Saturday, October 29, 2011

The importance of Security in the web Hosting

Are you confused in choosing the right hosting provider? There are hundreds of hosting providers in the world that offers various services that vary the type and quality. Approximately which one should you choose? What factors should you consider? One of the important thing that you should consider in choosing website provider is the Security.

The more important your website or online company, the more importance is the stability and uptime. There are several things that influence the stability / uptime, ie machines, networking, and security software such as the configuration used by computers and computer are generally not charged any more than 200-300 account so as not to burden the access. Security server must also be considered because the server which is often hacked will be frequently down even frequent loss of data, something very disturbing in the operation of the server. Spammer or fraudulent users who try to destroy the security, or install software that also must be considered suspicious. This is because the servers that send spam will tend to be blacklisted by other servers, it will cause the other accounts on the same machine disturbed the email. Likewise, software that is suspicious sometimes consumes the resource CPU / memory.

Security in the network or webhosts server must be powerful. We cannot deny that security is one of the most important things in business and also in the Internet. At this time there is no one perfect technology which is able to withstand the attacks of this hacker. How can we minimize the possibility of this attack? The easy way is to ask whether the webhost provider is providing a person who is experts in the field of network security. Usually what we want is how they monitor the activity on the network for 24 hours that can detect fraudulent and unusual activity before the activity become worst that can endanger our website.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Acer Aspire S3, super-thin notebook

Acer has just issued a super-thin notebook, which is named Acer Aspire S3. It seems that Acer still believe if the notebook is still reliable to rival tablet.

Acer Aspire S3 thinner than the usual super-thin laptop, even ultrabook is thinner than the tablets. Acer Aspire S3 has a thickness of only 13mm (from the thinnest) and so light weight, less than 1.35 Kg.

S3 uses Acer Aspire 13.3-inch screen with a resolution 1.366x768 pixels (HD), with an Intel Core i5 second generation 2467 M ULV (ultra low voltage) electrical power is low. As for memory storage, 320 GB HDD Acer pair, or also there is a solid state drive in the pair of 240 GB.
Acer Aspire S3

Security features of the S3 is the Acer Aspire Green Instant On technology, which allows ultrabook to continue to standby in Sleep and Deep Sleep state, but has a battery life up to 50 days. In the Sleep state, the Aspire S only takes 2 seconds to operate.

Not only that S3 has tested the Acer Aspire Acer Instant Connect technology, a feature that can detect WiFi in just 2.5 seconds, 4 times faster than conventional netbook.

4GB of RAM is also included in order to improve the performance of the processor to 2.3 GHz. Some common specifications include Bluetooth 4.0 + HS, HDMI (for streaming to your HDTV or monitor), 802.11b/g/n WiFi, two USB 2.0 ports, card rider, and 1.3 megapixel webcam is added to complement the Aspire S3.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 only $ 399

The latest variant of the Galaxy Tab will soon be landing in Indonesia. Samsung officially launches the Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 that will enliven the growing tablet market country.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 is a continuation of the Galaxy Tab 7.0, which was launched last year. With this latest product launch, the Samsung believes will keep control of the tablet market in Indonesia.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus sized thinner and lighter than the first model with a powered dual-core processor 1.2 GHz. In it there is also an option 1GB of RAM and 16GB or 32GB of storage media. There is a 3MP camera on the back and 2MP on the front, in addition to Samsung's TouchWiz UI interface that is placed on top of Android Honeycomb 3.2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Adobe Flash equipped and HSPA connectivity, download speed three times faster than conventional HSDPA connection. Equipped with High Definition video (HD), social networking reader and music player, WiFi channel bonding and 40-speed Wifi Direct Mgz.

Samsung Tablet will be available in the United States on 13 November 2011, it certainly does not seem far away from that date. Galaxy Plus 7.0 16GB model will be sold at retail at a price of $ 399.99.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to recharge cellphone battery without charger

really annoying when all of a sudden our phone battery empty when we want to use it to give some important news. While the charger forget portability.

There is an easy way without having to recharge the batteries charged. Although it did not last long as in the cas, but minimla we can call to simply provide some important news.

