Friday, January 6, 2012

Infinity Blade Generate Tens Million Dollars for Epic

No one can deny that Infinity Blade franchise is a mobile game with the best current visualization. Games released exclusively for the IOS device is indeed an amazing show thanks to the support of the Unreal Engine is maximal. Graphics engine which is known to strengthen the franchise's leading console and PC were able to walk perfectly on the device in the clutch. Infinity Blade was born as a new phenomenon in the gaming industry. A variety of praise that was brought to its popularity is not unstoppable.

As a super game with unique qualities, Infinity Blade would be the ultimate gaming options for the owner of the IOS device. Moreover, the new series - Infinity Blade II is able to come up with a more perfect quality thanks to the support capabilities 4S iPhone and iPad 2. Party benefited the most from all this of course is Epic Games. Only a short time, Epic Games has been able to benefit tens of millions of dollars from the franchise that is still young. Epic recorded a figure of approximately USD 30 million from Infinity Blade franchise as a whole, of the two game series and a series of novels. Infinity Blade I contributed USD 23 million, Infinity Blade II around EUR 5 million, and the rest from other products.

The financial benefits may not be the ultimate achievement for Epic. Infinity Blade actually presents a greater effect than just money. Display graphics are qualified to make a lot of mobile game developers to make this franchise as a standard to be followed. The result? Of course the many developers who are interested to work with Epic on the Unreal Engine to implement their game. Infinity Blade becomes a long-term investment is very profitable for companies who are also behind a big franchise like Gears of Wars this series.

With the huge profits that have been obtained, Epic is likely to continue to explore the potential that can be produced by Infinity Blade in the future. Would not be surprising if we continue to see the latest sequel of it. He will continue to be a series worth the wait by IOS gamers anywhere in the world.
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