Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Raspberry Pi, The cheap computer for kids only $25

Raspberry Pi, the cheap computer for kids  that have long awaited is finally soon enter the production stage and marketed immediately. This computer has a mission to inspire children to be technology literate.

Computer named Raspberry Pi uses a similar Arm processor found in the phone. Additionally, this computer will operate using the operating system (OS) Linux.

Video game veteran David Braben claimed to have an idea to make Raspberry Pi is currently thinking about how to inspire young people to begin his career in the tech world.

Computer Raspberry Pi test version is already selsesai and was checking stage. For mass production will be conducted in January 2012. "If a satisfactory test version, we will make this computer a large scale in more than one factory," he said.

The computer Raspberry Pi itself will be made ​​two versions, namely model A for U.S. $ 25  with no network connector and Model B for U.S. $ 35  which have an Ethernet socket as quoted by the BBC.


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