Thursday, January 12, 2012

Split Audio with Helium Audio Splitter

Helium Audio Splitter is an application that allows you to split one audio file into multiple tracks. There are many ways to split audio tracks using this tool and it gives a pretty good choice. This tool is useful if you want to make a ringtone of your favorite songs.

Helium Audio Splitter How to Split Audio Files With Helium Splitter Audio allows you to create tracks in the following ways:

  •      By loading the CUE file
  •      Make a certain number of tracks of the same length
  •      Create tracks the same length
  •      Make tracks manually specified by start and end offsets

Moreover, it also allows you to quickly enter information in the tag's built-in tag editor that comes with many useful helper commands. You can also select specific tracks to extract a checking / unchecking their check boxes.

Download Helium Audio Splitter :


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