You do this by removing the battery from the phone and then rub and rub with hands or into a shirt or pants for 3-5 minutes.

After a bit of heat, insert the battery into the phone and make an important phone call immediately because the battery life is usually only lasted two menit.Sekedar information, in principle, when the battery in a cool place the faster the battery capacity will be reduced.

If you do this in a rather cold battery condition, battery life time will usually be much longer. May be useful.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to improve Blackberry performance

Blackberry performance for some quarters have become indispensable in life. For businessmen, they take advantage of this smartphone to support the business as to edit the document, to relate to clients. But like computers, are increasingly being used, the longer the performance / performance of blackberries will decrease.

Blackberry performance degradation can be caused by depletion of memory space in RAM atauoun in Storage. To improve the performance of your Blackberry again, this blog writing tips - How to Increase Capabilities Blackberry, along with the things that affect the performance of the Blackberry.

Here are Tips - How to Increase Blackberry performance:

Remove Applications not Used

Sometimes Blackberry users often download / install the application from AppWorld but rarely used. Often unused applications that are not in the uninstall. Well here's the applications that eat up memory space allocated for the application, and will affect the performance of the Blackberry. Therefore you should be more selective in the application install and remove applications that are rarely used alone to give a more spacious place in the memory space. This could improve the performance of your Blackberry with a significant,

Remove from the Past Appointment Calendar

Blackberry's calendar feature to keep track of Appointment. Despite consuming less memory, but if you frequently use and are not removed, then the longer it will certainly also affect the performance of your Blackberry. The solution, remove all old unused Appointment. Or setting the calendar feature to remove Appointment after 15 days. The trick, click Options-> General Options, then select keep appointmen and set it to 15 days. Your appointment will then be automatically deleted after 15 days.

Delete Old Messages

Just like the Appointment, this message will also affect the performance of blackberries if accumulate so much. The solution is to delete old messages or unused. Or setting of message storage time to 15 days. Menu-> Options-> General Options-> change Day to keep messages to 15 days

Congenital Clear Video Samples

Usually the sample videos are always included in the Blackberry to test the video player. Because the quality is good, this video course takes no small amount of memory. You better delete this sample video course to deliver more relief memory space

Clear cache and cookies from the Browser

This action will greatly affect the speed of your browser if your browser slows perceived innate blackberries. Menu-> Options-> Cache Operations and select clear. Deleting browser history also includes how to improve the performance of blackberries.

Clean the memory of which No Need to Use

When an application is used, then the application will store data temporarily in RAM. But sometimes some applications do not release it even though the application was not used. So to improve the performance of the Blackberry, you must delete them manually. Settings-> Options-> Security Options-> Advanced security options-> Memory Cleaning and then press the Clean Now.

Clear the Event Log

You can also delete the event log for performance meningkaykan Performance Blackberri / BB you. Do I press alt-LGLG. Press menu and select Clear Log.

How to avoid iPhone 4S counterfeit sales

The launch of the iPhone 4S trigger counterfeit sales at online stores . Not much different physical inversely with the price is priced much cheaper.

Of course with sloping price there are many things sacrificed including specifications, quality and durability of the goods. Well to avoid being stuck buying counterfeit goods, the following tips you can do:

1. Know your price. If the price is priced too low, the articles are questionable. So, when resellers offer high discounts.

2. Observe the specifications. Although the physical of counterfeit resemble the original, but often it has different specifications. Either that it adds new features or even reducing features that should exist in the original goods.

3. Returns policy. Resellers who have trusted returns policy for consumer satisfaction. Beware if the number of resellers do not offer it.

4. Warranty. All the company's smartphones offer a warranty that covers products, accessories and software. Counterfeit resellers do not offer the same thing.

5. Facebook and Twitter accounts. Many resellers who use social media to promote the account. There is no harm in checking their accounts and comments provided consumers in the account. Find out about how long they have that account to measure reputation.

Cheap price Sony Ericsson Txt

Sony Ericsson introduced its new mobile to lower middle class (low end), namely Sony Ericsson Txt. Mobile phones priced under $ 1 million is to use the qwerty keyboard, just like the previous product, Txt Pro.

