, you can choose several types of Dropbox. If you choose Dropbox Basic, you'll get 2GB of storage capacity. If you are willing to pay as little as $ 9.95 per month, you can use Dropbox Pro, which provides a storage capacity of 50GB. You do not have to bother to update the program Dropbox, since this program will update itself automatically.

The importance of auto insurance quotes

There are dozens of insurance companies in the world which provide a range of protection and care of your vehicle, so you are as the owner of the car should be more familiar with the insurance company which is suitable for your vehicles.

Before choosing one of various auto insurance products, we should determine the type of insurance desired. Protection as a whole (All Risk) is the right choice for the best protection of your vehicles, but you need to take into account the economic side.

Beside that we must see the company's credibility, particularly in terms of services, financial capacity and claims process. There are also many insurance companies which are credible and bona fide, even without the support of re-insurance company. But at least we must find out the track record of insurance company.The insurance company that we choose should provide additional benefits, such as 24-hour claims service and warranty claim process.

We can use auto insurance quotes as reference in choosing the types of product which is owned by an insurance company, the more diverse types of products offered can be used as an additional value because we can determine the product that suits your needs we want. But we do not get easily influenced by advertising language used by insurance companies because whatever that language is the language of an enticing marketing and this condition will not be the same as the conditions when we will do the claim.

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