Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to reset printer canon pixma ip 1980,1900

After the opportunity to learn to reset canon pixma iP1980 printer manually, this time we continue our learning how to reset printer canon ip 1900 series including 1980, 1880 and in practice I do a reset using the printer canon pixma ip 1980.
After doing the manual reset the printer is directly usable, but when the printer is turned off and turned back to the disco-style flashing light mode was back like before it is reset manually.

For those who've read how to reset printer canon pixma ip 1980 please continue to read this article, but for those who have not read the articles reset printer canon pixma ip 1980 manual, it is advisable to read it first by clicking the link above.

To reset printer canon pixma ip 1980 is permanently switched on so as not every time will be back on the problem of light green and yellow blinking in printer then it can use software for permanent reset. software can be downloaded here :

After download and run the General Tool, follow the next steps as follows:
  1.      Click Lock Release on the left corner of carrying General Tool window, then select iP1800 - ASA
  2.      Tick ​​or uncheck the Cleaning and EEPROM Clear
  3.      Replace the paper in the printer and click the Test Pattern 1, proceed with Test Pattern Test Pattern 2 and 3
  4.      Click the Main tab Clear Waste Ink Counter
  5.      Click on the tab Clear Platen Waste Ink Counter
  6.      completed

Next close the software reset printer canon pixma ip 1900 series or 1980 and then turn the printer off and on again, then the printer is back to normal.

good luck.


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