Sony Ericsson
Txt has a screen measuring 2.6 inches, this phone also features a quick shortcut to the SMS option. There is also an application called 'Friends' that contains the update status of your five friends on social networks.

Although relatively cheap and multimedia entertainment facilities have been installed on the Sony Ericsson Txt like 3.2 megapixel camera with power, video and audio recording, bluetooth, media player, wi-fi. Regarding battery life, this phone can last up to 416 hours (standby).
Sony Ericsson txt
Info about the Sony Ericsson Txt still scarce so far, this phone will be available Q3 of this year. Price Sony Ericsson Txt is planned under a million dollars. See also Best Cheap Tablet Android Honeycomb.

Specifications of Sony Ericsson Txt:

  • Network: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • Dimensions: 106 x 60 x 14.5 mm
  • Screen: 320 x 240 pixels, 2.6 inches
  • Camera: 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, fixed-focus
  • Memory: 100MB storage
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth, USB
  • Messaging: SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push email, IM
  • Browser: HTML
  • Radio: Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Java: Yes, MIDP 2.1
  • Other Features: SNS native integration with Facebook and Twitter clients, MP4/H.263/H.264 player, MP3/eAAC + / WMA / WAV player, TrackID music recognition, Google Mail, Google Talk, Voice memo, Predictive text input
  • Battery: Li-Ion 1000 mAh

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray review

Sony Ericsson announces Xperia Active besides also launched Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray and Txt. this time we will look at the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray which is planned to release in the third quarter of this year.

Looking at its shape, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray is a fashionable mobile phone with a thickness of 9.4 mm. Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and carrying the 3.3 inch wide screen with FWVGA resolution (854 x 480px). The screen is scratch resistant wear Reality Display technology.

Sony Ericsson installed two cameras on Ray. The first 8.1 Megapixel camera resolution and adopt the R. Exmor sensor technology Besides taking pictures, the camera can be used to record 720p HD quality video.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray has only 300 MB of internal memory but we can add up to 32 GB with microSD. Other features such as 'Facebook inside Xperia', HSDPA, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BlackBerry 9860 Monza released

BlackBerry 9860/ Monza lately been a lot of people who want to find the last news about the phone. Just imagine when you hold Monza which contains a variety of stunning features that accompanied Li-Ion Battery 1230 in carrying out its activities. You are not so familiar with the BlackBerry 9860 (first, called the Monza), then I will mention only its superior features (Later I will make the article BlackBerry 9860 Features and Specifications, complete!)

First, the BlackBerry Operating System 7, which is made ​​in the most recent OS and Java MIDP 2.1 RIM got into this list. GPS + A-GPS, has become a feature that is mandatory in every 9680 cell phone including this one.

1.2 GHz processor, a good progress for RIM BlackBerry name up position because of last-made cell phones BlackBerry has injected an average of 1.2 GHz processor but the processor is single-core type. The plan, the BlackBerry will make a new phone again with the same processor type, speed the same (or maybe even faster) with Dual-core type.

Browsers are embedded in the BlackBerry 9860 has been able to run HTML and features fuel 6 (new features of the BlackBerry) is also already enjoyed user.
TFT capacitive touch screen, 16 million colors with a screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, 3.7 inches has been fully exist on this touch screen phone. There is also a 5 MP camera with autofocus. However, without the LED flash is quite unfortunate. In addition, 5MP Camera's BlackBerry 9860 / Monza can record 720p video.

Because it has been officially dumumkan in August 2011 and has been released in September 2011, Monza 9860 BlackBerry phones will soon be sent to various countries (including Indonesia). So, we wait for his presence later.

Nokia Sea Ray photo published

Nokia SeaRay photo published to the internet. The photos were found on the website of The Nokia Blog with a short message on the side.

The short messages using the German language and if the interpret into English, then the result is as follows:

'Drive Safely to your destination with Nokia - including 3D.
Representation and voice navigation Windows Mobile 7.5 (Mango) operating system. 3.7 "AMOLED display domed brilliant. '

Which means you can use the features of Nokia including 3D, Windows Phone OS 7.5 Mango and 3.7-inch AMOLED screen.

