Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Minecraft : Java based indie game

Minecraft is an indie game genre a sandbox. This game is Java based, and created by Mark "Notch" Peterson. Now this game is taken care of along with his company, fathers. This game requires us to have creativity, because this game focuses on creativity and building.

When starting the game, Minecraft going to generate a vast world, there may be no end, and we do not have anything, and we alone, except in multiplayer mode.

Gameplay from Minecraft itself quite simple, we are required to survive against zombies and skeletons that only comes at night. For that we must create the house, weapons, armor, and all kinds of the needs of us. The unique thing of this game is that we exempt for creating to building our own making, and also how to make buildings, houses, and equipment for our Survival. To make a house or building, we have arranged one-on-one with a beam textured in 3D World.

Materials to be used should be sought or made their own, together with equipment-equipment. If you want to use a tool, we must first create one, do not expect items that have been so dropped by monsters, mob, or of digging. To make it we provided a crafting table, which should also be made in person, by crafting in our inventory, which only consists of Grid 2x2, different from crafting table that has a 3x3 box.

To make the equipment, we have to get those items first base ingredients. For example to make a torch, we need a stick of wood and coal, then we must look for it first. Later on we have to sort the table crafting wooden sticks and coal to form a torch. Crafting tutorials can be found on websites Wikia, which has a very complete reference how to make a tool.

Minecraft game itself does not have a graphic that makes any "Wow". Graphic still a "Box-Box" 16 bits, a typical time of the game Age of the past, Pixel boxes in plain sight, like the Retro games. But the difference Minecraft 3D instead of 2D shape of the World. Nevertheless, the gameplay of minecraft themselves who become the main attraction. We are free to do anything, and anything we want. Do not see the Graphic side only. Players can spend hours just for her creations.
Minecraft may look simple, lightweight, and requires only modest hardware, it did not. Below 2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM under that is considered less. And make sure Java is installed on your computer to play Minecraft.

Minecraft Game itself is paid. But not as expensive as high end games today. It costs around 14 Euros.
Minecraft website provides Classic Mode to be played for free. Classic mode is the difference with other versions of the paid, we can only build it and we supplied Materials are Unlimited. But no system Zombie, Health, etc.. Only basic functions are provided. And there are no interactions anything in the game. If we fall into the lava, then it does not happen, then hit the TNT TNT will not explode, and would be destroyed like the other boxes. The game is more monotonous.

Minecraft is one game that should not be missed. And arguably this is a really Sandbox Sandbox. Actually in the sandbox, we are freed to do anything, and create anything. Do not forget to try taking the time to try or see this game.

Official Website Minecraft: http://www.minecraft.net/


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