Friday, January 6, 2012

Fujifilm FinePix Z1000EXR: Camera With WiFi Connection

Starting in 2012, the Fujifilm move one step ahead of its competitors to introduce the newest line of digital camera is equipped with various advanced features. One type of camera to be introduced is the Fujifilm FinePix Z1000EXR.

Z1000EXR FinePix this pocket is equipped with a WiFi connection feature. This feature will certainly be increasingly easier for users to connect to other devices owned, such as Android or IOS-based smartphones (iPhone or iPad) to store or directly upload photos to some of the leading social networking website.

To produce good image quality, compact camera from Fujifilm has a large enough resolution at 16 megapixels. Besides that, the FinePix Z1000EXR been equipped with EXR processor technology on CMOS sensor. The technology has been re-designed it, is claimed to produce a clearer image quality, reduces noise effects by 30% compared to the previous series of digital cameras, as well as accuracy in light sensitivity settings automatically when using the EXR mode.

Various other interesting features, which are found on the FinePix Z1000EXR, including 5X Optical zoom lens, a maximum shutter speed of 1 / 2000 sec, USB 2.0 port, and HDMI port (mini). LCD touch screen measuring 3.5 inch (460k-dot) is selected by Fujifilm to support the video recording feature that produces quality video up to 1080p using H.264 (MOV).

Digital cameras Fujifilm Z-series, have been known to have an attractive and elegant design. So the design of the camera Fuji FinePix Z1000EXR film, has a combination of technological sophistication and style, but still high performance. In support blend of style, this pocket camera has been available in three attractive colors including pink, jade green, and white. Unfortunately, for the price and availability of these products, there has been no further information.


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