Nokia Sea Ray looks identical phones with the Nokia N9 in general.
Back to the topic, the photo above has not shown clear evidence that these photos could be fake. And pretty easy to make a photo with a brief message on its side.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Upload files to web server

Once you register on one of the free servers, then the last step so that the web page you can see all the people are uploading or sending files to a web server.

There are two kinds of methods used to send or upload files to a web server, which is directly through a browser or via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). For that you need to know which way is supported by your web server. Just an example, use the browser to upload, use FTP while to can use the browser or FTP. Which will be discussed here is to send files using FTP.

Software that can be used is WAS FTP or CuteFTP. (Not to be confused with the word FTP with WAS FTP or CuteFTP. FTP is a protocol used to connect to the web server, while the WAS FTP or CuteFTP software is used to connect to the web server. In short WS_FTP and CuteFTP is the software that supports FTP protocol to connect with the web server).

For the steps that we provide below using CuteFTP software and web servers You can apply these steps in WS_FTP or other FTP software and web servers, since in principle is the same.

  1. From the FTP menu select Quick Connect.
  2. Fill in the fields host addresses, user IDs and passwords with a web server is provided to you. If the host address = eg, user id = winfolder, password = sda45sddf.
  3. Click on OK.
  4. Wait a while until CuteFTP to successfully connect with the web server.
  5. If a successful connection will display a dialog box containing the proofs. Click on OK only.
  6. Now you see on the right column. It is a folder located on your web server. Visible folder called public_html. Double-click the folder. Well, in that folder you should put your files.
  7. Left column is the location of files on your computer. For that move to the folder where you saved the file to be uploaded.
  8. Block was the file you want to upload, then right click and select upload.
  9. Already completed the upload process.
  10. In addition, you can create a folder / directory on the new web server. The trick right click on the right hand column, select Make Directory, click OK.
  11. For the other commands you can learn yourself

Trick how to know email sender ip address

Today I would like to share to share about a Trick how to know email sender ip address when you read the email may only visible date information, to, cc, bcc, subject and message. Yet every email sent must include complete information such as message id, mailer, ip addresses, and so on.

If you want to know the ip address and isp email sender which is used you can read the following tips.

Yahoo Mail:

  1. Login to Yahoo Mail.
  2. Choose one of the emails that you want to check.
  3. Click on the menu or Full Header link located in the lower right.
  4. Locate the "Received: from [...] by".
  5. In the example below the IP addresses is

MS Outlook Express:

  1. Open the Outlook Express program.
  2. Right click on one of the emails that you want to check.
  3. Click the Properties menu.
  4. Click the Details tab.

If you've got the ip address further information you can check the ISP that is used along with his city.

Friday, October 14, 2011

WebCartoonMaker: 2d Animation Software

If you are looking to review the best 2d animation software or figure out to learn how to make 2d animation? if you want to try you can use this tool, here is one of the best studio program, the best software for animation, 2d Animation Software called WebCartoonMaker.
web cartoon maker Software Animasi 2d dengan WebCartoonMaker
2d animation software is the best software I have ever tried. Unlike other animation 2d animation software does not have a WYSIWYG editor to drag and drop images or make them move by using a few clicks of a button. Also unlike other animation tools are not created 5 seconds gif image. Web Cartoon movie makers to create original 2D animation.

Web Animation Software 2d cartoon maker with WebCartoonMaker is an online tool to create animated 2D cartoons. It is absolutely free. Once you have created a cartoon using this tool, you can convert them to AVI video file, upload it to YouTube HD or even convert them to dvd or blu ray.

Unlike similar software 2d animation many others, Web Cartoon Maker is not pretending to be a WYSIWYG This allows you to program your cartoons, using the programming language (C + + interpreter UnderC that is installed on the server).

It may sound difficult at first sight, but with a few lines of code you can move your cartoon character with ease. For example, once you've installed Webcartoonmaker on your computer, open it and by giving a few lines.

