Saturday, November 5, 2011

how to secure your Facebook account

Lately we hear piercing rampant around our Facebook account. How could this happen? Though most of us have a strong belief in the social networking service is daily communication. Then, at least the next question is how to secure your Facebook account us from this threat.

Here are the steps in anticipation that can be taken to secure our Facebook account.

1. Avoid Login via, because this page is not encrypted. Your login information is encrypted, but due to the login form is set in a frame, the user can not see if everything is encrypted or not.

2. Perform the login process you from page = 1. You can be sure that you do secure login to check the bottom right of the browser that displays the 'lock sign'.

3. Do not continue the login process if there is a hazard warning (security alert). You can immediately stop the process of 'unsafe' by the 'Esc'.

4. Do not forget to always LOGOUT accessing your Facebook account. By simply turning off the browser without the Log out, then you've left the 'session' to be accessible to others. Is therefore very important to you always do the Logout.

5. Do not be accustomed to working with the right as a systems administrator. It would be very dangerous if you open the email, images and documents by using the administrator account, as this would open up the possibility for cyber criminals to take over your computer.

6. Beware of Malicious Facebook Widget. Widgets or additional applications can provide an opportunity for the author to insert coding programs to access vital information from the target computer. Until now there are two kinds of malicious Facebook Widget that reportedly attacked Facebook users, the Secret Crush and Error Check System.

7. Be careful in selecting a computer for wear. If you are accustomed to using a public computer or multiple computers, such as the rental or Internet cafes (cafe), then you should be careful in choosing and using. This is due to the absence of guarantees maximum security update from that computer. Though computers have been infected with Koobface Worm, or keylogger can steal user data and password.

8. Be careful in choosing a network of Wi-Fi Internet connection. Only Facebook login process uses an encrypted SSL / TLS (https). Meanwhile Facebook cookies will very easily be taken from the air (via a Wi-Fi signal the Internet). Wi-Fi protected WEP encryption that can easily be broken in 10 minutes. Nowadays everyone can just as easily create hotspots and provide free-access to you. But you should be aware of is the security level access is offered, because with access Facebook on a network connection that is not protected, the same as giving your private data free of charge.

9. Think about security issues before you do click on the 'Wall'. Post on Wall is one way of spreading Koobface or other malware, so you must be careful to access it.

10. The latter is the way how we are raising awareness of the dangers of Facebook's security is on the people around us. Due to the increasing awareness of people around us will also support our security.

I hope this tips about how to secure our Facebook account will be useful for all facebook users around the world.


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