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How to transfer music files from iPod, iPhone to PC

If you have an iPhone or iPod maybe you will definitely save your favorite music into your iPod Below is a list of powerful tools and easy to transfer music files from iPod to PC for free. Most beginners will find it difficult to use iTunes and transfer music from iPod to PC, check out the list below and begin to copy music easily.

1. Sharepod

Of the applications that require dot net framework to run it. Transfer music from iPhone to PC and vice versa. You can also create backups of the iPhone and the searching of existing music and video.

Download Sharepod

2. Tansee

Other applications free transfer music, backup music and videos on your iPhone to your PC, copy all your music and video to the new iPhone and have many exciting new features.

Download Tansee

3. iCopyExpert

When your computer suddenly crashes, your hard disk error, or other problems occur on your computer, you will lose all your favorite music, your playlists, iCopyExpert can do this for you. copy music and videos you can safely use one of these iPod app.

Download iCopyExpert

4. iCopybot

Another good software to transfer music from iPod & iPhone to Computer. And this app can run on Macs and Windows machines.

Download iCopybot

How to Protect PDF files without Software

If you frequently use PDF files for various purposes you may never have to protect PDF files, Adobe's powerful encryption tool built into a professional PDF creation software, but software is expensive, and from most people are reluctant to buy Adobe.

In a world where there is an online application for almost any task, especially related to PDF, encrypt PDF file with a secure password is very easy without requiring you to buy Adobe. PDFProtect can protect documents in seconds. If you want to protect PDF files you can use the online tools.

Simply choose your PDF file that you want to protect the Browse box and you type the password up to you and select the Encryption Strength that you want is available two options low and high.

Then click the Protect button and wait to upload your PDF files in seconds, you will be prompted to save the new PDF which is encrypted.

If you want to protect pdf files you can directly go to this site: http://www.pdfprotect.net/

Finding fastest DNS to increase Internet Speed

For those of you who like to surf it's good to have to make changes to your DNS to get the fastest DNS to increase the Internet speed . If you are less satisfactory for internet connection you can do this trick to speed up you internet access.

Domain Name Server (DNS) is a translator that converts web names to IP addresses. When you click on the hyper-links, or enter an address like www.amazingnotes.com in your browser, a browser sends the name to the DNS server that helps route requests to the proper IP address URL. When you configure your ISP's internet connection is set up to use the ISP's DNS service. However, you are free to use other alternatives.

Thus, you can use Open DNS or Google Public DNS etc, to replace your ISP's DNS. Open DNS offers rich content-filtering options for privacy and family security. Google Public control has been engineered by Google for faster performance and better security. However, because the complex variables involved, no single option can said to be the best for all. So how do you know the DNS is the fastest for you? NameBench you can use the tool, which is a free tool to help you find the fastest DNS.

Before using this tool make sure all applications that connect to the internet you close it to ensure that results are not distorted by interference from another program using your network bandwidth. Download Namebench : http://code.google.com/p/namebench/

Download and run the application on windows namebench typing DNS name server to find out that you use to go to the Command prompt and then typing "ipconfig / all" without quotes and hit enter and there will be visible address your current DNS provider and your Internet connection.

DNS server

Now switch to your DNS entries namebench tool if you want to enter more than one DNS nameservers used in the column with a comma see picture below.

r dibawah.

DNS test

After you enter the nameservers for the test data source select the browser you use on a global include Include best available control and you uncheck it if you just want to compare the control of you fed the nameserver box.

Hasil test

If the benchmark is clicked, Start and wait some time after completion you will see laporanya accompanied by test results of name servers on your browser.

Run Old Programs in Windows 7 64-bit with Compatibility Mode Options

If the switch from 32-bit version of Windows 7 to 64-bit version is certain transition will be slow. Although Windows XP, Vista, and 7 all have 64-bit versions are available, many people still opt for 32-bit versions. The biggest reason for this is the problem of compatibility with older programs, hardware, and drivers.

Microsoft recognizes that want to use the old program is a barrier for people who might be considering moving to 64-bit versions of Windows. In anticipation of this obstacle, the software giant built into Windows 7 features the ability to select different options to ensure compatibility of older programs have the opportunity to work under 64-bit operating system is new.

Before you start using the compatibility option in Windows 7, you must know some things. First, there is no guarantee that the compatibility option will make all your old software work. This option is only an attempt to simulate the Windows version of the operating environment.

Second, you can make changes to both the compatibility of the program itself or a shortcut to the program. Well, you will need to undo these changes if you want to return to normal operation mode. If you make changes to the compatibility of the program shortcut and then delete the shortcut it, you'll have to find other shortcuts to programs or files exe program to cancel or make changes to further compatibility. If this sounds complicated, do not worry it is not. Choosing a compatibility option for a simple program such as choosing and not choosing the option from the Option.

Change Options Compatibility

Say you have a program installed on the PC 7 long 64-bit Windows, and you have trouble running it. The problem may be compatibility issues. Although Microsoft has done a good job keeping compatibility when users run 32-bit applications on 64-bit platforms, not every contingency can be anticipated or resolved.

To start using the compatibility mode option 64-bit Windows 7, right click on the programs or shortcuts to programs that do not run well and then select Properties from the menu.

You should now see the properties for the program. Click the Compatibility tab and notice that you had a number of options available. Each option falls into one of three categories: Compatibility Mode, Settings, or Privilege Levels.


Below are descriptions of each option.

Compatibility Mode

This option is a great choice when you know exactly where you are running versions of Windows programs properly. For example, if your program when Windows XP was released on the reigning version of Windows, click the box titled Run This Program Compatibility Mode and select Windows XP from the drop-down is a good choice.

Note that compatibility mode offers up to eleven options ranging from Windows 95 to Windows Vista. Also notice that you can even choose to run the program in compatibility mode you use different settings for the operating system service pack.


This section compatibility option allows you fine tune your experience compatibility for your old program. Generally, this option is for programs written for and run on very old versions of Windows such as 95, 98 and ME.

For example, resolution and color depth of the original Windows 95 is only 640 × 480 at 256 colors. If your older programs running but seem to be too small or has a strange color, try two options.

If Windows 7 warns you that this program is not compatible because of some video problems, consider trying compatibility settings labeled Disable Visual Themes and Disable the Desktop Compotion. This setting is often disturbing video rendering obsolete the old programs.

Finally, if your program is written for the screen ratio of 4:3, consider trying the option called Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Settings. This one will not have a program to fit the current resolution and aspect ratio of your monitor.

Privilege Level

Last option on this window related to how Windows currently provides access rights in Windows 7 and how that used to determine access rights in previous versions operating systems. Windows 95, 98, and ME do not take advantage of multiple user accounts, everyone uses the same desktop, have the same access rights, and have complete control over every aspect of the operating system. Basically, everyone is a top-level administrator.

This is a problem for programs released under the condition because they enjoy almost unbridled access to the hardware, software, and drivers. Checking this option will ensure that the program has the permission needed to run as if a kind of control anymore.

It seems everyone has some old program that they want will work under Windows 7. If you are running Windows 64-bit 7, you are even less likely to get programs running than if you use 32-bit versions.

However, by taking advantage of the compatibility mode option you may use your old software anymore and avoid the need to consider other options such as dual boot your PC with Windows version or run a virtual PC within Windows 7.

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