You can use characters, images and text. Everything can be moved, rotated, scaled, flipped or become semi-transparent. Once again, each operating with only one line of code. Make sure, WCM Player software is required to play your movies and convert them to AVI format.

You can see video WebCartoonMaker 2d Animation Software here :

For better understanding, try the online web cartoon maker, you can load multiple scripts, try the script itself, examining how the work before you download the desktop tools. Only if you have a player WCM installed on your computer, you can watch a preview of the animation.

Source :

ReadyBoost increase your computer memory

When your computer runs slow on the RAM for the applications that you run the course will make you really annoyed the computer will automatically get the memory from the hard drive of course it does not work optimally to improve overall performance. This way also I've ever discussed here by using the Virtual memory stick but this is more simple ways you can use one of the ways that I write this.

To overcome this you can try the following trick for users of Windows 7 by using ReadyBoost is a feature in Windows that uses flash memory from a USB flash drive that will help when you walk past the computer RAM.

The way you plug the USB flash drive, after you installed the USB then go to My Computer in Explorer window then right click on the USB Flash Drive

Note: if there is a file on your USB Autorun then ReadyBoost should be the main menjadipilihan

Right click on your USB flash drive then select Properties Properties window will appear in the window menu select the ReadyBoost tab

Optimized Using readyboost ReadyBoost to improve computer memory andakemudian select the Use this device and please set the space to reserve the space you want to use USB Recommends notice on your USB space and click OK.

Note to use this way to make sure your USB possess a minimum capacity of 1 GB, for best results if you use 2 GB of RAM on your computer can use a USB flash drive 2 times the RAM on your computer to get better results.

download Readyboost :

Monitoring Network Traffic with NetworkTrafficView

NetworkTrafficView is a free application from Nirsoft that allows users to monitor network traffic. This is a network monitoring tool that captures packets through your network adapter, and display general statistics about network traffic. NetworkTrafficView could help to find out all network traffic and check if there are malwares or spywares transmission of information to the internet. This application is supported on all versions of Windows, from Windows 2000 and up to Windows 7, including 64-bit.

properties NetworkTrafficView alat Pantau Lalu Lintas Jaringan

properties NetworkTrafficView Traffic Monitor tools are grouped by type of Ethernet packets, IP Protocol, Source / Destination Address, and Source / Destination port. For each line of statistics, view the following information: Ethernet Type (IPv4, IPv6, ARP), IP protocol (TCP, UDP, ICMP), source address, Destination address, source port, destination port, Name Service (http, ftp, and etc.), packet count, number of packet size, amount of data, Size, Speed?? data, maximum speed?? data, average packet size, first / last packet Time, Duration, and the process ID / Name (For TCP connections).

You may need to select the network adapter to monitor traffic, make sure you run the tool in administrator mode to get the details.

NetworkTrafficView is a portable application and requires no installation. You can press F6 to stop the activity monitor network traffic, F5 to start again, or Ctrl + X to delete the network traffic statistics today.

Download NetworkTrafficView :

Friday, October 7, 2011

Claremont, Processor with Super Power Save

Intel introduces some future computing concepts in day-to-3 Intel Developer Forum 2011 at the Moscone Center West, San Francisco (15 / 9). One of them is Claremont.

The presence of two days ago Claremont enough to invite attention, mainly because of the power saving capability.

As demonstrated two days ago, the Near-Threshold Voltage Processor is able to work only with the supply of power from solar cells the size of a postage stamp. A new circuit developed Intel Labs allows transistors to work at the turn-on voltage (threshold).

But this is not thought to slow the processor works. In the light workload conditions, power consumption is decreased up to 10 milliwatt, but their performance improved immediately when needed. In a guided demo that Justin Rattner (Intel CTO), the processor code-named Claremont is able to run the game Quake with Windows OS.

As disclosed Intel CEO Paul Otellini, Claremont yet to be realized. But it is quite possible if the Intel integrated circuits near-threshold voltage in the range of its products later. In addition to pressing the power consumption five times lower, the ability of this kind can support the always-on features on a variety of computing devices.

On the memory, power efficiency is done by Hybrid Memory Cube. Configuration memory chips stacked up to form a cube and use the interface is very efficient so as to save power up to 7-fold, without interrupting the data transfer process. Collaboration between Intel and Micron will be very beneficial to the server cloud, ultrabook, television, tablets, and smartphones.

Amazon launches Kindle Fire Android tablets

Amazon launches Kindle Fire tablets costing only U.S. $ 199 today (28 / 9). Tablet-operation applying this Android will shake up the tablet market because its price is lower than its competitors.

You can mengindennya now and becoming available on November 15, 2011.

With Kindle Fire, users will be made ​​easier to shop and access a variety of content provided by Amazon, such as 100,000 movies and TV shows, 17 million songs, applications, millions of books and magazines.

If that were previously only as a Kindle e-book reader to access the e-book, now this new device can access other types of content.

Kindle Fire no different from other Android tablets, namely processor Texas Instruments OMAP (Open Multimedia Application Processor) dual-core 1GHz, 8GB storage, and with Wi-Fi connectivity. Its LCD screen is a 7-inch air-backlit display with a resolution of 1024x600 and weighs 14.6 ounces.

In it already installed applications to access the Amazon store, including the Android application store, MP3, videos and cloud services. Users also will get a cloud storage for data backup.

It's just that compared to other tablets, Kindle Fire is not equipped with cameras and microphones. But with the cheap price is expected to be a threat tablets Android. "This is a premium product, but with the price of non-premium," said Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, at the launch.

At the same time, Bezon also launched an e-reader Kindle Touch which costs $ 99. E-reader will also be available with a 3G version for $ 149. Both will also be available on 21 November.

Malware Threats behind Fun Online Games

Playing computer games, especially those that are online, making it fun and sometimes lose track of time. However, are you aware if there is a danger that threatens the fun behind it?

Yes, there are currently a number of looming threats of cyber-gamers. Some popular ones include:

1. Phishing: The site featured a fake game play with a face that has a URL or page similarity with the original games. A gamer who is not vigilant not only potentially infected, but also could lose personal data which again may impact on the financial losses.

2. Social Networking: A lot of fake Facebook accounts and pages are outstanding and made to commit a crime. Worse yet, each stating that they are the original producer of games that are circulating on Facebook. To that end, never give or enter confidential personal data to these accounts.

3. Games that have been infected and pirated software: user or gamer potentially infected with a virus because it uses a fake computer game software or the crack. The game lovers are encouraged to be extra careful, especially against the shipment of e-mail attachments and removable media like USB flash disks.

4. Malware: These days, the malware that attack computers online gamers and the most widely spread is Win32/PSW.OnLineGames. Malware is still included a Trojan family that is normally used to perform phishing attacks and targeted specifically to online game players.

Malware is commonly arise with keylogging and (sometimes) rootkit to gather information related to online games and the player's data. Information obtained will be sent to the computer attackers or criminals. Therefore, it is highly recommended for players in MMORPGs (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games) like Lineage and World of Warcraft to remain vigilant against potential threats that attack them.

"Losses experienced online gamers as malware infiltration Win32/PSW.OnLineGames usually in the form of online gaming is losing points," said Yudhi Strong (Technical Consultant, PT. Prosperita-ESET Indonesia) in his press statement.

For that, ESET gives five tips for gamers to be protected from malware:

  • Use different passwords for multiple accounts and create passwords that difficult to guess.
  • Please type in URLs or website you want online games directly in your browser or use bookmarks in your browser. That way, you will be protected from accidental clicking the link elements of online games from the search engines that have been infected.
  • Protect data with a password protector, either on computer or in the cloud.
  • Never use a software crack results because it could be a malicious software or malicious software.
  • Always use antivirus updated regularly and computer security solutions featuring Antispyware and Firewall. ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5 provides Gamer Mode feature that can perform automatically switching to silent mode to save resources so that the user can better enjoy the game without being distracted.

Based on survey results have been published by the Steam Survey Hardware & Software, ESET become the first choice of gamers for a paid antivirus category.

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